Chapter 1: Of course it had to start like this

hello there! And welcome to the start of another challenge I shouldn’t be playing when I have a million more already in process! Lol!

But what can I say? The call of the Boolprop medals is strong, and with the Summer Sims Challenge being on full swing on the forums, I decided it was finally time to give it a try to one of Boolprop’s own challenges that has been calling me since before I even joined! We’re gonna be doing the Baby Boom Challenge for the next three months! Are we gonna be able to pop up 24 babies in that time lapse? I guess we’ll never know if we don’t try it!

I don’t really have much else to say for an introduction, so I guess we better dive straight into the challenge!

Mmm… As you can see, we’re already up to a great start lol

*Goes out of the game, then enters again.*

That’s a little better! Now we can move on.

Everyone, this is our first protagonist for this story, Katrina “Trina” Gallagher. She’s a Hot-Headed, Active and Foodie girl, with the aspiration of becoming a Master Chef. And just in case you read some of my other stuff: yes, she’s actually one of Jace’s moms from my Kissing booth challenge lol.

And her other half for this crazy trip is this cutie, Shailen “Shai” Kress! Shai is a Perfectionist, Family-Oriented, Ambitious sim with the aspiration to have a Big, happy family. That’s gonna be totally doble with a challenge like this one! Also no, she’s not Jace’s other mom, but I honestly love these two together, and also I’ve found out their genetics mix up pretty well! So I think they’re the perfect couple to have ay least 24 children!

Anyway, our happy couple moved into the 64×64 lot at the Winderburg Isle, I think it’s the one where the Villarreals usually live?

We bulldozed the lot, and then as the rules said, we also bought out Knight of the Octagon table! It’s pretty weird honestly, I think I remember I shouldn’t have enough money to Buy the statue after moving, but I actually had it, and it left me with exactly the $1800 normal legacy styles have, so I’m really confused.

Not complaining thought, I wasn’t really planning on doing an extreme start, so I had started my game on summer. I just really liked this Winderburg lot for this family lol.

So, Knight bought and all that, it was quickly returned into the family inventory (I think the rules say it has to be in the family inventory? I’ll remember to check that again) and these little couple of things were bought instead with the money we had left. I know now that we don’t need both a cooler and a grill, and O do come to regret buying that cooler, but I wasn’t as wise when I started lol.

And we’re ready to play now! First things first as always, Trina gets a job on the Culinary career. For now ay least she’s gonna be the working mom while Shai stays with the kids, we’ll see how that works!

And as soon as she was finished with her call, Shailen was already there looking to talk to her, not gonna complain about that~

And they’re soon un the right mood yo get this challenge moving!

Also, they’re adorable~ just had to say it.

So we’re trying for the first baby! After all, this game is all about them!

Buuuut Shai takes a pregnancy test and it turns out it was a failed attempt *sighs*

Thankfully these two are un the mood for some more action!

…And it’s another negative. I don’t get why but my game always does this to me lol right when I really, really want a pregnancy it takes at least two or three tries for it to happen.

So round three was in order! I really love Shailen’s expression on this pic btw lol She looks just as done with this as I was in that moment, while Trina just looks happily confused lol.

Thankfully third time was the charm and we’re finally expecting! Thank god, please don’t make it so difficult for me next time girls!

Shailen. Breaks the news right in front of the tent so I can’t get a good shot at them and Trina looks distressed lol. I mean, they are lawnliving and all that, but you’ll be fine girl!

for now, we send her to distract herself by making some food. Sje needs to make meals for both aspiration and job, so double win!

And Shailen is sent to fish in our nearby spot to earn us some extra money and extra satisfation points. We’re gonna be needing lots of those to last throught the whole challenge!

Collectibles started to spawn around, so Trina makes a run to get them before joining Shai for fishing.

And with the money earned from all that, we buy a shower, and an easel for some extra income once babies start coming, as Shai probably won’t have much time to fish then.

Next morning, it’s raining lol This is probably the first of many uncomfortable moodlets from being soaked we’re gonna have. But at least the girls are happy while chatting with eachother, that’s kinda adorable!

Also, can I just say that Shailen has a really pretty side profile? I just looooove how she looks! Let’s hope the kids inherite that lol.

After breakfast, we take a little trip to Magnolia Promenade. You probably can guess why:

This is probably the best easy access fishing spot ever lol! My to-go place everytime I need to get some extra cash!

Trina had to go to work soon after, but Shai stayed fishing for a loooong while and got us the jackpot! All hail The Dragonfruit, money-making produce of the ages!

She also caught a Cowplant berry soon after… that gives me ideas *Evil laughter*

And she finsihed with th efish just in time for the H&H festival! Trina was just out of work, so they both made the trip to San Myshuno.

And they joined the Pranksters as a couple. Because mischef is right up Trina’s alley, and because Voodoo dolls from the price are gonna be great for extra income!

Seriously this girl was having a great time lol I think she’s a natural for mischief skill, I’m gonna remember to have her keep practicing.

Also, is it just my game that it’s obssessed with giving Mortimer Goth booty shorts? lol! Every game I start, he has booty shorts in his hot weather outfit!

Back on the lot, Shai takes a moment to plant our new rare plants and start the garden~

And then they end up the day with some more tent fun. Trina had a whim to woohoo with Shai almost as soon as they finished trying for the baby lol Nice to see she’s motivated for the challenge.

Baby cowplant! I’m kinda toying with the idea of having the girls live on cowplant life esence, just because I’ve neeever played like that before, so it would be a nice variation lol. Also, that would let me play with the “No life time rewards” challenge for extra points.

Well, I’ll think about it. For now, Shai is expanding the garden with some bluebells she found around the neighborhood.

And more fishing~ it’s a great money-maker for early playtroughs, and Shai is getting really good at it! I think She’s already level 5.

Also, Open shot of Winderburg’s seashore, it’s so pretty! I love those snowy mountains all the way across~

Promotion! And with that, extra money! We’re gonna need a lot of that for the incoming babies!

Turns out Shailen is one of those Sims who whistles while working on the garden, it’s adorable! I feel it goes really good with her, and it makes me happy to hear her!

It’s literally 6:30 AM in this shot! How the hell is the sun so up on the sky at 6:30 AM?! At least where I live we usually get sun around 7:30, and only in the highest part of summer! Right now it’s dawning around 8:30-8:45 lol.

Trina got to the cooking level where she learns to cook baked potatoes. I’m really happy about that because they’re $1 cheaper than hotdogs lol every cent counts right now! I’m hoping to get at least $3000 before the baby is here.

I just love to see them interact with eachother lol they always have at least one whim involving eachother, they’re one of those couples!

It also can have something to do with the fact there’s no a lot of stuff on the housf for them to whim for…but it’s cute still lol.

Shai goes into labor while on the toilet lol. However, I believe we can wait for Trina to be back home before going to the hospital to give birth, so we’re gonna be hanging around the “house” a little more.

Mmm… So turns out this isn’t an outdoor trashcan? I’m so confused lol. Oh, well, I guess we’re gonna need to buy another one.

And Trina’s back! With an amazing expression because She’s feeling tense from pre-parental panic lol! Trina has some great facial expressions!

Oh yeah, she also brought home a promotion! Yay for more bonus money that finally got us over my money goal!

But looks like at this point it’s a little too late to go to the hospital. This baby is coming right on our lawn!

And we start this game by welcoming a little boy into the family! And this is the point where the name of my challenge comes into play: we’re gonna be naming our kids as deities/gods&goddesses from different cultures and myths!

So everyone, please meet baby Heimdall Kress! He was named after Guardian god from Norse mythology who is in charge of protecting the Bïfrost. Sounds pretty appropiate to start the family, he will probably be the protective eldest brother!

Y’know? Trina likes to fancy herself a bad girl, Hot-Headed trait and all that, but I now she has a soft spot for babies and kids, she’s gonna be a great mom! She even beat Shai to taking care of Heimdall’s needs in a heartbeat lol.

And we spent our hard-earned money to build a nursery for baby Heimdall! It’s already fully equiped with everything he will need as a toddler. We also built an enclosed bathroom and added a tub for toddler bathing and a cheap bar for Trina to work on her mixology skill. All of this left us with a little more than $40 lol.

So Shai was sent to fish for us again. It was not her most successful fishing trip though, she only got fish worth $8-15 this time.

First thunderstom of the playtrought! I think I built the nursery just in time lol!

Also, yes, this is the moment I came to regret buying this cooler… Lost to the thunderstom, you will be missed! Except not really, because we never used you lol.

It took Shai a whole day to start on the baby dutty, that’s how much Trina loves ver little boy lol This pic was just taken after she was out to work.

Mixing drinks under the rain it’s probably not Trina’s idea of fun lol with so much rain I better hurry up to buy some more walls around here.

Now that we have a baby home, Shai starts working on the painting skill and aspiration. She’s a natural on this, she always gets an inspired moodlet from completing a painting so she’s flying throught the levels!

This is so annoying. The thunderstom keeps doing that thing where it has sims “run to cover”, I’m used to that, but I don’t get why they always run into the bathroom instead of the nursery. And specially, I don’t get why Trina ran to the bathroom from the nursery! Seriously, You can even see the food she left on the grill inside there!

But they finally made it safely yo the nursery, and they enjoy an special celebratory meal. I let Trina make hamburguers today instead of potatoes, to conmemorate Heimdall’s birth lol.

sleeping in a tent in the middle of a thunderstom lol definitely not my idea of fun. But also, I think it would be so cool if tents could get striked by lightning and caught fire for it while a sim is sleeping Inside! That would’ve been a cool new death for the Seasons pack crossing with Outdoor retreat!

I have these two in the spotlight so we can try to work on the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration for points. Looks like Shai is right on track!

… I was kinda joking about the whole “tent getting struck by lightning” thing!

I mean, there was no fire and nobody died… But still, I didn’t expect it to happen!

But with the tent out of bussiness, I ended up deciding yo build the girls a bedroom of their own *sighs* And this is how we ran out of money, se even had to sell the flooring and wall coverings to afford it. And just after I exited build mode I saw that painting on the easel and felt extremely dumb lol!

The part about getting the girls a bed, is that now we can see Shai on her sleepwear. I really like how she looks with her hair down like this.

next day, it was Night out in the town! I usually have my sims go to a fancy dinner this day, but I haven’t placed any restaurants un this savefile and O didn’t felt like hunting down on the gallery, so instead se went out for some spicy food from San Myshuno. Neither of the girls liked it so much lol. But it checked out the tradition so yay!

Oh yeah, I recently downloaded a mod that makes teens look slightly smaller than adults! It’s a pretty subtle difference, but I think you can notice in this screenshot that the street performer is actually a teen! I totally love it!

Trina also took the chance to play some basketball to get her fun up. Back at home Woohoo is the only fun sourse right now lol not that either of them complains I think, but Trina is active so the extra excercise is good for her. She the went to work.

And after that, Shai was sent home because we just got the notification for Heimdall’s birthday! Can’t wait to see him as a toddler!

Here is him! He’s looking scared because it’s thunderstorming outside again, poor baby. Let’s hope the weather soon gets as sunny as your shirt is! Also I’m really proud of his outfit honestly, I don’t know why but I just love it!

But anyways, isn’t he a cutie? ❤ He got Shai’s black eyes with Trina’s light blond curls, and I think he’s gonna be a really good mix of his moms when he grows up! He rolled the Independent trait, which I find funny because he’s probably the only toddler in this challenge who’s gonna be able to enjoy all of his mothers’ attention, and he doesn’t want it lol but you do you Heimdall!

And this is where we’re gonna left it for today! One baby down, 23 to go! This is gonna be a long journey lol But I hope you stay along for the ride!

Next time, Trina is gonna get pregnant with our second baby! Will we get a girl to keep things equal, or will boys take the lead? We’ll see! Also, We’re gonna have lots of toddler cuteness from little Heimdall! I can’t wait for that!

So I guess we’ll see eachother soon everyone! Take care and happy simming!

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Hey! I'm new on the Sims Blogger comunity, but I've plahyed these games since the first one, so I thought it was worth the shot :D Also, I'm mexican so english is not my first language, so forgive my little mistakes xD still learning

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