Chapter 10: Can you feel the magic in the air?

Yeah, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift way too much. No, I’m not gonna stop lol.

Hey there everyone!

After all the crazyness of SimNaNo, I decided to take a little break, that ended up being a lot longer than I had thought at first lol but hey, sometimes you just need to de-stress, and play other games for a while! And now I’m full of energy again and ready for more updates!

Last time with the baby boom couple, we finally decided that it was time to search for another life-extending method since we were having too much trouble with our cowplants. I went and did some research online, and found something that I think can work for us! So let’s just go ahead and try it straight up!

We don’t start today at home: Trina is currently a woman with a mission!

Trina: “Can’t the mission wait until tomorrow? *Yawns* or at least after a freaking nap?”

It probably could, but I’m really impatient, and I was really excited about trying out my new pack, so bear with me girl!

Trina: “Doesn’t looks like I have any other option…”

That’s the spirit!

Trina: “I hate You.”

That’s also the spirit! 😀

Anyways, as you can maybe guess by the landscape and the chapter’s title: we’re in Glimmerbrook, looking for the Magic Realm door! And we just found it!

And we’re in my first visit ever to the Magic Realm! This place is really pretty, always been a fan of the floating islands aesthetic lol.

Wey decides to talk to Morgyn here since he’s the sage of Untamed magic, which I feel works well with Trina I later learnt about the Mischief magic sage and feel that was a better option, but hey, Morgyn was right there lol. He gave us that little quest to go out and collect magic orbs~ first time doing this so I was having fun!

I’m not sure about Trina though lol I think maybe she was into something when she asked for a nap. Maybe…

But after that little intermision Trina collected all 10 orbs, and Morgyn turned her into a spellcaster! Hoozah!

Spellcasters can learn a recipe for life-stending and also inmortality potions, so this so gonna be my new approach to the ‘keep the couple alive thing’. We’ll see if it doesn’t get too complicated.

Also, is it me or everyone in this place wears the same outfit. Is there some kind of Magic Realm dress code nobody told me about? Lol.

But Anyways, I have Trina stop by the shops to buy some magic stuff to try at home before leaving the place…

…And she finally gets her needed sleep. She’s a champ for putting up with me lol.

So while Trina rests, now we follow the family, that wasn’t really tired anymore so they’re hanging around.

At this point I noticed Skeiron and Bahyra hadn’t done their homework, so they get to that.

And then tv before school~ Also Persephone being Owiot’s favorite sister and playing with him ❤ they’re so adorable.

Also Shai is still wearing her swimsuit from the omasen bath escapade~ lol.

After a whole night of sleep, Trina is ready to get back into baby duty and give Owiot his bath, so enjoy today’s bathtime picture with me ❤

And then little Owiot decides to wreak havoc around the kitchen lol. Who knows, maybe he’ll want to become a Master chef like his mom too!

Also Trina is just spaced out, she doesn’t care lol.

We forgive her of course, because we know she has important stuff to do today; time to learn how to be an spellcaster!

Her first learnt spell was that one that sends an electricity shock to stuff lol so yeah, nothing very useful, but also something very in character for her Lol I gotta let her do more mischief.

I decided things are calm enough around the house to have these two work on skills for points too, so Bahyra takes up Piano and Skeiron goes, of course, for fitness. We’ll see how they do.

Bahyra also starts cooking meals for the family. He does have the creatively gifted trait and this is a very easy to level up skill, so why not? Maybe he can complete both!

Shai got to that fame stage where she can donate stuff to charity for more fame, so she’s now donating one of our doctor sets because I recently realized we had two lol not sure how much it helps her fame, but I mean, we can use all the help we can get!

Breakfast time with mom~ also baby bump is starting to show!

LMAO! I didn’t know you can cook in the cauldron! I love it, that would be a neighborhood-worthy batch of Mac n Cheese! Lol.

Also I gotta say I love the Spellcaster needs panel~ looks so cool!

A nightime visit to the Magic Realm again because we need to level up to be able to learn new stuff~ This was when I realized L Faba is the sage of Magic Mischief magic, but I mean, Elphaba wasn’t really mischievous… Lol.

Anyways, we try to get her to teach us a spell, but I think she refuses lol.

So then we move to experiment with the cauldron. I believe we do gain a new potion recipe with this… But honestly it’s been a while since I played this lol.

Right as we’re preparing to leave we get the notification that Persephone maxed out her teen job! She’s ready to age up now and still days away from it!

Oh yeah, since we can travel freely now that we don’t need to be waiting for the cowplants to do their magic, we can work on a couple more aspirations! Trina needed to work out at a gym venue for ages now since I want her to complete Bodybuilder lol so let’s do it!

Shai now has paparazzi following her, veeeery closely lol like, I don’t even think that woman can get a good shot from there!

And meanwhile, Trina gets mentored so we can try to do that ‘push the limits while being energyzed’ part of the aspiration too. What a contrast is this couple lol.

Also her trainer is Leila and Oliana’s son! You guys know how much I love them lol I had to say it.

Shai doesn’t waste time and works on her fame by singing a little. She sang really bad lol but the strangers didn’t seem to mind it. It must be because she’s famous, they’re intimidated to say something.

This is the sight that welcomed us back home ❤ Will I ever get tired of toddlers being cute? Honestly don’t count on it, they’re my favorite thing in this game ❤ I literally barely played before they added them lol I needed my toddlers.

I sometimes forget that Skeiron is Neat, and then I find him cleaning our still not dirty plumbing lol thanks kid, you’re the best!

I’ve noticed I don’t have a lot of pictures of Olwen for some reason… Strange, she’s such a cute girl!

Not sure if Persephone agrees with me though, she needs to wake up super early for work so she came from school with zero energy, and Olwen just decided to practice her violin right in front of her lol! Sisters, am I right?

Ah, the two sides of coming home from school lol poor Bahyra is about to crash out, and Skeiron looks like he could fight off an army. I love twins!

Another cute picture of Trina and Owiot~ this kid is about to max his skills! And just in time because his birthday is getting súper close!

Since Skeiron had a lot of energy and it’s sunny outside, he’s trying out our new bascketball hoop! As usual, he’s looking on the wrong direction while doing it lol.

Man, Charisma is one of those skills that you’re never done with *sighs* I get why so many career paths need it, but would it be so bad to be an uncharismatic mixologist? lol!

Skeiron brought home his A! He’s certainly doing Great this playsession!

Speaking of doing great, I don’t remember if I mentioned this already, but Persephone is working on maxing the Logic Skill. She’s doing pretty good even if I started her a little late on that, bu

Also why is there a pile of garbage behind her? Also isn’t Owiot the cutest? He sure loves to be flying around on someones back!

It’s a siblings concert! I kinda wish we had bands in game, it would be cute to form a family band with these two.

Skeiron looks extremelly unsure that Going to work as a lifeguard in the middle of a thunderstorm is the best idea lol.

Skeiron: “I mean, the best way to actually ‘guard lives’ right know would be not being outside… Who’s gonna be at the pool on a day like this?”

I’m with you boy, makes no sence. But work is work lol.

Anyways, Skeiron went to work, and we stay behind to welcome our newest baby home!

Time for baby L~!

Aaand it’s a girl! Girl #4 to be exact!

We name her Latiaran, after one of the celtic goddesses of Harvest who’s believed to represent Autumn and Fire by some people. I really love celtic names, so I can’t resist to use them lol.

So, apparently going to the pool during a thunderstorm is a thing in Windenburg, because not only did Skeiron had work, but he also got promoted lol. I’m proud!

Skeiron: “Yeah, I just told them I didn’t thought swimming during a thunderstorm was very safe, and apparently they liked my proactive-ness to the safety thing. It was weird.”

But weird in a good way! I’m still proud!

Shai was asleep at the time of the birth, so her first action after walking up was to go and panic to Trina, who’s already over it all lol.

Trina: “Babe, the baby has been here for like three hours already, relax!”

So Trina decides to leave her wife to calm down and goes to Persephone’s room to study her magic in peace lol. I believe this is when she learnt Scrubberoo, that spell to clean stuff.

We had some fish around from when Tanisi was working on Angling Ace, so I made that new fish recipe that came with Snowy escape that needs fresh fish, and I didn’t knew it gives a focused moodlet! That’s really cool, I love mood foods!

Since this is a progress-making update, Shai is now splicing some plants to get over that part of the Bothanist aspiration. And I’m still thinking we need a bigger garden lol I probably should keep the harvestfest gnomes for that, those free seed packages are great lol.

Trina had a free sample to the ‘Potion of nimble mind’ in her inventory, so we tried it. I didn’t see much improvement on her skilling speed, but who knows? Lol I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make some more. Specially because it’s all experience and we need tons of that!

Shai decided to go talk to Heimdall, and I was super confused where she was going lol she ended up all the way at the beach, that’s what I call a mother’s instint lol.

Owiot makes company to Persephone while she playa chess ❤ I really think she’s his favorite sister.

Look at our really cool working boys coming back home! I really love that swimsuit Skeiron unlocked, both male and female versions look really cool!

Piano is taking a little long for Bahyra, but I sure he can max it! We’re doing everything we can! He’s also starting to sound really good!

*sighs* I don’t like vegetarian sims… I’m really not looking foward to having lactose intolerant ones now too lol But I do really want Cottage living… Give me my 50% off sale Origin!

Shai: “Wait, what’s happening?!”

Tanisi: “Oh, looks like you’re very bussy right now mom. I guess I’ll go home and comeback later, have fun!”

Really, Tanisi? Just like that?

Tanisi: “Hey, I’m Mean remember?”

Touché… I always forget about that lol.

Another nightly visit to the Realm and Trina gains her first spellcaster level! We chose the perk that helps her gain more experience from potions, as that is the thing I want her to focus right now.

Next day I had Shai throw a ‘Meet-N-Greet’ with some of her fans for aspiration purposes. We’re now on that step that wants her to be asked for selfies three times, but so far no luck. I remember hearing it’s the hardest/most annoying part of the aspiration since you can’t really influence it, and it shows lol.

Heimdall: “Dude, look! Shailen Kress is posing for pictures right next to us!”

Tyr: “That’s literally our mom Heimdall.”

Heimdall: “But now she’s famous!”

Tyr: “Still mom.”

Back home, Olwen is the chosen one to Owiot’s why questions lol I know watching is more efective, but sometimes I like to mix up things a little bit.

Persephone has maxed the Logic Skill!

And right in time, because we’re already getting everyting prepared for her birthday! Of course, Bahyra was in charge of the cake~ he made a pretty cool one today!

Aaand looks like we’re ready to start here! First birthday notification!

Let the birthday’s parade begin! Happy birthday Latiaran!

Look at those chubby cheeks and that cute little sweater ❤ I adore her already.

Gotta be honest here: Latiaran rolled Independent as her trait… That’s right, Independent as practically every other kid in this family. So I got frustrated lol and just for this time I rolled again… And she got Clingy. So she’s a Clingy toddler now! Lol.

Owiot’s birthday is next! Look at this cutie ❤ I totally adore his party outfit!

Happy birthday Owiot~! As usual, his makeover is gonna wait until Persephone grows too, so bear with me for a little more~

… I still think sentiments are adorable, but sometimes ridiculous. I believe they fixed some of this stuff right? But I haven’t check myself lol.

Also why is she hurt you ask? Because Shai tried to potty train her lol.

I didn’t knew you could just leave the potion cooking and go do something else lol I’m guessing you actually can’t and this is just my game acting weird again lol I know it.

But anyways, let’s move on! Because it’s time for the final birthday of the session!

Looks like Shai is very eager to celebrate today lol.

Persephone: “Mom, please, you’re gonna leave me deaf if you sound that right here.”

Shai: “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

Lol after that was avoided, happy birthday Persephone!! I’m gonna miss you being around ❤ you’re so pretty!

And now time to show grown up Owiot! Doesn’t he looks super cute? 😀

Owiot rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, but as usual I can’t, for the life of my, remember which trait he got lol! I suck at this, I really gotta learn to take some better notes about this game!

And of course, a final picture of Persephone to count her final points Ignoring the fact that I also can’t remember her final trait: +30 for his birth, +10 for turning into a YA, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. + 10 for maxing the Logic skill, +5 for A in school and +5 for maxing his teen job. That’s another 85 points for us! And now Persephone is free to move out~

She had to stay a little longer though, because for some reason her first portrait got bugged and we had to make another one lol. At least it didn’t take that long.

And with that, and working already on our new way to achieve inmortality, ir was time to let our cowplants go. They we’re a lot of fun, but also a lot of frustration lol.

Also no idea why Eva is here with them again un this picture, I checked and she had disapeared when we went to Glimmerbrook the first time lol maybe she just missed her friends (?

Anyways, this is where we’re stopping today! Next time, Trina keeps working on becoming a strong spellcaster! Also our first P baby! I’m hoping it’s a girl, because girl #5 is gonna be our first Bad Apple! But we’ll see next time, join us to find out!

Chapter 9: Birthdays Boom

Hey there! This chapter was supposed to go up yesterday, but then I remembered that Cruella is officially out on Disney+ and listen… I’m a simple woman, give me Emma Stone dressed in punk fashion and playing an evil, slightly mad fashionista, and I’m happy lol I just needed to see that again! And yeah, nobody needed to know that lol.

Anyways, last time we had a lot of trouble getting Chronos to get us some more Life esence. We had some birthdays and saw Tyr move out! Let’s see if we’re a little more lucky this time, and see whatmy sims are getting into today!

We start today with our buddy Chronos trying to tempt Eva to get the cake. She still doesn’t look too interested, and I’m still annoyed about it lol. Honestly, if we have no luck with sims eating the cake this update, I’m just looking for another inmortality method, I’m tired of this lol.

Anyways, for now we’ll just keep working on the family’s aspirations and goals. Shai and Persephone are bonding over a chess game. Persephone is doing pretty good with the Logic skill, I wanna see if she manages to complet that.

I’ve been seriously neglecting this garden lol I’m not good at gardening, RL or sim life, I should probably try to expand this place so the girls can get more skill and stuff.

Tanisi came home in a mood, she’s currently our moodiest teenager lol. Also Bahyra looks really pleased about it for some reason lol.

Bahyra keeps working on his Social butterfly aspiration, so we’re working on befriending…this guy! Lol I’m amazing as always with the names.

Meanwhile inside, Trina and Shai are having an important conversation.

Shai: “So, what do you say if we keep working on those babies with the new free space in the house?”

Trina: “I don’t know… I hate getting pregnant…”

Shai: “But it means that we can go have some fun in the observatory!”

Trina: “Oh, right! Woohoo! I’m totally into that!”

And that’s how easy it is to convince Trina to do something she doesn’t want to lol!

I still feel like taking photos is a little cheaty for social butterflies… But sometimes I gotta use the little trick lol just once in a while.

Tanisi keeps working on her aspiration. She’s probably not gonna complete it, but at least fishing helps her calm down her moods and get some fun after school.

Aaaand looks like we have another bun in the oven~!

A little more chatting for these two, and Skeiron has officially made his third child friend and completed the Social Butterfly aspiration!

Since he’s Active, I gave him Rambunctious Scamp next, it just felt right.

Trina sits down with Shai to tell her the news they’re expecting, and Shai just smiles and says nothing lol I think she’s starting to get over the whole ‘having babies after babies’ thing. Now it’s just like “oh, yeah, another one” lol.

But whatever, babies are definitely not gonna stop coming, and with that, adorable toddler bathtime pictures aren’t either ❤ I just love them.

Olwen doesn’t look too happy that she had to learn potty after her bath lol maybe it’s because she’s Idependent. I can picture her thinking something like “I already know how to do this woman, leave me alone!” lol.

Guys, Eva finally fell into the trap and ate the cake for the first time! This is the easy one though, let’s see how she does with the actual deadly one now…

Anyways, in happier news, our second cowplant is fully grown now~ I named her Thethys, after the titan who gave Zeus the potion to make Chronos throw up to save Zeus’ siblings.

Let’s see if two cowplants are enough to outsmart townies! But at this point… I don’t think they will lol.

Just a cute picture of Trina being a good mom~ Idependent or not, toddlers love bedtime stories~

So, Tyr called Shai to talk… And spread gossip about his toddler sister. Tyr, honey, how juicy can it be? She’s like three years old!

Anyways, kids are back home~ I’m pretty sure this is where the twins got their As. Not like they’re needing them for aspiration or something, but great to Know!

Persephone brought a boy home today. I’m marking the kids in this savefile for No aging and No marriage, so there’s no mucho point in looking for potential spouses, but it’s nice she’s making friends!

Another day, another woman who randomly wanders inside my house with no reason lol.

Also, another fashion disaster. Like… What the hell is she wearing? Lol EA explain yourself!

I gotta admit I totally forgot Shai had started learning Violin a couple chapters ago, so she reminded me by randomly starting to play in the kitchen lol. I gotta keep working on that.

Two cowplants, two cakes… And no interest from Eva. I refuse to believe sims are this smart or have any self-preservation, I still think it’s some kind of bug.

Trina is back at the bar trying to level up her skill~ The good thing about pregnancy for her is that she was getting the Inspired moodlet quite frequently, and we need as many of those as we can get with this skill lol.

Olwen wanted to look at a book ❤ isn’t she precious doing it?

Lol I usually have my sims return the notes because I believe in being honest and friendly, but Tanisi is Mean so it felt too out of character. Glad that’s working out for her I guess!

Nope, Eva is still not interested, so we had to feed the cowplants to avoid them dying again *sighs* I’m already looking around for other ways to extend life that doesn’t involve vampires or aspiration points…

Also, since Eva refuses to die, and Skeiron needs a Jungle gym to get past the first tier of his aspiration, we had to spend our very hard-earned money in one of those *sighs* this is why we can’t save for a real house!

Remember how Persephone loved sitting here as a child? Well, this is just the picture to show that it’s still the same as a teen lol I think it’s cute.

I have absolutely no idea why I have a picture of Bahyra holding his dinner/breakfast/something lol maybe he was angry randomly again … I do love Hot-headed sims so I tend to take a lot of pictures of them lol.

I do know why I took this picture: see Persephone’s portrait? It shows her awake…but she’s not, Even the game knows it because the lights are off in the room. My game is drunk yet again!

Also, this reminds me why I took Bahyra’s last picture! It was to say he was the only rebel awake in the house! Ha! I figured it out!

Since he was already awake, he got to work on his aspiration~

And speaking of working on aspirations, Trina is dealing with the first tier of Nerd brain. She still needs to read two more books because I keep forgetting about it lol.

Can we talk about how toddlers in this game eat whatever the hell you put in their hands? Like, Olwen is eating sushi. I didn’t eat sushi until I was like 20 because I didn’t like the taste… And they even eat spicy food if you give it to them… It’s so weird.

Anyways, we get another cute bathtime picture because this kid gets dirty real fast lol also because the bath moodlets are a great extra for skilling.

Heimdall came to visit! No idea why is he carrying a book lol probably some other bug.

Trina should be giving birth today during her work hours, so I had her take a vacation day instead so she doesn’t come back middle turn. Now to wait for that baby~

Also seeing this pictures again made me realize Trina’s make up looks a little over the top since they updated the make up lol I gotta see if I remember toning it down next time I play this savefile. That would be like two updates from now, so no promises.

Bahyra: “She’s doing that weird walking thing again.”

Skeiron: “I know! It’s so funny!”


Persephone: “Just ignore them. Walk into the house and ignore them Persephone.”

Tanisi takes care of some needs, and then is back to fishing for her lol seriously she’s being soooo moody!

Meanwhile inside, it’s baby time!!

Trina: “Ugh *deep breaths* I’m still not a fan of this. At all.”

Let’s not tell her she’s also having next one lol.

We have our fifth boy!

His name is Owiot, and he’s named after the God of the Moon of the Luiseno, a tribe of native americans. I thought it fit him right, since Trina and Shailen are werewolves in their canon stories.

Sadly, we stillf don’t have werewolves here *heavy sigh*

I noticed Thethys was ready to be milked, but Eva was still there… Turns out Persephone took a trip inside the cowplant instead. I also thought you were smart kid!

Trina: “I still take offence about that!”

Yeah, yeah…

Olwen’s favorite parent is definitely Shai, she follows her around a lot and loves chatting with her ❤ it’s really cute.

Still no luck with the cowplants, but some luck with thunderstorms lol I always have fun when sims get striked by lightning.

One of Olwen’s last skills is Imagination, but she’s pretty much ready to have her birthday~

I finally remembered to get Persephone a job lol man I’ve been sucking at it. Anyways, she’s becoming a barista like Tyr was.

Am I still a sucker for twins hanging out together? Yes, yes I am ❤ also, birthdays are getting close! I’m very curious how these two are gonna look!

Heeeeey Tanisi got her work promotion! Just in time too, this was her last work day!

I still adore when sims at the foot of the toddler bed, it’s so adorable ❤

Bahyra had a whim to play the piano, so we indulge and have him started on that skill. That can be his future maxed skill as a teen!

Hey, it’s this new? lol I’ve been having a lot of messages like this lately, but I don’t know where they come from lol I’m guessing some kind of update I’m not aware of.

SeHe looks pretty shaken about that nightmare too, poor kid *hugs* but also unlike when there’s a Monster under the bed, he inmediatly had the option to go back to sleep. How strange.

Thunderstorms are AWFUL for your backyard stuff, even if we barely have any backyard stuff in this lot! I ended up paying the $1500 to replace this thing because I like to use it for skilling, and the next night another thunderstorm took it away *grumbles* si we ended up getting rid of it for now, it already served its purpose anyway.

I’ll never stop talking about how useful is having teens in this challenges <4 look at Persephone being the best and taking care of Owiot.

Cute little pirates playing together~ I think it was around here that Bahyra maxed the Social skill.

Guys, guys! She’s a 3-star celebrity now!! This is the farthest I’ve gotten with the fame thing!!! Things we know so far: writting is great for it lol.

And over here Skeiron maxed the motor skill and completed his second aspiration! Now kids are oficially ready for birthdays~

… Somehow Eva has managed to eat enough cake to not die of starvation, but not enough to do it while the drained moodlet is still active, so she didn’t die with this… C’mon!!!

Ugh, I’m oficially over townies and cowplants… We’re looking into other ways to extend life.

But for now, tet’s get into happier stuff again. I’m still mad about this lol.

But It’s time for Owiot’s birthday, and that’s the perfect thing to distract me! Happy birthday Owiot!

Look at that cutie~! He’s adorable, I think I see a lot of Shai in him!

Owiot’s toddler trait is… Independent. Seriously, another independent toddler… Like, how?

I gave him a minor makeover, just because the hair he grew in was the same Skeiron had, so I wanted a little variety. He’s so cute ❤ I love that blueish-gray color his eyes have!

Also, he’s the first boy to get Shai’s hair color, looks like that tradition has gotten broken!

More promotion for Trina!!!

As usual, she’s not impressed.

Trina: “Seriously, when does this stop?!”

When you get to the last level! Which woulf be… *Checks the internet* two more promotions!

Trina: “Ugh, just kill me already!”

Hey, don’t be dramatic! It’s not that much! And after that you’ll probably never have to work again!

Trina: “I’m taking your word for it!”

Yeah, yeah… I said probably!

There, get lost in the toddler cuteness and relax girl, everything will be alright.

After reading Owiot to sleep and also getting a relaxing bath, Trina is ready to keep working on her skills~ let’s wish her luck.

Lol! This prank sounds adorable! It’s now a favorite of mine lol. Also congrats to Skeiron and Bahyra for a succesful prank this time!

Project monday comes around~ it’s a good thing we have such a big lawn for them to work on.

Bahyra finally met the last kid he needed to complete the Social Butterfly aspiration, so they make Friends while working on his project.

Heeeeey Shai maxed the writting skill! Now she just needs bestsellers. That’s probably gonna take a while since I can’t get her the creative visionary trait.

Aspiration completed! Now now we’re ready for birthdays tomorrow!

Tanisi somwhow gained the People perdón lifestyle… Why do I say somehow you ask?

Because she did it while in the bath… Lifestyles are clearly also drunk, like everything else in this game lol.

And the birthdays parade is ready to begin~ first up, Olwen!

… This was the first try, and as you can see it didn’t go exactly well lol.

But thankfully the second one was the trick! Happy birthday Olwen~ she’s gonna get her makeover after the older kids grow up too, so bear with me.

Bahyra: “We’re gonna be teens!”

Skeiron: “I know! It’s gonna be awesome!”

Glad to see the kids are excited about it~

Speaking of being excited, look at that, Heimdall decided to come celebrate with us! I still miss Heimdall, he was an amazing first kid.

Anyways, time for Skeiron to blow his candles! With a tiny cameo of pre-makeover Olwen.

And then Bahyra! With a tiny cameo of pre-makeover Skeiron lol what are you wearing boy?

And finally, it’s also Tanisi’s turn to become a young adult! 3/24 ready!

Now to show the kids:

This is Olwen after her makeover, she’s adorable~ she rolled the trait Good, and her first aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. I remember this was the exact combination Heimdall got too lol history repeats itself.

This is Skeiron, looking very handsome and with a lot of Trina in him! Skeiron rolled Neat for his second trait, and he has the Rennaissence sim aspiration.

Bahyra, on the other side, rolled Music Lover as his trait, which feels very fitting since he liked Piano as a child! I gave him kind of a rocker look, i think it also fits his Fabulously Wealthy aspiration lol If we ever get a bands/music pack, he’s definitely the perfect sim for that!

Also, you may notice he and Skeiron have lighter hair now. This was played just after the update that gave us the new hair colors, and the lightest blond we got is actually how I imagine Trina’s hair, so I went ahead and changed it lol! Heimdall and Tyr are gonna keep the old color though, I’m to lazy to go change it with them lol.

And finally, to complete this update we have adult Tanisi ready to move out! Her final trait was Glutton! Tanisi didn’t complete any skills or her aspiration sadly, but she was so much fun to play! she also gave us a good number of points: +30 for being born, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. +5 for his A, +5 for maxing his job, and finally. +10 for reaching young adult!

Total: 75 points like Tyr!

And this is where we’re gonna stop for today! I hope you had fun with us today! next time: we’re finding a new way to keep this couple alive for the rest of kids they need to produce lol join us to find out what are we gonna do! And as always, happy simming

Chapter 8: Well, I think it kinda counts

Hey there! SimNaNo is on full speed, so I decided we have time to release another update today and I chose this family!

Last time we finally grew up our first kid into a Young adult, marking an important milestone for the challenge! And with Heimdall moving out, we now have space to keep popping out some babies, so that’s what we’re gonna be doing now! Let’s get right into it now!

Bahyra starts us today by playing adorably with his toy ❤ he’s a cutie.

This was back when I first got nifty knitting and this is the first family that got a rocking chair, I think it suits them. Persephone seems to really like it, she sat there everytime she could lol.

Tania takes a job on the Manual labor career, mainly because it felt like the less-social one from the bunch lol I wanna keep a little in-tune with her Mean trait, even if she’s actually a sweetheart.

And we’re having a quick family outing at night~ I love the shipwreck lot it’s really cool!

Skeiron and Bahyra play around in the sand~ Bahyra didn’t bring a toy, so he’s building a sandcastle.

Tanisi fishes. I think I didn’t meantioned it last chapter, but she grew up with the Angler Ace aspiration, and the Active trait. I wanna see if we can get her to complete the aspiration before growing up, so giving her a headstart on that since she needs to fish from three diferent spots was one of the Main reasons we travelled here.

And Persephone, who if you remember is currently working on Rambunctious Scamp as her second aspiration, goes for a swin in the ocean.

And finally, the other main reason for this trip was of course, baby making lol. I love this woohoo spot, and I think it fits the girls really well, they’re both Outdoors kind of gals.

…Tanisi didn’t managed to catch a single fish here, but she did get a camera lol I’m surprised the thing Even works after being in the ocean! This is top-tier technology lol.

Anyways, after this we went back home…

And confirmed the next pregnancy! First baby O in the making~

Trina comes inside the bathroom to hear the news~ And this is the moment where I realize Trina was supposed to get pregnant with this baby lol! The extra time with the twins mixed things for me.

Oh, well, I guess Trina is going through the next two oregnancies to compensate lol even though Shai actually does better with pregnancy than her, Trina is one of those sims who just doesn’t like it.

The kids don’t want to spend time around Trina today lol I’ve seen it like three times, she goes to sit by one of the kids, and inmediatly after they left, just like Tyr here who was doing his homework lol.

Oh yeah, twins got their room built now that they’re kids. All the rooms are basically the same, and I honestly need to build this family a good house… But they don’t have that mucho money even with Shai’s painting/writting royalties, so I don’t wanna start building and then run out of money lol.

Si for now, we’re gonna keep working on promotions and aspirations. Trina gets her Charisma up for work. I’m really not a fan of the Mixologist career, both its skills are so boring to level up lol.

Trina: “Then why didn’t you have me go into the Chef branch? My inicial aspiration was Master Chef!”

Well yeah…but going into Mixologist would give us more points for double the aspirations! I do kinda regret it though lol chef is a much better job.

Bahyra woke up angry because of his trait, but he still goes and cleans the dirty plates around the house on his own lol.

And then kids produce even more dirty plates with breakfast together before school lol.

Also look at Persephone back on the rocking chair~

For some reason the lights aren’t working correctly around here lol I don’t think I forgot to pay them… But it could be that honestly, I’ve been really bad at paying lately.

But look, here they are working again! And also Shai is writting a couple books to keep her fame up and going~ this savefile is kinda working for me as practice for when I do this aspiration with Xzavi in my name game lol.

Aaaand here we have no lights again! I’m confused, even more than usual when I go through the pictures I took two months ago lol.

Also this pic was actually to show that the fridge is broken. Kitchen appliances break so little compared to electronics and plumbing, so I’m always surprised when it happens lol.

Oh yeah, and this is the proof that we got Heumdall’s portrait done. It’s still so weird for me to know Heimdall has moved out, he was our first baby just …like a year ago lol! Ok, it’s been a long time now that I think about it.

Persephone and Skeiron need to meet some kids and play in the playground, si we make a quick trip to Willow Creek after school.

I love Persephone’s little sunglasses! And yes…honestly I’m still a little partial towards her, She’s so cute!

Shai and Tanisi were sent to fish, and while at that a fan tried to approach Shailen. She’s at that fame stage where people faints when they see her lol.

She tried to make it up to him by signing him an autograph when he woke up, but she only managed to make him pass out again lol it was hilarious.

So we decided that Shai is too powerful now, and went back home to keep working in other aspirations like the knitting one~ I feel like knitting works well with Shai, it’s her style.

And meanwhile Trina works on getting some more Mixology~ *sighs* I can’t wait for her to top her career.

Oh yeah, and remember how I wrote down ‘getting better plumbing’ last chapter? Well, we did it! It’s now the best since we still need money, but no more uncomfortable moodlets for cheap showers now!

I honestly have no idea why are we fishing at Magnolia Promenade again
… it’s been a while…

But knowing me, we were probably trying to get a back up cowplant berry because I was still not sure if Chronos was working correctly.

And then back home, where I keep taking pictures of everyone using the rocking chair lol I just think it’s cute, and Trina looks so relaxed, which is impressive because she’s always tense lol.

Heimdall came to visit! And of course, we gave him a key to the house so he can visit as much as he wants.

I keep being a terrible watcher and making my sims go out to do stuff in the middle of thunderstorms/blizzards lol! I gotta stop doing that, but I’m dumb.

Tanisi: “You don’t need to tell me that.”

Hey, rude! D:

Tanisi: “Nah, you don’t even know how to be mean to people, I’m a Mean sim, I could be saying much worse!”

…She has a point, I suck at being mean, but still, rude!

More book writting for Shai~ I usually feel like books take long to complete, but I recently dowloaded the Sims 2 again, and man, making things in this game is a breeze in comparison lol.

But since I didn’t want to interrupt Shai’s writting, Tyr help us get the stereo working again, because writting while listening to music is still my favorite combo.

And it was time to follow my word about Rohan Elderberry, so he was invited to join in a playsesion with our Chronos, and maybe our second cowplant back there. We’ll see if it works this time.

For now, we just wait and skill~

…Seriously? Man this IS realist lol Tyr just earned us $0… Man lol!

No cake eating so far, but at least the thunderstorm keeps making things interesting lol I’ve also never had a sim die from thunderstorming, so I’m kinda curious about it.

Buuuut we’ll see about that, because right now inside is baby time!!

Since we can’t leave the lot while we have someone with the cowplant, home birth it is! And we’re oficially back in the game~

It’s a girl! Yay! Now boys are just leading by one!

Anyways, meet baby Olwen Kress! She was named in honor of the celtic heorine and Goddess of the Sun, let’s hope she has a very bright future!

Goodness I just don’t get tired of these two being together. They’re just so cute!

Tanisi lookin’ good as she goes to work~ this uniform really works with her tomboyish style.

Since we can’t go to the park for Persephone to work on her aspiration, I had to buy some monkey bars for the house. This is why we can’t save money lol there’s always some thing I randomly remember and buy.

Also Rohan is still not eating the cake… I wonder if that ‘not eating leftovers bug’ was also affecting cowplants, or if it’s just a thing of sims being somehow ‘smarter’ lately…

Either way it’s annoying.

Anyway, let’s move on. Here Bahyra is the first of the twins to complete his aspiration! I give him Social butterfly next, so he can keep skilling with Skeiron.

Shai is working a little on the Lady of the knits aspiration, and I just love how cute she looks knitting on the rocking chair<3

She mades it to that part where she needs to sell something on plopzie, and after listing some stuff there I totally forget it was a part of the aspiration and keep selling it without it counting lol! That’s what always happens when I jump between aspirations.

Tanisi comes back from work tense because she needs fun, so we send her to fish. It’s weekend skilling time~

Wait, what?!

Apparently, Rohan died from hunger… At least I believe it was hunger, he wasn’t burning to death and he never took a bite of the cake, so it makes sence… I’m so freaking frustrated now lol!

But I mean… At least we did kill him as I promised… So I kinda counts, right? lol?

Well, now we need to get Chronos another playmate…

Sadly, that’s not gonna be Megumi Ito here lol because celebrities… Bahyra did try to introduce himself to her though, for aspiration purposes. And he failed lol because celebrities.

Then Bahyra and Skeiron work on becoming best friends. Good thing about this tier is that it checks out autonomously once Bahyra reach it too.

Aaaaand bestfriends!

Haimdall: “I thought you were gonna teach me to dance?”

Tanisi: “yeah! Do like this! Yoy flail your fists around like this and hit everyone who gets near of you! It’s super fun!”

Nothing like Mean sim dance lessons lol.

I have no idea how Tyr ended up like this lol but as always, let’s all be happy this is not my ISBI~

…Are you serious Shailen?! How come my sims are always the only ones who get eaten by my cowplants?!

Shailen: “I was just showing her how it works… that’s all!”

Yeah, I would believe that about Trina or one of the kids, you’re supposed to be the smart one!

Trina: “I take offence you say that right after SHE gets eaten by the cowplant!”

… ok, she has a point about that, sorry. But I really expected better from Shailen lol.

What the fuck are you wearing Tyr?

Tyr: “hey, language!”

No, but seriously, I didn’t gave that outfit to him… My game is being weird again…

Awwwwwn I had Bahyra and Skeiron become partners in crime and they tried a prank together, but it didn’t work! Also, I think it’s weird that only Skeiron got reprimended about it. I get that it’s because you can have partners in crime outside the household, but it would be nice if both were affected regardless.

The mail carrier said that he couldn’t reach of mailbox today… That mailbox, and that mail carrier. Lazy much? lol.

Bills day means is also project day! So all the kids lay their projects on the front yard and get to work! I really like the projects.

And then homework for the kids who finish taking care of their needs~ I think it’s funny the family doesn’t have a table ir desks for homework, so the kids do it on the bar lol!

Tanisi knows Tyr’s birthday is tomorrow, so she gives her brother a goodbye hug ❤

Tanisi: “I can’t wait to not seeing you again!”

Try as much as you want Tanisi, I know you’re gonna miss him! You love Tyr!

And the birthdays train gets officially started with Olwen’s notification! Sparkly baby!

And here we have our new toddler! She’s adorable and I just want to squeeze her! Olwen got Trina’s skin and eye color but with Shai’s hair. And I’ve just noticed that all girls so far have gotten Shai’s hair, and all boys have Trina’s lol fun little fact.

Olwen is also… Independent. seriously, what are the odds? lol there must be something on the girls’ genes or something.

She goes straight to start her skilling and look absolutely adorable while doing it~

Tyr FINALLY got his work promotion!! I know I started him late on the work thing…but still…

He literally got his promotion the day of his birthday, right before said birthday! Can you undertand why I was a little impatient? lol.

But anyways, let’s keep the party going and celebrate! happy birthday Tyr!

And the last birthday for today~ Happy birthday Persephone! This one I’m extremely excited about, she’s gonna be a cutie!

Aaaand my point has been made, look at that! Also look at that abdomen, I’m a sucker for a girl with a sixpack lol.

Anyways, both Tyr and Persephone grew up with the same trait, my least favorite one: Vegetarian lol. Persephone also grew up with the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, I have never completed that one, but honestly I don’t think I’m gonna try with her lol we have too much going on to be going on vacations too.

And since Tyr has reached his YA birthday, it’s time to count his points for the challenge before he moves: +30 for being born, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. +5 for his A, +5 for maxing his job, and finally. +10 for reaching young adult!

Total: 75!

And we’re gonna finish today’s update with a shot of Shailen making Tyr’s portrait! Tyr has already moved out and is up on the gallery in case you want to snatch him for your game! All under the #AMythicBabyBoom!

Next time: Another baby O! more birthdays, more skills, more aspirations! Hopefully more sims getting eaten by our cowplants who aren’t my sims? lol. Join us to find out!

Chapter 7: The cowplant who defied death

Hey there guys! I’ve been playing a lot in this savefile lately, so I thought it was time to get another update out!

Last chapter was the chapter with no new babies since we have twins, but today should be the day Heimdall is ready to move out and get us one more free slot! Man, it took me seven updates to get to the first YA lol this challenge is gonna be like a thousand updates long! So let’s get right into it so we can continue asap!

Oh, Come on! This is definitely not the sight I wanted to see coming into the house 😩

Looks like Chronos didn’t survive… more than a chapter *sighs* I’m both surprised and dissapointed on myself…

Anyways, let’s move on. Last chapter we saw Persephone growing up into a kid, and here she is ❤ She’s super pretty, honestly already a favorite of mine, even though I love all the kids we’ve had so far!

Since it’s been a while since last time I played, here’s a shot at Skeiron (left) and Bahyra’s (left) skills right now. They’re doing pretty good honestly, not worried about that.

Tyr mods a game to keep getting his skill up~ he’s doing great with it, but this skill levels up slower than cooking does, so he may not max it before moving out.

And Tanisi plays with toys for her aspiration. Also, this is the shot that made me stop playing on super low settings lol I can’t with those white rectangles around the imagination animations!

Thankfully my laptop seems to be behaving a little more lately.

Since Tyr wants to be a Master Mixologist, I made him go into the Barista part time job~ we already have a bar for Trina, so he can practice easily.

Heimdall keeps being an amazing oldest brother and entertains Skeiron with some flashcards. If I recall correctly, this was all autonomous from them ❤

Tyr gets his skill points ready so he can get us a promotion soon~

Tanisi drew this kitty, and I thought it was really cute, so we’re keeping it as decoration lol.

Speaking of promotions, Heimdall has oficially topped his teen career! Congrats Heimdall!

Since Trina got into the Mixologist branch of her work, she’s working on her Charisma.

Hey, Shai is now a level 2 celebrity! That’s the highest level I’ve ever gotten lol seriously, I suck at this aspiration and at the fame thing in general.

Both of our main girls are awake tonight, so they take the chance to catch up with eachother and fulfill some whims they had. Also look at all those drinks on the bar lol it makes it look like Shai has a drinking problem.

Next morning I had Heimdall make some ramen. Apparently You can only make single serves of ramen, which make sence, but it’s a shame at the same time because I love having leftovers lol.

Random girl was coming to the house just as I sent Persephone to spend some time outside for her trait, so she was roped into a conversation lol.

They made friends while gazing at the clouds together, and now I feel really bad because I can’t remember her name or anything else about her lol.

Tanisi has completed her second aspiration! I think I gave her Whiz kid because having Mean social butterflies is a pain lol but her birthday is too close to actually work on that anyways.

I had to get over my fear of sims electrocuting to death and have Shai fix the computer. She did it without any problems, and I know I’m overreacting lol.

Since these two share aspiration now, they can skill together~

I have no idea who made this mess lol I just saw it out here and das confused… It may have days there actually, I’m very bad at noticing things lol.

Trina: “Here comes the monster!”

Bahyra: *happy laughing*

I love this picture, it’s so adorable ❤

Tyr goes out for his first day of work, he looks pretty handsome! He also works extremelly early and that makes me feel bad lol.

More skilling for the little guys~ and another mess lol I believe it was Bahyra who did it this time.

Once the older kids were off to school, Shai took the chance to go get us yet another cowplant berry *sighs*

We have another A! And another step crossed off for Persephone’s aspiration. She only needs to max the Mental skill now.

Bahyra is escaping~ he was on the way to make another mess if I remember right lol so I guess we oficially have our first mess maker of the challenge.

Mom was busy at the time giving a bath to Skeiron~ the cuteness ❤

… This isn’t the cowplant we got this afternoon…this is Chronos. And somehow he’s alive again? What?

I’m extremelly confused about this… What?!

Persephone oficially completes the Whiz kid aspiration! Next she’s gonna be working on Rambunctious Scamp. I feel it suits her Love the Outdoors trait.

Promotion time for Trina! She never looks excited about these things lol She’s usually tense about it.

Nothing that a little recreational woohoo with her wife can’t fix though.

More pictures of Skeiron and Bahyra hanging out because twin toddlers are the best ❤ also, skilling and having dinner at the same time. This kids are killing it at the toddlerhood thing!

Tyr works on getting the last point of Mixology he’s gonna need for his work. Then we’ll keep it up with programming.

And meanwhile, Shai does some painting to keep her fame up and try to complete the first aspiration. She’s already on the part where she needs Masterpieces!

Aaaand our first skill mastered by a teen! You’re the best Heimdall! MVP of the chapter~

Salim Benali passed by the house, and since I’m still a little annoyed at him from when he was our neighboor in my Name Game, it was decided he’s gonna be the sim to test out if Chronos is actually back from the death somehow lol.

I’m starting to believe Bahyra is Trina’s favorite, I’ve seen her spending a lot of time with him lately lol. Also he already has his skills completed, so Trina is trying to teach him to say please and thank you to keep him entertained from anymore messes.

We already had a cute Skeiron bath picture, so it was only fair to get one with Bahyra too~

So far no luck with Chronos, but I’m having fun with the thunderstorm lol.

Mmm, so I guess better showers are top priority to get around here lol checked!

Awwwwwn look at my mean kid spending some time with her Hot-headed mom~ These two are both such sweethearts ❤

Trina is skilling again tonight, and both twins decided to go keep her company ❤

This was around that time where toddlers got glitched with certain meals and couldn’t eat them. Bahyra spent a lot with the tilapia from last screenshot and when I noticed he wasn’t eating I had to give him something else. I think it’s funny he couldn’t eat fish, but he can eat dumplings and sauce somehow lol.

This is another Masterpiece for Shai~ and another painting haven’t seen before, I love seeing new pictures!

So, apparently Chronos does have a cake, so it’s not just a visual glitch as I previously thought. Still haven’t been lucky with Salim eating said cake, but we’ll see.

For now, it’s time to go back inside to celebrate the first birthdays of the day!

Of course, Skeiron goes first.

And then Bahyra~ happy birthday boys!

Their makeovers are gonna wait until their older siblings come back from school too, but for now I can say that Skeiron got the Active trait along with the Social Butterfly aspiration, and Bahyra is a Hot-headed Artistic Prodigy. I think it’s pretty adorable that both boys randomly rolled Trina’s traits lol I used the in-game randomizer for this challenge.

Shai has completed her fifth Masterpiece and the Painted extraordinare aspiration! First aspiration of the challenge checked off!

She’s now trying her hand at music, and of course keeps working on a lot more aspirations meanwhile.

Kids back home are we’re ready for the second batch of aging ups! First goes Tanisi~

And then, it’s time for Heimdall to turn into a young adult and move out of the house! First all grown up kid!

Here is Heimdall as a YA. He looks mostly the same, just a little less awkward shaped and I’m still in love with that shorter teenagers mod I got lol subtle, but cool!. His last trait was Bookworm.

Now that he’s moving out, it’s time to count the points he gave us: +30 for his birth, +10 for turning into a YA, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. + 10 for maxing the Cooking skill, +5 for A in school and +5 for maxing his teen job.

Total points: 85~

Shai made sure to make his portrait before he left the house, now we have space to keep working on the challenge!

Next we have Tanisi as a beautiful teen! I had her keep the kinda tomboyish look she had as a child, and I loooooved how she looks with this dreadlockes! I hadn’t use them before!

And finally, the twins: this is Skeiron wearing his party outfit.

And Bahyra in the same attire. I already told you his traits, so i’ll just add that I can already see Bahyra is gonna be a stick figure sim when he grows up lol he definitely inherited Trina’s body shape.

And this is where we’re gonna stop for today! Next time: we’re back in the baby making game! Will boys keep the lead around here, or will girls start making their comeback again~? Join us to find out!

Chapter 6: No babies this time…

Hi there! Time for another update from the Kress-Gallagher household!

Next time, we celebrated the first Love day of the challenge! And the Love day date ended up with some date woohoo that brought us to the unexpected birth of the first (and hopefully last lol) twins of the family!

This time, twins are turning toddlers, and also we’re having a couple more birthdays, as is usual for this types of challenges! I really have nothing more to add here, so lets cut the small talk and get right into the new chapter!

We start today with Trina, still fresh out from work, getting to know her newest set of kids.

Trina: “So, twins, huh?”

Yeah, I was really hoping we would made it all the way to the sixth pregnancy without any of them, but I should’ve known lol.

Trina: “I like them already, they don’t follow your rules lol.”

… I mean, she’s not wrong.

They are also extremelly needy kids lol not as bad as the ones from my ISBI, but there was always one of them crying, usually Bahyra actually, Skeiron was calmer.

Anybody has an idea why these random dust piles keep appearing around my houses? I have no clue and it’s getting annoying lol specially since it doesn’t let me use the hand of god to get rid of them!

This chapter was played after my laptop was acting up again, so I had to turn the graphic settings to the lowest for a couple days so it would let me play *sighs* and that’s how we ended with his lilac water during Tyr’s bath lol.

Nightime gardening shot for our girl~ Trina is currently in charge of the garden because her skill is lower than Shai’s lol She seems to like it, I caught her whistling a couple times.

Monday afternoon means completed projects! The bridge is Heimdall’s, O feel like I don’t do enough of the high school projects, they’re so cool!

Trina no!!! Ugh, looks like her Hot-headed trait finally showed up while I wasn’t looking *sighs*

She was sent to repair the house straight away, and I laughed at the fact she got those two moodlets at the same time lol.

Also as you can see, she isn’t even angry anymore lol.

Persephone decided to go meet her new siblings on her own because she’s independent. She got a happy moodlet and it was really cute!

She then decides that she wants to learn to garden like her mommies do. Isn’t she the cutest little girl ever? ❤

Speaking of cutest ever, look at Heindall being an amazing older brother and cuddling baby Skeiron! Man, I love having teens around to take care of the kids lol.

He’s also still in charge of meals around the house. I think he’s not gonna have any problem with maxing the cooking skill~

Persephone is having her last toddler bath before growing up~ yay for another kid in the house!

And congrats for the little bee!

Her makeover is gonna wait a little while, because we’re having more birthdays today and I wanna make them all together to save time lol.

While the kids are back home, Shai enjoys some bonding with her youngest two. And I’m seriously ready to have these babies grow up so they stop crying all the time lol.

Kids are back! And it’s time to celebrate Tyr’s birthday! Everytime say yay for having another teen! They grow up so fast!

And then, it’s time to avoid another birthday lol Yep, Shai is drinking her first life escence so she stays with us for a long time~

And with that taken carne of, it’s time for the twins to also gris up! Can’t wait to meet them!

And now, get ready for the quick make over montage~ lol.

Here we have teenager Tyr, wearing his party outfit!

He’s very cute, I really liked how that hair looks on him and it’s one I don’t use that much so that’s an extra!. Tyr’s adult aspiration is Master Mixologist, and gotta be honest, I can’t, for the love of god, remember his trait lol! I’m sorry Tyr! I’ll check up once I go back into this savefile.

Next we have our little bee, Persephone. She’s definitely a mini-Shailen so far! Just with Trina’s striking silver eyes. Her child trait is Loves the Outdoors, and her aspiration is Whiz Kid.

And finally, Bahyra (on the left) and Skeiron (on the right)! They’re both so adorable! And as you can see, not idénticas, even if they both have Shai’s eyes with Trina’s hair.

Bahyra is a little clingy monkey, and Skeiron is a fussy wolf pup, because of course twins are the exact moment we stop having independent toddlers lol.

Back to the living~ Trina is chosen to help Persephone start working on her aspiration, and Skeiron enjoys some cioppino. Can we talk a momento about how cute those overalls are? Another one of those clothes I had to check I don’t give to every toddler lol! I just love them!

Everyone say “yay!” for having teens home to help out with the twins! lol seriously this saves lives! Even though Tyr doesn’t looks very excited about potty training.

Babies asleep and it’s homework time before school tomorrow. The keys are still a very popular seat around the house for some reason. Probably because I still haven’t bought an actual table for this family lol.

Anf then some fun for the older kids. Tanisi is trying to finish her motor skill, and Tyr started working on the programming skill so we get a little more money, and hopefully points!

Aaaand Victory for Tanisi! That’s my girl!

Trina has some extra free time next morning, so she gets in charge to help the twins with skills. Again, I gotta admit I really like the Clingy trait, Bahyra has no problem getting skills up with company!

And Skeiron gets his share of mom’s attention too. He’s fussy though, so getting him to cooperate is a little harder lol.

*sighs* This is why I’m glad we have umbreakable pcs lol can’t wait to be able to afford one in this save.

Kids are back home~ and honestly it’s been a while since I took this pictures so I’m not sure if we have some grade improvements or something lol but hey, look at Tyr and Persephone’s normal attire!

More twin skilling~ Gotta love having two toddlers so they can skill together~

And be extremelly adorable while they do it!

Lol this is just a random funny bit I found in the night notifications. apparently, after their husbands died Clara Bjernsen and Lily Feng decided to get married. I say good for them! lol.

New cowplant grew up!! Everyone say hi to Chronos!

I named him in honor to the great Titan who devoured the Greek Gods lol I thought it was funny and appropiate, but I hope he doesn’t eat any of my kids!

Shai tries to get some work done while taking care of the kids. Thankfully, the “watch” option is a great way to keep them entertained lol.

Mmmm… I think my game is drunk again, it believes it’s Love day today…but if you remembger, the twins were actually concived in Love Day…like a week ago.

I still needed another date from these two for the soulmate aspiration, so I took advantage of the fact Trina was on her day off and made them have it. In the house this time because I’m lazy to visit lots lol.

It was a successful date in no time!

Even though Judith tried to interrupt them once lol. Also, it’s so weird to see that Judith is already an elder! I guess it make sence since Trina doesn’t age so far, but still… Gonna miss her when she’s gone.

And so, right after we finished the dates, I cancelled the holiday lol we already celebrated once!

So instead of love day stuff, today the teens enjoy some sibling bonding over a horror movie lol I love watching the movies this game has btw, they’re so funny!

Some double reading to children~ I love the moment I finally discovered you can read to b oth toddlers and kids at the same time lol. It took me a while.

…Heimdall, you cooked that fish and chips… how can you be picky about something you cooked yourself?!

Tyr keeps working on the programming skill~ I belive he was hacking something here lol I love that you can hack stuff.

Promotion for Trina! we’re still going slow and steady with this lol!

Persephone is a good sister, she’s making sure her little brothers don’t have any nightmares on her watch!

Heimdall keeps bringing Evie home from school frecquiently. I don’t think I’m gonna have the kids in this challenge get married, but these two are making me question myself lol.

And at first I was gonna keep playing until the twins’ birthday as I usually do, but then I noticed we’re having like four birthdays that day, and this chapter is already quite long, so I decided to stop at this cute family picture for today!

Next time: as said before, lots of birthdays! Including the first young adult of the generation, we’re finally making some more obvious progress with this challenge lol! Maybe a new baby? hopefully! Also, hopefully some more life escenses thanks to our buddy Chronos!

Join us next time to find out!

Chapter 5: I blame Love day

Hi there! Time for another update with the Kress-Gallagher baby boom!

Last chapter we had the birth of our second girl, Persephone, who put things back in balance with the boys-girls ratio and had her grow into an adorable toddler with Trina’s eyes! Today, we’re having our first teen with Heimdall’s birthday, we’re watching Tanisi join Tyr in childhood, and of course, we’re having the next baby! Let’s jump right in…

We start today with a shot to our very overflowed trash can lol Aparently this was a thing with the Eco Lifestyle pack that thankfully was fixed some time later. I think this gives you a very good idea about how long ago I took these pictures lol.

I went into buy mode to get another trashcan because the smell of this one was upsetting my sims, and took the chance to upgrade our PC, since it was broken last chapter too.

And now we’re Ready to go back yo the family~ The oldest kids are out for school, so Shai takes some time to paint while keeping company to Tanisi. She should be growing up very soon, so we are getting her the last skill points she needs.

And meanwhile Trina gives Persephone a headstart on her skills with some blocks~ I love toddlers playing around with blocks, so cute!

I believe this was the moment Shai mastered the painting skill! Now she just needs some more Masterpieces and that would be the first aspiration completed!

Nothing like spending time with your sister while enjoying a midday snack~ I love these two so much ❤

Trina doesn’t look happy at all that now the girls are distracted, Shai is reading a book instead of paying attention to her lol.

Trina: “We have FOUR kids! How can she be more interested in that book than me right now?! Also shouldn’t we be working on having more babies right now?”

Shai: “Tomorrow is Love day, so I’m reading a romance novel to get in the right mood for our date tomorrow, chill Trina.”

Trina: “Oh, right… I like that!”

I believe Shai just said it to get her stop bothering her lol that’s just their relationship.

Kids are back home, and Tyr works on making his three emotional potion for his aspiration~ he’s not gonna have any problem with completing it.

Everybody say “Awwwwwn” to this cute sister moment! god I love these two!

Persephone: “‘Appy bitday ‘Nisi!”

again, awwwwwwwn!

But yeah, Tanisi’s birthday is today, so she’s enjoying her last cute toddler bath before blowing her candles!

Look at that little bee! That’s Persephone’s party outfit, she’s the cutest!

And now it’s birthday time for Tanisi! Yay for another child in the household!

Here is she all grown up! Still rocking the glasses and tight curls~

Tanisi rolled the Mean trait, which I think it’s funny lol and her aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp. I give her a very tomboyish look on her everyday clothes, you’ll see it soon, I really love how she looks!

For now, she proves us that being mean doesn’t mean she can’t spend some quality time with her little sister, she’s a good kid.

The boys are back home! And now it’s time to celebrate a second birthday around! It’s time for Heimdall to become a teen!

Oh wait, this was when Shai mastered painting lol my bad, then I think last pic was about her painting a masterpiece lol I believe she’s still missing one or two.

Anyways, party clothes on, time to blow the candles! Happy birthday Heimdall!

He grew up really handsome!

He added Materialistic to his Good trait, and has the Jungle Explorer aspiration, which he definitely won’t be complaining lol I’m still a little tired about that aspiration.

Anyways, first order of business is getting him a job. He’ll be a nanny, I feel it goes well with his traits and the fact he’s the oldest kid in the family.

He also came home with Nani Kealoha today, so they make friends to see who he should invite out tomorrow lol.

The visit had to be cut short though, because then I noticed that he’s HYSTERICAL and got reaaaaally scared lol! Not sure if teens can also die from this, but no taking chances! He was sent straight to the mirror to calm down lol.

Another Masterpiece for Shai~! She’s killing it! also her fame is going up thanks to this!

This kid was the random visitant to the lot today. I remember he’s another son to Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab, but I can’t for the love of God remember his name lol. I do remember he became good friends with Tyr, so that’s cute.

If this was any kind of legacy they’ll be dating for sure lol!

Heimdall has the Artistically gifted trait, so I wanna see if he can master the cooking skill before moving out for points. So he’s now in charge of all the meals in the house lol. He looks a little overwhealmed about it.

Obligatory toddler bath time pic for Persephone~ Though I think this time we interrupted Trina’s shower too lol sorry about that Trina.

Trina: “meh, it’s okey, I have a nice butt.”

…Moving on~

After their needs were all up, it was time to get the Love Day spirit start working. They take turns passing this lily around lol I love that about this tradition.

Awwwwn this is so cute! I’m gonna be honest, I usually have super bad luck with these Love day pop-ups, my kids always end up with broken hearts *sighs* so I had to document that this time I picked the right choice! I believe both Tyr and Tanisi were successful too, but Heimdall was the first one so he got the screenshot lol.

And then time to fullfil the “Have a date” part of the holiday~

I took them today to the little boat museum from Brindleton Bay. Partly because this is another location I don’t typically use for dates so I wanted to try it, and partly because this is the only lot with access to Cats and Dogs’ exclusive woohoo spot that I wanna try lol.

The museum ios small and there’s no much to do, but they had a great date in no time, and other sims didn’t even interrupt them once! That’s what I call a success with this game lol!

And then time to get back into business and make a quick stop by the lighthouse…

Lighthouse try for baby~! This is another location I love, I just don’t use it so much because it’s a lot less flexible than others lol.

Now back to the house!

Back home, Heimdall brought Evie Delgato with him, so I took it as a sign for his date for the day. Just like his moms, he gives her a lily,

And meanwhile, Shai officially confirms her pregnancy! baby S is on the way!

She goes straight to tell Trina, and Persephone is there to hear the news too, which I think it’s adorable!

And with that taken care of, the teens take a quick trip to the ruins, close to home but with enough privacy for a real date!

There’s no much space to sit around this place, so they changed into their swimsuits and sat by the pool, and i think it’s hilarious that Evie decided to sit right in the middle of the plants lol.Thankfully that didn’t seem to bother her, they got along great in no time.

Which is good, because just a little after they reached Gold, they both turned blue from the cold temperature lol I take that as my clue to end the date and go back home.

So we’re back to the show of toddler cuteness~ and Shailen painting lol she paints half the day and sleeps the other half lately.

Tyr is working on getting his mental skill up, I believe he already had his A here, so that’s the only thing he needs to complete his second aspiration.

After her siblings are out for the night, persephone enjoys some dinner with her moms.

And then a bedtime story, Persephone has to enjoy being the only baby home right now!

Mean, ha! Tanisi is one of the least mean girls I’ve ever had! And I’ve had a bunch in my 100 babies challenge!

Heimdall had a whim to play an instrument, so he tries the keys. He made it to level 2 thanks to his artistic prodigy trait, so maybe we can have him work on that skill too.

I think this is the first time we see Tanisi’s everyday outfir lol better late than ever? I really think she looks super cute, love the tomboyish vibe.

Today is the weekend, so we take the chance to take the kids to the park so Tanisi can finally complete the first tier of her aspiration. She and Tyr had a lot of fun with the spaceship.

And Shai spend her afternoon fishing and collecting frogs to use as bait, it was a productive day for all of them.

Back home, I made a quick stop by build mode to get the kids a fishbowl. Shai caught a goldfish at the park, and I never use them as pets, so I decided to make that change for today, they’re really cute!

oh yeah, also took the time to exchange our bar for a better quality one, and got a couple barstools so Trina can finally move on with the Master Mixologist aspiration lol she’s been sitting on tier one for a while!

We got the notification for Trina’s birthday, so she’s the first one to drink a life esence. Now we only have two lined up, yikes, I’m gonna start getting nervous!

But anyways, for now Trina has more important things to worry about: the state of this bathroom was a disaster!

Tanisi gets her four hours of typing done with~

And then she’s back outside to try our new set of monkey bars! I was gonna need to get them sooner or later so we don’t have to travel all the time, I remember you can’t travel while having a sim trapped with the cowplant.

Speaking of the cowplant, next day Shai is back at Magnolia Promenade to try and catch us another seed.

I took her aaaaaaall day, and even had to get Trina to join her, but they did it! Now we should be able to go back to work in a couple of days.

Heimdall is really flying through the cooking skill levels!

Also I just noticed he definitely inherited Trina’s butt lol Good for him I guess.

Goodness this girl is so cute! And I really love her winter clothes so I had to show them ❤

Monday projects came in, and this time is Tyr who has some help with his. That’s Unknown Landgraab Kid from before! And yeah, I still don’t remember his name lol I suck at this.

Shailen is officially on labor~ she’s taking a bath to try and relax while Trina comes home from work.

And a couple hours later, she did, bringing a promotion! That’s my girl!

But as usual, it was already too late to make the trip to the hospital, this baby is coming right now!

Why do we get a very Open view shot you ask? Well, because I wanted to capture the second bassinet in Tanisi’s room. Yep, we had twins! Right on the final pregnancy that could’ve given them to us lol it’s kinda hilarious, and also I kinda expected it.

I blame the Love Day woohoo…

also why do the extra bassinets always end up in one of the children rooms?

Well, anyways, Meet baby Skeiron on the right, and his younger brother Bahyra on the left. Looks like boys are taking the lead again!

Skeiron is the God of the Northern Wind in Greek mythology, and Bahyra is the brazilian Creator God of Heaven and Earth who “expressed whis wrath in thunder and lightning”. I feel both gods go well together, these two are probably gonna be a whole storm around the house lol.

Aaaand we’re stopping here for today instead of playing all the way to their birthdays. I feel love day gave me more pictures than usual, and also next time we should be getting like four birthdays in a row, so better not make this update that long lol.

Join us next time to meet the toddler twins! And happy simming everyone!

Chapter 4: 2 x 2!

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us again for another entry into the Mythic Baby Boom!

It’s been a while since last chapter, but I can assure you that the Kress-Gallaghers are still going strong with their baby goals! Last time, Tyr grew up into an adorable child, baby Tanisi was born as the first girl in the challenge, and saddly, our beloved cowplant died of starvation *still salty*.

Today we should be bringing another baby into the mix, as usual, and have lots of cute toddler/child moments, which are, honestly, why I love this types of challenges so much lol. So let’s not keep waiting, and move the show along~

we start today with Trina and Judith hanging around, something I still love lol it’s so funny having her here, The house is barely getting there, it has no windows, barely has a kitchen, but apparently Judith likes it more than her mansion!

Shai is starting Tanisi on her skills, I love how cute toddlers look listening to stories ❤

And little Tyr gets started on his homework, sitting on Heimdall’s bed to remind me I need to buy one for him lol .

Am I gonna stop taking pictures of my kids and toddlers playing dolls together? Nah, probably I won’t lol they’re just way too cute!

oh yeah! Heimdall is working on befriending Evie Delgato for his aspiration, so we tried the very useful trick of taking pictures, seriously it’s awesome for this! It also gave us this amazing shot of a pic taken through a door. I think Heimdall is showing he has an artistic vision.

Aaaand they’re now best friends! This completed another tier on Heimdall’s aspiration. This kid is gonna be an overachiever.

Here’s how Tanisi’s skills look after just her first day, not bad at all! Specially impressed of her Imagination skill, it’s still one of the slowest to rise for me!

But now that the little one is asleep, as well as her older brothers… It’s time for their moms to keep the challenge moving foward!

Baby P on the works~ This time we went for the classical Bed Woohoo, the girls were tired and we’re still too poor to afford many other options lol.

And success on the first try! Looks like Heimdall was the only one who give us some trouble so far lol.

Trina breaks the news, and Shai doesn’t look impressed at all lol We forgive her, as said before, she was dead tired at the moment.

Random shot of Tyr enjoying winterfest leftovers, because he’s a cutie and I love him~

Katrina Gallagher! Drinking while pregnant?! How could you!

Trina: “You’re the one who put me in the mixologist career AND send me practice making drinks, don’t try to turn this on me!”

… She can’t take a joke, jeez! lol.

Kids are back from school! I think this was the time Heimdall came back with an A, but it was a long time ago lol I can say for sure that all kids so far have gotten an A in elementary!

Heimdall keeps working on making friends. If I remember correctly, this kid is a Bheeda.

Promotion for Trina! Still a long way from the top, but we’re getting there!

And some repairs, because I keep loving having an invencible sim to help us with that almost always in this challenge lol.

Then she shares dinner with little Tanisi, though I think she should’ve taken that trash out before dinning so she doesn’t have to deal with the smell lol.

Tanisi, being independent, is often left to her own devices to play, she keeps doing pretty great with her skills.

Tyr practices with his violin since it’s the weekend~ Perfect time to complete aspirations!

Being ofthen left alone doesn’t mean Tanisi’s moms ignore here, so Shai has a playsession with her latter that day. I love this interaction so much!

House upgrade! We built another room so Tanisi has a place to sleep once she grows up. She’s probably gonna be sharing with baby P.

We also got a second bathroom, because having just one was already causing us a lot ot trouble lol.

And then Tyr almost froze to death because he deciced to play his violin on on the snow… I get the scenary is beautiful kid, but next time don’t wear pyjamas outside.

It’s new year’s eve, so everybody made resolutions! I believe Tyr and Heimdall wanted to complete aspiration milestones, Trina wanted a promotion, and Shai decided to go with getting a skill point.

Heimdall gets right into work with his resolution. For a while I was wondering who the hell this elder he randomly knows was, but then i remembered: He’s Father Winther wearing civilian clothes lol.

Since the girls keep working on random aspirations, Trina is now reading books to finish the first tier of the Knowledge ones. These two already have more points than I know what to do with lol it’s a shame I decided to play the extra challenge of not using them.

Then she dances and chats with her wife. These two are so in love, seriously, there’s not a day where one of them doesn’t have a whim for the other (usually the “try for baby with…” one lol which I still think it’s awesome), and everytime one of them has some free time they go looking for the other in a blink.

Later that day the family (minus Tanisi who was already in bed) watches the countdown to midnight together!

Together at a healthy distance apparently, because I had to take this very wide/open shot so I could fit everyone in the picture lol. It’s particulary epic because they have that tiny tv so I wonder if they’re even seeing a thing in there.

And the family congratulated eachother! I love the second picture, the boys have grown pretty close, and it really shows.

Shai and Trina also shared a very epic midnight kiss lol This is sooo in-character for Trina, honestly.

Yup, still keeping the tradition of the Toddler bathtime picture alive. I just love toddlers getting baths!

Befriending Father Winter gave Heimdall the last friend he needed to complete his second aspiration, so I gave him Whiz kid next. I don’t think he’ll have time to complete it, but he’s having fun with the chemistry set, and also he’s already an A student so it’s just a matter of getting skills up.

Trina had a whim to troll dah forums here, so I indulged, I feel like the mischief skill goes great with her being hot-headed and all that lol.

Tyr also completes his new year’s resolution by playing with his toys here~

Then he helps Heimdall with his new aspiration playing chess with him. I think I’m gonna give Tyr Whiz kid after he finishes Artistic prodigy too, so it’s a good idea to give him a head start with this.

And so Shai reads a couple stories to both of her boys~ Because I’m still very bad at reading enough to the toddlers lol I’m trying to get better with it.

Another day, another adorable shot of Tanisi~ I love her so much.

Pregnancy still hits Trina a lot harder than it does to Shai, so I’m not even sure if she feels relieved that she just came home early for being in labor lol I mean, just look at that energy bar!

So honestly I think it surprises no one when she faceplants on the bedroom floor in her way to the bassinet.

But after that little interlude, she was finally ready to pop the next baby out!

Trina: “I was ready like, three days ago!”

Well… better late than ever? lol.

And we have our second girl! Everyone, meet our newest arrival, Persephone!

Persephone was named after the greek goddess of Spring and, as wife of Hades, the queen of the Underworld. She’s one of my favorite greek figures, so of course the name had to be included in this game!

One of the kids got this light as a Winterfest gift, so I put it down in their bedroom. I love that light!

This is still one of my favorite playful paintings lol it’s so funny!

Tyr comes to his mom’s bedroom to meet Persephone, he’s a lot happier about her than he was about Tanisi lol I guess he finally got used to the idea of being a big brother.

Monday means School project time! This time Tyr is working on a volcano, and Heimdall has to do a solar system model.

Though Heimdall gets a little extra help with his project lol that’s what happens when you’re a social butterfly, he always has friends coming over lol. Also, that blonde girl is Judith’s daughter grown up. I believe her name is Tanisha Ward.

But of course his little brother is still Heimdall’s number one playmate. At this point if I remember correctly Tyr already completed his first aspiration, so he’s now working on his chess games for the first tier of Whiz kid.

Also, our stereo broke again lol I need to get a better one.

And I’m gonna go do it right now! Another promotion for Trina! Next one if the branching one if I remember correctly!

Random pic of Tanisi being all adorable~ because there’s never enough toddler cuteness in my life.

I had to move Tanisi outside the room because for some reason Trina wasn’t able to reach her out of the blue. But even after I set her out here and checked there was absolutely nothing around her, the game kept saying that she couldn’t reach her!

I was really annoyed, and also a little scared she could get taken again for this…

But then it turned out that Trina couldn’t tend to her needs because Baako Jang was around and somehow wanted to hold her lol that’s a little creepy if you ask me, i don’t even remember if anybody in the household knew Baako!

So anyways, he was promptly sent home.

And finally, Trina was able to tend to Persephone’s needs. Or stab her in the eye with her boob lol that’s kinda what it looks like she’s doing here.

Trina was angry for her traits, so I took the chance to make some angry spaghetti lol I love this dish, I seriously wish there were some more emotional dishes you could make, a sad dish would be just epic!

Tanisi looks SO CUTE in her party clothes! I just couldn’t resist to give her that cowboy hat like the ones her moms wear!

*sighs* the pc broke down and we don’t have any invencible sims to fix it right now. I may buy them a better one instead of repairing it actually, we’re starting to have some good money.

Tyr and Heimdall come back from school right in time to join the celebration! Even if Tyr doesn’t look to excited lol he’s having one of his melancholic moments.

And now that everyone is home and ready with their party outfits, we can move on with this show!

The boys also look pretty dashing over here~

And whay are we all in party clothes you ask? Well, I think you know the answer!

Yup finally, it’s birthday time for Persephone!

As all the kids these two have had so far: She’s a total cutie! And she managed to be the first one who got Trina’s silver eyes! They look just adorable on her!

Persephone also rolled the Independent trait. That’s right, our third independent toddler within four kids lol I still can’t believe it , but definitely not complaining!

And we finish today’s update by giving the newest little one a headstart on skills with a story from mom-Trina~

Next time, baby S will join us! Also, Heimdall and Tanisi celebrating their birthdays, which means first teen officially in the house! That’s a really big step for a challenge like this!

I hope to see you all then! 😀

Happy simming everyone~

Chapter 3: Heimdall can’t sleep

Okey so, I have a couple of these ones already because I played a lot before my hiatus, so why not share another one? 😀 Hey everybody! I hope you’re ready to keep up with the baby boom adventures!

Last time our second boy, Tyr, was born and grew into an angelic toddler, Heimdall grew up into a child with his first try being good, and we started accumulating some life escences through our cowplant! Today, the second baby T is gonna be born! Also Tyr should be joining Heimdall in the childhood realms, and I bet he’s going to be cute! So let’s get started so we can meet him!

We start the day by showing the little expansión I built to the house. Now we do have two toddler beds, and Heimdall has his own bedroom, with our first computer and enough space for Tyr to join him once he grows up.

Oh yeah, and I also spent the rest of our money buying the girls a better bed, because being moms is a hard work and they deserve a good rest!

Now, time to play!

Evie Delgato randomly decided to show up. A lot of people randomly show up in this lot, I wonder why. Maybe they all want to see the crazy couple who’s having 24 children lol.

So anyways, since she was already here, I sent Heimdall to say hi, Maybe he’ll complete Social butterfly once he’s done with Artistic Prodigy.

Shai is giving some love to our lovely Cowplant. Gotta mantain happy the thing that’s keeping us alive lol.

No idea why I took this shot, but hey, the kids are getting along pretty well!

I was gonna talk about how Shai is getting very good at cooking, and just in that moment she dropped the eggs to the floor lol so yeah, I guess she’s not getting that good.

We forgive her of course, because she’s in just the right mood for the challenge lol. This two are really made for this thing, there’s always one of them who has this whim.

So, we decided to indulge in Shai’s wishes~

Thss time, we’re having leaves TFB~, I don’t use this location enough, and I think it’s a great one, so funny lol.

Second baby T on the way~

Also, the whole time they were there, Bjorn Bjernsen stood there creepily watching them, that was pretty awkward. Move along dude! The ladies are not interested in you!

While we wait for the girls to make the long way back home from that pile of leaves, have an adorable toddler shot~

I love toddlers playing with the dollhouse ❤ also, Tyr is the cutest! And yes, I do say that about all my toddlers lol.

Speaking of cuties, just look at that smirk Heimdall is giving the camera as he goes for his first day of school! I’m telling you, this kid is gonna be a heartbreaker!

And finally success! There’s another bun in the oven!

This time the cowplant was present to recieve the news, because sims just can’t stay away from a grown cowplant lol. Anyways, Shai looks really worried in this shot for some reason. You’re the family sim Shai, you should be happy!

After receiving the news, Trina works un the garden yo bring in more money we’ll be needing for feeding another mouth. She’s whistling, so I’m guessing she was happy with the baby news, unlike her wife lol.

Tyr looks extremely surprised about his superhero figure lol this kid has some great expressions.

Obligatory toddler bathtime picture to die from cuteness~

pregnancy hit Shai’s energy pretty hard this time, socshe squeezes in a nap while Trina is home to take care of the children.

Heimdall is doing great with his aspiration. Seriously this is my favorite one, I feel like it’s so easy to complete!

Bob Pancakes is our boy’s newest playmate/snack lol.

Yeah Shai, I also would be sad if I had a toddler book stuck in my hand… *Reset sim*

Also, if I remember correctly she was able to paint with the book, it’s always funny to notice which actions can be done while bugging lol.

Dinner and mother-son bonding time~ I love this family.

First trip inside the cowplant for Bob!

Winter has officially settled down in Windenburg with a blizzard~ Thankfully, everyone was sleeping safely at the moment.

Lol, the dollhouse wasn’t lucky enough to be safe inside the house, so now it’s all covered in snow. Looks pretty cute though.

Tyr is using the old method of eating books to learn new things faster. He’s doing amazing with his skills, so I guess he knows what he’s doing lol.

Judith is still friends with the family, she’s aaaalways asking to come by or inviting us to her house. We mostly let her come here since there’s always too much stuff to do around the house.

I remember that this was just after I got Outdoor retreat, and I really liked this landscape painting! I also think this was the first Masterpiece that Shai painted, but honestly I don’t remember lol. Four months ago~

Another celebrity sighting! Holly Alto decided to knock at our door today. Since Tyr was outside playing with the dollhouse, I decided to see what happened if a toddler tried to introduce themselves yo a celebrity. I don’t remember ir being anything special, so I’m guessing it works just like with poder Sims lol.

Shai reads to baby Tyr before bed, because pregnancy can’t stop her from being an awesome mom! And also because reading is great for that Imagination skill!

I got an amazing shot of Bob being eaten this time! And with this, we add another elixir to our inventories!

Grim is getting comfortable around the house, this time he even stayed a little bit dancing to the stereo lol.

If I remember correctly, this is Heimdall finishing the first tier of his aspiration with a really cute drawing!

And then Shailen helps him with homework before bed so he can have enough sleep before school…

A plan that quickly goes off the window when an unwanted visitor decides to stop by his veces that night lol I guess I either forgot, or was too poor to put nightlights in the room. Or both, probably both.

I decided to try and have Heimdall make friends with the monster, I feel like it fits his personality, and it worked! This is literally the first time it works for me lol I knew this kid was special from the start!

Tyr was apparently close to Bob somehow? This time he was the only one who got a mourning mood, and I don’t think they interacted much or anything… This is weird lol.

Nothing to melt your heart in the middle of a snowy winter as seeing two adorable brothers playing dolls togther~

Whoops! I always forget to turn off the stereo during the night, so it breaks pretty frequently lol I don’t actually know if it breaks because of that, but it’s a theory I have.

Thankfully, we have an invencible sim in the house ready to tackle the repairs! I honestly love that about pregnant sims lol it makes me a lot more comfortable when I need to have a MS/Spouse repair electronics.

Monday afternoon means project time! I usually always forget to do these things, but I decided to give it a try for this challenge, I actually like them a lot 😀

Promotion for Trina! These are still going slow, but it’s always nice when they come~

And now that she’s home, and Tyr is currenly sleeping, Heimdall gets help from both of his moms for his volcano!

I believe this picture is to show that we bought a better fridge! we’re slowly but surely upgrading the house~ while I get in the right mood to build it correctly lol.

Pregnancy is beign quite hard on Shai this time lol but I mean, she has two kids on top of the one she’s expecting, so it makes sence.

Heimdall and Tyr are pretty close even now that Heimdall grew up, they’re the cutest! Just look at Tyr’s smile right there!

Awwwww I thought once he made friends with the monster it wouldn’t bother him again! Now I’m dissapointed!

I’m also buying nightlights next time I go into build mode.

Dancing and chatting with mamma! Tyr is killing it at the multitasking thing!

And… it’s baby time!!

Out to the hospital we go, where Trina panics while Shai just looks at her like “Honey, we’ve been through this before, I’m fine” lol and this is just after two kids, I can’t imagine how’s gonna be by the 24th.

But anyways…

It’s a girl! We finally have the first girl of the challenge, baby Tanisi Kress!

Tanisi is one of the many names of the hindu goddess Durga, considered the mother of the whole universe by their religion. With a namesake like this, I believe this girl is gonna be up for great things!

Back at home, this is where I find little Tyr being all adorable, it looks like he really likes the snow!

When Trina goes inside to tend to Tanisi’s needs the little tyke decides to follow though, and he gets sad that he has a baby sister now, poor kid *hugs*

Heimdall on the other hand, it’s way too tired to worry about meeting Tanisi lol kid is gonna do homework and then straight to bed today.

New cowplant playmate! That’s Rohan from the Discover University pack! that I haven’t used enough honestly lol.

Heimdall really can’t catch a break this playsession, literally lol first the monster on two separate nights, and now Tyr escaped my micromanaging skills and went straight to wake him up lol.

It’s a good thing he had gone to bed early today and his energy was almost full, so now he can use this time before school to keep working on his aspiration. This picture actually shows him maxing the Creativity skill and completing the aspiration!

He takes Social butterfly next!


Aaaaaargh! Rohan wouldn’t take the cake, he just wouldn’t! And I usually feed the cowplant when the sims get too stubborn about it but I got distracted with the kids and… he’s gone! *cries* you will be missed cowplant friend! Also you will be replaced and Rohan Elderberry will be the first person getting eaten by your succesor! that’s a promise! lol.

Surprisingly, this is the first mess we’ve gotten in this challenge, Heimdall never made them lol another case of the Angelic toddler being the most problematic, just like in my ISBI. Oh well, at least he’s gaining some more Imagination.

Shai is in that point of the Painter aspiration where she needs to look at three pictures at the museum, so we took a little family trip with our three oldest sims.

While she does that, Trina works on the popularity aspiration by introducing herself to as many people as she can, including Lilith Pleasant here.

And Heimdall works on meeting a couple kids so he has some to befriend once he gets to that part of his aspiration.

The first Winterfest came around! Trina and Heimdall decorate the tree while Shai works on…sticking a bown to the wall I guess lol she’s suposed to be cooking Turkey for dinner. And little Tyr is dancing his excitement away~

Heimdall is a very studious kid, he goes to say hi to Father Winter when he appears, but he doesn’t bother on leaving his homework inside before lol.

The whole family opens recieves a gift~ I think nobody got nothing particulary spectacular, but they’re all happy!

And then they all gather around the tree, father winter included, and sing a couple songs as they light it up~

It’s really late that night when we get the notification for Tyr’s birthday! I would wait until morning to celebrate it, but you guys know how impatient I am about that lol.

So instead, we dress up in party clothes again, and get ready to blow some candles!

And here we have our second boy all grown up! He’s pretty handsome, I think I see a lot of Trina in him so far, even more than with Heimdall!

Tyr somehow rolled the trait Gloomy which kinda make sence when I remember he got sad at meeting Tanisi lol, poor kid, and as you can guess by the fact he’s drawing right now, the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Oh yeah, Judith Ward keeps visiting us, and even makes us the favor to clean the dirty dishes from yesterday lol You don’t get a golbal superstar doing dishes at your house every day!

Just a couple hours later, a second birthday is celebrated in the house! Time to see how our first girl is gonna look like!

Here she is! She’s even even more adorable that I was expecting! Tanisi rolled both Shai’s eyes and hair color, grew up with glasses, and also surprised me by getting the Independent trait, that’s our second independent toddler within three kids! And with my sims usually getting the ‘harder’ traits, I feel so confused right now lol but hey, let’s see how much longer this keeps up!

And with the birthdays out of the way, I think this is the perfect place to stop this update! Next time: first baby P is gonna join us, so i hope you will too!

Until then, happy simming 😀

Chapter 2: Cowplants are fun!

Hey there everyone! Welcome back to a new chapter of the Mythic Baby Boom!

So, as you can surely tell, doing this as a summer challenge was a failed attempt lol buuuuut I do love this little family a lot already, and this Challenge has been a lot of fun actually, so we’re just gonna press on! Also there’s still a pretty cool Boolprop badge we can get for completing this and I want it~lol.

So, last time we saw the start of this Challenge, met our couple Shailen and Katrina, and followed their Journey all the way until their first baby, baby boy Heimdall, grew into a toddler!

This time, another baby is joining us! Also lots of toddler cuteness from Heimdall as we follow him until his child birthday! I can’t wait to see him grow up, he’s already so cute!

So…time to begin!

We start today with little Heimdall having a good start on his skills with Shai’s help. Don’t mind that he looks super annoyed, that’s just a thing of Trina’s angry eyebrows he inherited lol.

As you can see, Trina is doing great with her job *sighs* this is gonna be a loooong journey lol.

If you have read some of my stuff you know that I’m gonna spam pics of Heimdall lol toddlers are just way too adorable, and also there’s not so much to see around the ‘house’ right now.

Indenpendent toddler + giant stuffed animal = flying throught the Comunication skill!

I got tired of living in plain gray rooms, so I spent a good chunk of our money painting the walls and adding flooring lol now at least we can have prettier pictures!

And now we can go back to the main goals of the Challenge, and we finally get to work on baby two!

I’m trying to have a good spacing between kids, so we don’t end up with a million toddlers at a time and nothing to do for long periodos of time. I believe with this pacing we should be getting a constant flow of “eldest kid moves out as youngest becomes toddler” unless we end up with twins/tripples within the first six pregnancies, but we’ll see how it goes!

So for now, we go for shower woohoo this time! Since we’re gonna be having so many kids in this save I wanna try to use as many woohoo locations as I can before repeating lol I don’t have access to a couple of them because I don’t have all the packs, but we’ll work with what we can!

While waiting for Trina to confirm the pregnancy or see if we need a round two, Shai takes a moment to put little Heimdall to bed~

I failed to get the confetti in the picture, but we’re expecting!

And for some reason instead of going out to Heimdall’s room to share the news, Shai came into the bathroom to recieve them…while Trina is still on the toilet lol. No idea what happened there, it’s been months since I took this pics lol.

Trina is so slim that she Almost doenst look pregnant here lol! I may have gone a little overboard with her figure.

Hey, our cowplant is fully grown now! Yaaay now I just need to build it a fence to start working on getting life esence!

Also, today a loooot of people decided to stop by, so we work on the popularity aspiration for a while and also work on getting some food for our buddy Cowplant at the same time *evil laughter*.

… As you can see, sims are actually pretty excited to be snacks lol I hope this is as easy as it looks.

Shai is doing pretty great with the painter extraordinaire aspiration, and it’s also slowly climbing the fame ladder! She’s now a one start celebrity. And she’ll probably stay like that for a while lol I suck at working on that aspiration.

More Heimdall spamming because he’s the cutest!

promotion time~! I think this is level 4~ slow but sure progress!

and with the money, we bought our first fridge so food stops going bad on us! We also get a slide so Heimdall can fly throught the movement skill too, and built the fence around our Cowplant so we can start working on that tomorrow!

But the little tyke is gonna have to wait to try the slide because now is time to go to sleep! He doesn’t look super trilled about the news lol.

I was waiting for a sim to come by to lock them with our Cowplant, and Nina was the first yo come by… I’m honestly so glad that she was pregnant because I still have a soft spot for her and I don’t wanna kill her lol.

So instead, we called Mitchell Kalani from Trina’s contacts, we have our first victim~

While the Cowplant works its charm, Shai and Heimdall enjoy hotdogs for breakfast~

And then Heimdall gets a bath before Starting to work on his skills for today~ I never get tired of seeing toddlers get baths!

Mmm.. I probably should have remembered that about Shai before having Trina getting a job lol. I’m sorry honey! I promise you’ll get the next two jobs in the family! Yeah, I’m being a little too optimistic lol.

Oh hey! Shai has been getting famous thanks to her paintings so she picked her first quirk! This is always the first one my sims get lol the second one is usually Emotional bomb.

With no many things for the adults to do around, recreational woohoo is the main fun Activity around lol it usually works great…

But when your pregnant working sim is involved, it may go wrong sometimes lol Por Trina es having a pretty rough pregnancy, I’m hoping that doesn’t mean She’s having multiples! I feel we’re not ready for that.

See about the rough pregnancy? Poor girl fell asleep on the tub. Good night Trina, you deserve your rest!

Mitchell has already been eaten once, but now he doesn’t want to take the cake again *heavily sighs* I guess I should give him some points for being smart… But it’s annying when you want sims to be stupid lol.

… Probably not my finnest idea, but I really wanted the extra fame points! Even though it costed her job *sighs* but hey, we’re now friends with Judith Ward and that’s a first for me! Again, I usually suck at the fame thing lol.

So anyways, Trina went back to the culinary career and we kept going with our lives!

Hey, our Cowplant is finally alone inside his fence? Looks like Mitchell finally took the bait!

Yep, there’s Grim! Victory~

The only bad part about this method of getting more life is that sims get sad because of the death, extra sad if they happen to be dumb enough to go see the reaping.

But anyways, that’s one Life escence down!

Heimdall already maxed Comunication! Is the easiest one, but I’m proud of him! I think he’s not gonna have any trouble to get to Top-notch toddler!

Shai went to milk the Cowplant and it ended up going back to a seed. I later decide to reset it when I notice it’s not growing back and it shows up totally grown again, so I’m guessing it got bugged somehow?

But anyways, we don’t get too much time to worry about that, because Trina is ready to pop-out our next baby! Or babies.

Trina: “I was ready for this like three days ago!”

As you can see, she really doesn’t like being pregnant lol. Sorry girl, this is just the first time!

I think this is the first time I have both a doctor and nurse Inside the room. Just a random thought~

Aaaand we have a heart out lol! That’s probably not gonna help Trina’s dislike with the whole affair lol. But btw look at Shai panicking! Best part of the shot xD.

And in the end everything went fine, and we welcomed the second boy into the family! Everybody, meet Tyr Gallagher! He was named in honor of a minor deity of War in the norse mythology!

And thankfully, it was just one!

Back home, Heimdall doesn’t take long to meet his new brother. It’s been a while so I don’t really remember what was his reaction, but I remember he wasn’t happy lol. Sorry buddy, I promise Tyr will grow into you!

Shai is still sad about Mitchell dying, so we use all that emotion to work on her paitings.

And man that’s depressing! I feel you little stick figure guy… *Sigh*

whoops, I guess I forgot to pay the bills lol! It happens a lot lately.

Also notice Trina hanging around in her hospital robe, by now I feel that should’ve been adressed/corrected already lol it makes no sence.

Judith called to invite Trina over, so we decided to take a little trip to her house because I never play with Judith so I’m curious.

Turns out she’s the single mother of a little girl who’s just around Heimdall’s age, and even matches with his shirt!

So I had to bring Heimdall over to meet her. It was just a quick visita though, because as you can see, Heimdall was sleeping just before and he was still super tired.

Back home Trina keeps working on the mixology skill to earn her next promotion soon…which will actually be the same promotion she had already earned lol it’s the last time I take that chance card.

And then she goes for a night jog for her active trait. Don’t tell her I said this, but I actually think Trina is quite atractive and I’m looking foward to see her getting buff lol!

Our cowplant has a new “friend”! They look happy together lol.

Trina is feeling flirty and she painted My favorite flirty painting lol I just love Bunny x Llama!

This pic shows the moment Heimdall maxed his final skill! And he’s still two days away from his birthday, that’s a pretty good sign for how the challenge is going!

This is my first time living in this part of Windenburg, so it’s also the first time I notice the secret entrance to The Bluffs! Just had to show it even if you probably already know it lol.

Trina keeps insisting on wearing her hospital robe to work, but hey, at least this time she came back with a promotion so I’m not gonna complain! She’s officially back to level 4 lol. I still think this is gonna be long.

But anyways, it’s time for Tyr to join his brother in toddlerhood! Happy birthday Tyr!

Just look at that cutie! He has the same eye and hair colors than Heimdall, but he grew up with straight hair instead of curls, and his toddler trait is Angelic, not bad so far!

The boys quickly become friends as they share dinner. I thought it was adorable because Tyr insisted on sitting here so he could babble to Heimdall!

Harvestfest is today, so I decided to expand the house to give the family an oficial kitchen area so they can enjoy grandfeasts when needed. The appliances are the cheapest, but the counters and sink are all from Trina’s job so yay for free stuff!

I also bought a bed for when Heimdall grows up. I probably should have bought another toddler bed instead, but hey, it’s just for like a day and a half! They can share for now!

I promise I will build them a proper house somewhere down the line, I’m just not in a builder mood lately lol.

But as said before, now that we finally have a kitchen Trina can cook a nice harvestfest meal for the family! She made everyone some Grand breakfast this time.

Shai was able to appease her gnome on the first trait! Good job girl!

Trina also manages to get her gnome happy! And then I proceed to sell them to avoid seed packages spreading lol.

As said before, Heimdall already has all of his skills mastered, but since there’s still some time to his birthday Trina decides to entertain him by teaching him to say sorry, out by garden.

C’mon, take the cake! You know you want to~!

Heimdall is mostly on free will now that he got all of his skills ready, and his favorite thing to do is follow mommy Trina around and talk to her. I think he has a favorite lol.

Ok, yeah, I need to buy a second toddler bed, I know! Also Heimdall just keeps being adorable!

I started Trina on the Painting aspiration too so she doesn’t lose her fame and also gets us more funds to build Heimdall his own room.

The aspiration is going slow thought, because her mood keeps changing for her traits and some external stuff and so she hasn’t been able to paint her Inspired paintings lol also I haven’t been trying that hard lol.

Just like Heimdall follows Trina around, Tyr does the same to Shai, I think it’s adorable! Also, since he’s not independent he benefices extra from playing with mom.

Tyr looks much leas excited about having to learn how to potty lol definitely a lot less exciting than flying on mommy’s back.

Heimdall is turning into a child tonight! And Shai is in charge of baking our first birthday cake ever!

I caught Grim appearing to reap another soul! And we’re now up to two life escences! That’s a whole lifestage for both of our girls!

This time Grim stays a little extra to play with our boy too lol Maybe he appreciates the extra work he’s bringing him.

Heimdall has his last bath before blowing his candles! *Excited*

And we were finally ready to celebrate our first child birthday!

As a funfact, even though we’re not having a party I made everyone dress on their party clothes to celebrate, look how cute Tyr’s outfit is!

And here we have the birthday boy all grown up, and making quite an amazing face to the camera lol! He’s still super adorable, even if this pic is not the best proof lol.

He rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the Good trait, which I feel fits him, he’s such a sweetheart!

I think this is where we’re gonna stop for today, this update is getting quite long already and more than enough stuff happened!

Next time, another baby! Hopefully girls start coming into the family or we’re gonna be in trouble soon lol! Also, Tyr turning into a child! Hopefully some progress with Trina’s job lol.

See ya then!

Chapter 1: Of course it had to start like this

hello there! And welcome to the start of another challenge I shouldn’t be playing when I have a million more already in process! Lol!

But what can I say? The call of the Boolprop medals is strong, and with the Summer Sims Challenge being on full swing on the forums, I decided it was finally time to give it a try to one of Boolprop’s own challenges that has been calling me since before I even joined! We’re gonna be doing the Baby Boom Challenge for the next three months! Are we gonna be able to pop up 24 babies in that time lapse? I guess we’ll never know if we don’t try it!

I don’t really have much else to say for an introduction, so I guess we better dive straight into the challenge!

Mmm… As you can see, we’re already up to a great start lol

*Goes out of the game, then enters again.*

That’s a little better! Now we can move on.

Everyone, this is our first protagonist for this story, Katrina “Trina” Gallagher. She’s a Hot-Headed, Active and Foodie girl, with the aspiration of becoming a Master Chef. And just in case you read some of my other stuff: yes, she’s actually one of Jace’s moms from my Kissing booth challenge lol.

And her other half for this crazy trip is this cutie, Shailen “Shai” Kress! Shai is a Perfectionist, Family-Oriented, Ambitious sim with the aspiration to have a Big, happy family. That’s gonna be totally doble with a challenge like this one! Also no, she’s not Jace’s other mom, but I honestly love these two together, and also I’ve found out their genetics mix up pretty well! So I think they’re the perfect couple to have ay least 24 children!

Anyway, our happy couple moved into the 64×64 lot at the Winderburg Isle, I think it’s the one where the Villarreals usually live?

We bulldozed the lot, and then as the rules said, we also bought out Knight of the Octagon table! It’s pretty weird honestly, I think I remember I shouldn’t have enough money to Buy the statue after moving, but I actually had it, and it left me with exactly the $1800 normal legacy styles have, so I’m really confused.

Not complaining thought, I wasn’t really planning on doing an extreme start, so I had started my game on summer. I just really liked this Winderburg lot for this family lol.

So, Knight bought and all that, it was quickly returned into the family inventory (I think the rules say it has to be in the family inventory? I’ll remember to check that again) and these little couple of things were bought instead with the money we had left. I know now that we don’t need both a cooler and a grill, and O do come to regret buying that cooler, but I wasn’t as wise when I started lol.

And we’re ready to play now! First things first as always, Trina gets a job on the Culinary career. For now ay least she’s gonna be the working mom while Shai stays with the kids, we’ll see how that works!

And as soon as she was finished with her call, Shailen was already there looking to talk to her, not gonna complain about that~

And they’re soon un the right mood yo get this challenge moving!

Also, they’re adorable~ just had to say it.

So we’re trying for the first baby! After all, this game is all about them!

Buuuut Shai takes a pregnancy test and it turns out it was a failed attempt *sighs*

Thankfully these two are un the mood for some more action!

…And it’s another negative. I don’t get why but my game always does this to me lol right when I really, really want a pregnancy it takes at least two or three tries for it to happen.

So round three was in order! I really love Shailen’s expression on this pic btw lol She looks just as done with this as I was in that moment, while Trina just looks happily confused lol.

Thankfully third time was the charm and we’re finally expecting! Thank god, please don’t make it so difficult for me next time girls!

Shailen. Breaks the news right in front of the tent so I can’t get a good shot at them and Trina looks distressed lol. I mean, they are lawnliving and all that, but you’ll be fine girl!

for now, we send her to distract herself by making some food. Sje needs to make meals for both aspiration and job, so double win!

And Shailen is sent to fish in our nearby spot to earn us some extra money and extra satisfation points. We’re gonna be needing lots of those to last throught the whole challenge!

Collectibles started to spawn around, so Trina makes a run to get them before joining Shai for fishing.

And with the money earned from all that, we buy a shower, and an easel for some extra income once babies start coming, as Shai probably won’t have much time to fish then.

Next morning, it’s raining lol This is probably the first of many uncomfortable moodlets from being soaked we’re gonna have. But at least the girls are happy while chatting with eachother, that’s kinda adorable!

Also, can I just say that Shailen has a really pretty side profile? I just looooove how she looks! Let’s hope the kids inherite that lol.

After breakfast, we take a little trip to Magnolia Promenade. You probably can guess why:

This is probably the best easy access fishing spot ever lol! My to-go place everytime I need to get some extra cash!

Trina had to go to work soon after, but Shai stayed fishing for a loooong while and got us the jackpot! All hail The Dragonfruit, money-making produce of the ages!

She also caught a Cowplant berry soon after… that gives me ideas *Evil laughter*

And she finsihed with th efish just in time for the H&H festival! Trina was just out of work, so they both made the trip to San Myshuno.

And they joined the Pranksters as a couple. Because mischef is right up Trina’s alley, and because Voodoo dolls from the price are gonna be great for extra income!

Seriously this girl was having a great time lol I think she’s a natural for mischief skill, I’m gonna remember to have her keep practicing.

Also, is it just my game that it’s obssessed with giving Mortimer Goth booty shorts? lol! Every game I start, he has booty shorts in his hot weather outfit!

Back on the lot, Shai takes a moment to plant our new rare plants and start the garden~

And then they end up the day with some more tent fun. Trina had a whim to woohoo with Shai almost as soon as they finished trying for the baby lol Nice to see she’s motivated for the challenge.

Baby cowplant! I’m kinda toying with the idea of having the girls live on cowplant life esence, just because I’ve neeever played like that before, so it would be a nice variation lol. Also, that would let me play with the “No life time rewards” challenge for extra points.

Well, I’ll think about it. For now, Shai is expanding the garden with some bluebells she found around the neighborhood.

And more fishing~ it’s a great money-maker for early playtroughs, and Shai is getting really good at it! I think She’s already level 5.

Also, Open shot of Winderburg’s seashore, it’s so pretty! I love those snowy mountains all the way across~

Promotion! And with that, extra money! We’re gonna need a lot of that for the incoming babies!

Turns out Shailen is one of those Sims who whistles while working on the garden, it’s adorable! I feel it goes really good with her, and it makes me happy to hear her!

It’s literally 6:30 AM in this shot! How the hell is the sun so up on the sky at 6:30 AM?! At least where I live we usually get sun around 7:30, and only in the highest part of summer! Right now it’s dawning around 8:30-8:45 lol.

Trina got to the cooking level where she learns to cook baked potatoes. I’m really happy about that because they’re $1 cheaper than hotdogs lol every cent counts right now! I’m hoping to get at least $3000 before the baby is here.

I just love to see them interact with eachother lol they always have at least one whim involving eachother, they’re one of those couples!

It also can have something to do with the fact there’s no a lot of stuff on the housf for them to whim for…but it’s cute still lol.

Shai goes into labor while on the toilet lol. However, I believe we can wait for Trina to be back home before going to the hospital to give birth, so we’re gonna be hanging around the “house” a little more.

Mmm… So turns out this isn’t an outdoor trashcan? I’m so confused lol. Oh, well, I guess we’re gonna need to buy another one.

And Trina’s back! With an amazing expression because She’s feeling tense from pre-parental panic lol! Trina has some great facial expressions!

Oh yeah, she also brought home a promotion! Yay for more bonus money that finally got us over my money goal!

But looks like at this point it’s a little too late to go to the hospital. This baby is coming right on our lawn!

And we start this game by welcoming a little boy into the family! And this is the point where the name of my challenge comes into play: we’re gonna be naming our kids as deities/gods&goddesses from different cultures and myths!

So everyone, please meet baby Heimdall Kress! He was named after Guardian god from Norse mythology who is in charge of protecting the Bïfrost. Sounds pretty appropiate to start the family, he will probably be the protective eldest brother!

Y’know? Trina likes to fancy herself a bad girl, Hot-Headed trait and all that, but I now she has a soft spot for babies and kids, she’s gonna be a great mom! She even beat Shai to taking care of Heimdall’s needs in a heartbeat lol.

And we spent our hard-earned money to build a nursery for baby Heimdall! It’s already fully equiped with everything he will need as a toddler. We also built an enclosed bathroom and added a tub for toddler bathing and a cheap bar for Trina to work on her mixology skill. All of this left us with a little more than $40 lol.

So Shai was sent to fish for us again. It was not her most successful fishing trip though, she only got fish worth $8-15 this time.

First thunderstom of the playtrought! I think I built the nursery just in time lol!

Also, yes, this is the moment I came to regret buying this cooler… Lost to the thunderstom, you will be missed! Except not really, because we never used you lol.

It took Shai a whole day to start on the baby dutty, that’s how much Trina loves ver little boy lol This pic was just taken after she was out to work.

Mixing drinks under the rain it’s probably not Trina’s idea of fun lol with so much rain I better hurry up to buy some more walls around here.

Now that we have a baby home, Shai starts working on the painting skill and aspiration. She’s a natural on this, she always gets an inspired moodlet from completing a painting so she’s flying throught the levels!

This is so annoying. The thunderstom keeps doing that thing where it has sims “run to cover”, I’m used to that, but I don’t get why they always run into the bathroom instead of the nursery. And specially, I don’t get why Trina ran to the bathroom from the nursery! Seriously, You can even see the food she left on the grill inside there!

But they finally made it safely yo the nursery, and they enjoy an special celebratory meal. I let Trina make hamburguers today instead of potatoes, to conmemorate Heimdall’s birth lol.

sleeping in a tent in the middle of a thunderstom lol definitely not my idea of fun. But also, I think it would be so cool if tents could get striked by lightning and caught fire for it while a sim is sleeping Inside! That would’ve been a cool new death for the Seasons pack crossing with Outdoor retreat!

I have these two in the spotlight so we can try to work on the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration for points. Looks like Shai is right on track!

… I was kinda joking about the whole “tent getting struck by lightning” thing!

I mean, there was no fire and nobody died… But still, I didn’t expect it to happen!

But with the tent out of bussiness, I ended up deciding yo build the girls a bedroom of their own *sighs* And this is how we ran out of money, se even had to sell the flooring and wall coverings to afford it. And just after I exited build mode I saw that painting on the easel and felt extremely dumb lol!

The part about getting the girls a bed, is that now we can see Shai on her sleepwear. I really like how she looks with her hair down like this.

next day, it was Night out in the town! I usually have my sims go to a fancy dinner this day, but I haven’t placed any restaurants un this savefile and O didn’t felt like hunting down on the gallery, so instead se went out for some spicy food from San Myshuno. Neither of the girls liked it so much lol. But it checked out the tradition so yay!

Oh yeah, I recently downloaded a mod that makes teens look slightly smaller than adults! It’s a pretty subtle difference, but I think you can notice in this screenshot that the street performer is actually a teen! I totally love it!

Trina also took the chance to play some basketball to get her fun up. Back at home Woohoo is the only fun sourse right now lol not that either of them complains I think, but Trina is active so the extra excercise is good for her. She the went to work.

And after that, Shai was sent home because we just got the notification for Heimdall’s birthday! Can’t wait to see him as a toddler!

Here is him! He’s looking scared because it’s thunderstorming outside again, poor baby. Let’s hope the weather soon gets as sunny as your shirt is! Also I’m really proud of his outfit honestly, I don’t know why but I just love it!

But anyways, isn’t he a cutie? ❤ He got Shai’s black eyes with Trina’s light blond curls, and I think he’s gonna be a really good mix of his moms when he grows up! He rolled the Independent trait, which I find funny because he’s probably the only toddler in this challenge who’s gonna be able to enjoy all of his mothers’ attention, and he doesn’t want it lol but you do you Heimdall!

And this is where we’re gonna left it for today! One baby down, 23 to go! This is gonna be a long journey lol But I hope you stay along for the ride!

Next time, Trina is gonna get pregnant with our second baby! Will we get a girl to keep things equal, or will boys take the lead? We’ll see! Also, We’re gonna have lots of toddler cuteness from little Heimdall! I can’t wait for that!

So I guess we’ll see eachother soon everyone! Take care and happy simming!

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