Chapter 10: Can you feel the magic in the air?

Yeah, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift way too much. No, I’m not gonna stop lol. Hey there everyone! After all the crazyness of SimNaNo, I decided to take a little break, that ended up being a lot longer than I had thought at first lol but hey, sometimes you just need to de-stress, andSigue leyendo «Chapter 10: Can you feel the magic in the air?»

Chapter 9: Birthdays Boom

Hey there! This chapter was supposed to go up yesterday, but then I remembered that Cruella is officially out on Disney+ and listen… I’m a simple woman, give me Emma Stone dressed in punk fashion and playing an evil, slightly mad fashionista, and I’m happy lol I just needed to see that again! And yeah,Sigue leyendo «Chapter 9: Birthdays Boom»

Chapter 8: Well, I think it kinda counts

Hey there! SimNaNo is on full speed, so I decided we have time to release another update today and I chose this family! Last time we finally grew up our first kid into a Young adult, marking an important milestone for the challenge! And with Heimdall moving out, we now have space to keep poppingSigue leyendo «Chapter 8: Well, I think it kinda counts»

Chapter 7: The cowplant who defied death

Hey there guys! I’ve been playing a lot in this savefile lately, so I thought it was time to get another update out! Last chapter was the chapter with no new babies since we have twins, but today should be the day Heimdall is ready to move out and get us one more free slot!Sigue leyendo «Chapter 7: The cowplant who defied death»

Chapter 6: No babies this time…

Hi there! Time for another update from the Kress-Gallagher household! Next time, we celebrated the first Love day of the challenge! And the Love day date ended up with some date woohoo that brought us to the unexpected birth of the first (and hopefully last lol) twins of the family! This time, twins are turningSigue leyendo «Chapter 6: No babies this time…»

Chapter 5: I blame Love day

Hi there! Time for another update with the Kress-Gallagher baby boom! Last chapter we had the birth of our second girl, Persephone, who put things back in balance with the boys-girls ratio and had her grow into an adorable toddler with Trina’s eyes! Today, we’re having our first teen with Heimdall’s birthday, we’re watching TanisiSigue leyendo «Chapter 5: I blame Love day»

Chapter 3: Heimdall can’t sleep

Okey so, I have a couple of these ones already because I played a lot before my hiatus, so why not share another one? 😀 Hey everybody! I hope you’re ready to keep up with the baby boom adventures! Last time our second boy, Tyr, was born and grew into an angelic toddler, Heimdall grewSigue leyendo «Chapter 3: Heimdall can’t sleep»

Chapter 1: Of course it had to start like this

hello there! And welcome to the start of another challenge I shouldn’t be playing when I have a million more already in process! Lol! But what can I say? The call of the Boolprop medals is strong, and with the Summer Sims Challenge being on full swing on the forums, I decided it was finallySigue leyendo «Chapter 1: Of course it had to start like this»

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