Chapter 2: Cowplants are fun!

Hey there everyone! Welcome back to a new chapter of the Mythic Baby Boom!

So, as you can surely tell, doing this as a summer challenge was a failed attempt lol buuuuut I do love this little family a lot already, and this Challenge has been a lot of fun actually, so we’re just gonna press on! Also there’s still a pretty cool Boolprop badge we can get for completing this and I want it~lol.

So, last time we saw the start of this Challenge, met our couple Shailen and Katrina, and followed their Journey all the way until their first baby, baby boy Heimdall, grew into a toddler!

This time, another baby is joining us! Also lots of toddler cuteness from Heimdall as we follow him until his child birthday! I can’t wait to see him grow up, he’s already so cute!

So…time to begin!

We start today with little Heimdall having a good start on his skills with Shai’s help. Don’t mind that he looks super annoyed, that’s just a thing of Trina’s angry eyebrows he inherited lol.

As you can see, Trina is doing great with her job *sighs* this is gonna be a loooong journey lol.

If you have read some of my stuff you know that I’m gonna spam pics of Heimdall lol toddlers are just way too adorable, and also there’s not so much to see around the ‘house’ right now.

Indenpendent toddler + giant stuffed animal = flying throught the Comunication skill!

I got tired of living in plain gray rooms, so I spent a good chunk of our money painting the walls and adding flooring lol now at least we can have prettier pictures!

And now we can go back to the main goals of the Challenge, and we finally get to work on baby two!

I’m trying to have a good spacing between kids, so we don’t end up with a million toddlers at a time and nothing to do for long periodos of time. I believe with this pacing we should be getting a constant flow of “eldest kid moves out as youngest becomes toddler” unless we end up with twins/tripples within the first six pregnancies, but we’ll see how it goes!

So for now, we go for shower woohoo this time! Since we’re gonna be having so many kids in this save I wanna try to use as many woohoo locations as I can before repeating lol I don’t have access to a couple of them because I don’t have all the packs, but we’ll work with what we can!

While waiting for Trina to confirm the pregnancy or see if we need a round two, Shai takes a moment to put little Heimdall to bed~

I failed to get the confetti in the picture, but we’re expecting!

And for some reason instead of going out to Heimdall’s room to share the news, Shai came into the bathroom to recieve them…while Trina is still on the toilet lol. No idea what happened there, it’s been months since I took this pics lol.

Trina is so slim that she Almost doenst look pregnant here lol! I may have gone a little overboard with her figure.

Hey, our cowplant is fully grown now! Yaaay now I just need to build it a fence to start working on getting life esence!

Also, today a loooot of people decided to stop by, so we work on the popularity aspiration for a while and also work on getting some food for our buddy Cowplant at the same time *evil laughter*.

… As you can see, sims are actually pretty excited to be snacks lol I hope this is as easy as it looks.

Shai is doing pretty great with the painter extraordinaire aspiration, and it’s also slowly climbing the fame ladder! She’s now a one start celebrity. And she’ll probably stay like that for a while lol I suck at working on that aspiration.

More Heimdall spamming because he’s the cutest!

promotion time~! I think this is level 4~ slow but sure progress!

and with the money, we bought our first fridge so food stops going bad on us! We also get a slide so Heimdall can fly throught the movement skill too, and built the fence around our Cowplant so we can start working on that tomorrow!

But the little tyke is gonna have to wait to try the slide because now is time to go to sleep! He doesn’t look super trilled about the news lol.

I was waiting for a sim to come by to lock them with our Cowplant, and Nina was the first yo come by… I’m honestly so glad that she was pregnant because I still have a soft spot for her and I don’t wanna kill her lol.

So instead, we called Mitchell Kalani from Trina’s contacts, we have our first victim~

While the Cowplant works its charm, Shai and Heimdall enjoy hotdogs for breakfast~

And then Heimdall gets a bath before Starting to work on his skills for today~ I never get tired of seeing toddlers get baths!

Mmm.. I probably should have remembered that about Shai before having Trina getting a job lol. I’m sorry honey! I promise you’ll get the next two jobs in the family! Yeah, I’m being a little too optimistic lol.

Oh hey! Shai has been getting famous thanks to her paintings so she picked her first quirk! This is always the first one my sims get lol the second one is usually Emotional bomb.

With no many things for the adults to do around, recreational woohoo is the main fun Activity around lol it usually works great…

But when your pregnant working sim is involved, it may go wrong sometimes lol Por Trina es having a pretty rough pregnancy, I’m hoping that doesn’t mean She’s having multiples! I feel we’re not ready for that.

See about the rough pregnancy? Poor girl fell asleep on the tub. Good night Trina, you deserve your rest!

Mitchell has already been eaten once, but now he doesn’t want to take the cake again *heavily sighs* I guess I should give him some points for being smart… But it’s annying when you want sims to be stupid lol.

… Probably not my finnest idea, but I really wanted the extra fame points! Even though it costed her job *sighs* but hey, we’re now friends with Judith Ward and that’s a first for me! Again, I usually suck at the fame thing lol.

So anyways, Trina went back to the culinary career and we kept going with our lives!

Hey, our Cowplant is finally alone inside his fence? Looks like Mitchell finally took the bait!

Yep, there’s Grim! Victory~

The only bad part about this method of getting more life is that sims get sad because of the death, extra sad if they happen to be dumb enough to go see the reaping.

But anyways, that’s one Life escence down!

Heimdall already maxed Comunication! Is the easiest one, but I’m proud of him! I think he’s not gonna have any trouble to get to Top-notch toddler!

Shai went to milk the Cowplant and it ended up going back to a seed. I later decide to reset it when I notice it’s not growing back and it shows up totally grown again, so I’m guessing it got bugged somehow?

But anyways, we don’t get too much time to worry about that, because Trina is ready to pop-out our next baby! Or babies.

Trina: “I was ready for this like three days ago!”

As you can see, she really doesn’t like being pregnant lol. Sorry girl, this is just the first time!

I think this is the first time I have both a doctor and nurse Inside the room. Just a random thought~

Aaaand we have a heart out lol! That’s probably not gonna help Trina’s dislike with the whole affair lol. But btw look at Shai panicking! Best part of the shot xD.

And in the end everything went fine, and we welcomed the second boy into the family! Everybody, meet Tyr Gallagher! He was named in honor of a minor deity of War in the norse mythology!

And thankfully, it was just one!

Back home, Heimdall doesn’t take long to meet his new brother. It’s been a while so I don’t really remember what was his reaction, but I remember he wasn’t happy lol. Sorry buddy, I promise Tyr will grow into you!

Shai is still sad about Mitchell dying, so we use all that emotion to work on her paitings.

And man that’s depressing! I feel you little stick figure guy… *Sigh*

whoops, I guess I forgot to pay the bills lol! It happens a lot lately.

Also notice Trina hanging around in her hospital robe, by now I feel that should’ve been adressed/corrected already lol it makes no sence.

Judith called to invite Trina over, so we decided to take a little trip to her house because I never play with Judith so I’m curious.

Turns out she’s the single mother of a little girl who’s just around Heimdall’s age, and even matches with his shirt!

So I had to bring Heimdall over to meet her. It was just a quick visita though, because as you can see, Heimdall was sleeping just before and he was still super tired.

Back home Trina keeps working on the mixology skill to earn her next promotion soon…which will actually be the same promotion she had already earned lol it’s the last time I take that chance card.

And then she goes for a night jog for her active trait. Don’t tell her I said this, but I actually think Trina is quite atractive and I’m looking foward to see her getting buff lol!

Our cowplant has a new “friend”! They look happy together lol.

Trina is feeling flirty and she painted My favorite flirty painting lol I just love Bunny x Llama!

This pic shows the moment Heimdall maxed his final skill! And he’s still two days away from his birthday, that’s a pretty good sign for how the challenge is going!

This is my first time living in this part of Windenburg, so it’s also the first time I notice the secret entrance to The Bluffs! Just had to show it even if you probably already know it lol.

Trina keeps insisting on wearing her hospital robe to work, but hey, at least this time she came back with a promotion so I’m not gonna complain! She’s officially back to level 4 lol. I still think this is gonna be long.

But anyways, it’s time for Tyr to join his brother in toddlerhood! Happy birthday Tyr!

Just look at that cutie! He has the same eye and hair colors than Heimdall, but he grew up with straight hair instead of curls, and his toddler trait is Angelic, not bad so far!

The boys quickly become friends as they share dinner. I thought it was adorable because Tyr insisted on sitting here so he could babble to Heimdall!

Harvestfest is today, so I decided to expand the house to give the family an oficial kitchen area so they can enjoy grandfeasts when needed. The appliances are the cheapest, but the counters and sink are all from Trina’s job so yay for free stuff!

I also bought a bed for when Heimdall grows up. I probably should have bought another toddler bed instead, but hey, it’s just for like a day and a half! They can share for now!

I promise I will build them a proper house somewhere down the line, I’m just not in a builder mood lately lol.

But as said before, now that we finally have a kitchen Trina can cook a nice harvestfest meal for the family! She made everyone some Grand breakfast this time.

Shai was able to appease her gnome on the first trait! Good job girl!

Trina also manages to get her gnome happy! And then I proceed to sell them to avoid seed packages spreading lol.

As said before, Heimdall already has all of his skills mastered, but since there’s still some time to his birthday Trina decides to entertain him by teaching him to say sorry, out by garden.

C’mon, take the cake! You know you want to~!

Heimdall is mostly on free will now that he got all of his skills ready, and his favorite thing to do is follow mommy Trina around and talk to her. I think he has a favorite lol.

Ok, yeah, I need to buy a second toddler bed, I know! Also Heimdall just keeps being adorable!

I started Trina on the Painting aspiration too so she doesn’t lose her fame and also gets us more funds to build Heimdall his own room.

The aspiration is going slow thought, because her mood keeps changing for her traits and some external stuff and so she hasn’t been able to paint her Inspired paintings lol also I haven’t been trying that hard lol.

Just like Heimdall follows Trina around, Tyr does the same to Shai, I think it’s adorable! Also, since he’s not independent he benefices extra from playing with mom.

Tyr looks much leas excited about having to learn how to potty lol definitely a lot less exciting than flying on mommy’s back.

Heimdall is turning into a child tonight! And Shai is in charge of baking our first birthday cake ever!

I caught Grim appearing to reap another soul! And we’re now up to two life escences! That’s a whole lifestage for both of our girls!

This time Grim stays a little extra to play with our boy too lol Maybe he appreciates the extra work he’s bringing him.

Heimdall has his last bath before blowing his candles! *Excited*

And we were finally ready to celebrate our first child birthday!

As a funfact, even though we’re not having a party I made everyone dress on their party clothes to celebrate, look how cute Tyr’s outfit is!

And here we have the birthday boy all grown up, and making quite an amazing face to the camera lol! He’s still super adorable, even if this pic is not the best proof lol.

He rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the Good trait, which I feel fits him, he’s such a sweetheart!

I think this is where we’re gonna stop for today, this update is getting quite long already and more than enough stuff happened!

Next time, another baby! Hopefully girls start coming into the family or we’re gonna be in trouble soon lol! Also, Tyr turning into a child! Hopefully some progress with Trina’s job lol.

See ya then!

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