Chapter 9: Birthdays Boom

Hey there! This chapter was supposed to go up yesterday, but then I remembered that Cruella is officially out on Disney+ and listen… I’m a simple woman, give me Emma Stone dressed in punk fashion and playing an evil, slightly mad fashionista, and I’m happy lol I just needed to see that again! And yeah,Sigue leyendo “Chapter 9: Birthdays Boom”

Chapter 5: I blame Love day

Hi there! Time for another update with the Kress-Gallagher baby boom! Last chapter we had the birth of our second girl, Persephone, who put things back in balance with the boys-girls ratio and had her grow into an adorable toddler with Trina’s eyes! Today, we’re having our first teen with Heimdall’s birthday, we’re watching TanisiSigue leyendo “Chapter 5: I blame Love day”

Chapter 4: 2 x 2!

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us again for another entry into the Mythic Baby Boom! It’s been a while since last chapter, but I can assure you that the Kress-Gallaghers are still going strong with their baby goals! Last time, Tyr grew up into an adorable child, baby Tanisi was born as the first girlSigue leyendo “Chapter 4: 2 x 2!”

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