Chapter 10: Can you feel the magic in the air?

Yeah, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift way too much. No, I’m not gonna stop lol.

Hey there everyone!

After all the crazyness of SimNaNo, I decided to take a little break, that ended up being a lot longer than I had thought at first lol but hey, sometimes you just need to de-stress, and play other games for a while! And now I’m full of energy again and ready for more updates!

Last time with the baby boom couple, we finally decided that it was time to search for another life-extending method since we were having too much trouble with our cowplants. I went and did some research online, and found something that I think can work for us! So let’s just go ahead and try it straight up!

We don’t start today at home: Trina is currently a woman with a mission!

Trina: “Can’t the mission wait until tomorrow? *Yawns* or at least after a freaking nap?”

It probably could, but I’m really impatient, and I was really excited about trying out my new pack, so bear with me girl!

Trina: “Doesn’t looks like I have any other option…”

That’s the spirit!

Trina: “I hate You.”

That’s also the spirit! 😀

Anyways, as you can maybe guess by the landscape and the chapter’s title: we’re in Glimmerbrook, looking for the Magic Realm door! And we just found it!

And we’re in my first visit ever to the Magic Realm! This place is really pretty, always been a fan of the floating islands aesthetic lol.

Wey decides to talk to Morgyn here since he’s the sage of Untamed magic, which I feel works well with Trina I later learnt about the Mischief magic sage and feel that was a better option, but hey, Morgyn was right there lol. He gave us that little quest to go out and collect magic orbs~ first time doing this so I was having fun!

I’m not sure about Trina though lol I think maybe she was into something when she asked for a nap. Maybe…

But after that little intermision Trina collected all 10 orbs, and Morgyn turned her into a spellcaster! Hoozah!

Spellcasters can learn a recipe for life-stending and also inmortality potions, so this so gonna be my new approach to the ‘keep the couple alive thing’. We’ll see if it doesn’t get too complicated.

Also, is it me or everyone in this place wears the same outfit. Is there some kind of Magic Realm dress code nobody told me about? Lol.

But Anyways, I have Trina stop by the shops to buy some magic stuff to try at home before leaving the place…

…And she finally gets her needed sleep. She’s a champ for putting up with me lol.

So while Trina rests, now we follow the family, that wasn’t really tired anymore so they’re hanging around.

At this point I noticed Skeiron and Bahyra hadn’t done their homework, so they get to that.

And then tv before school~ Also Persephone being Owiot’s favorite sister and playing with him ❤ they’re so adorable.

Also Shai is still wearing her swimsuit from the omasen bath escapade~ lol.

After a whole night of sleep, Trina is ready to get back into baby duty and give Owiot his bath, so enjoy today’s bathtime picture with me ❤

And then little Owiot decides to wreak havoc around the kitchen lol. Who knows, maybe he’ll want to become a Master chef like his mom too!

Also Trina is just spaced out, she doesn’t care lol.

We forgive her of course, because we know she has important stuff to do today; time to learn how to be an spellcaster!

Her first learnt spell was that one that sends an electricity shock to stuff lol so yeah, nothing very useful, but also something very in character for her Lol I gotta let her do more mischief.

I decided things are calm enough around the house to have these two work on skills for points too, so Bahyra takes up Piano and Skeiron goes, of course, for fitness. We’ll see how they do.

Bahyra also starts cooking meals for the family. He does have the creatively gifted trait and this is a very easy to level up skill, so why not? Maybe he can complete both!

Shai got to that fame stage where she can donate stuff to charity for more fame, so she’s now donating one of our doctor sets because I recently realized we had two lol not sure how much it helps her fame, but I mean, we can use all the help we can get!

Breakfast time with mom~ also baby bump is starting to show!

LMAO! I didn’t know you can cook in the cauldron! I love it, that would be a neighborhood-worthy batch of Mac n Cheese! Lol.

Also I gotta say I love the Spellcaster needs panel~ looks so cool!

A nightime visit to the Magic Realm again because we need to level up to be able to learn new stuff~ This was when I realized L Faba is the sage of Magic Mischief magic, but I mean, Elphaba wasn’t really mischievous… Lol.

Anyways, we try to get her to teach us a spell, but I think she refuses lol.

So then we move to experiment with the cauldron. I believe we do gain a new potion recipe with this… But honestly it’s been a while since I played this lol.

Right as we’re preparing to leave we get the notification that Persephone maxed out her teen job! She’s ready to age up now and still days away from it!

Oh yeah, since we can travel freely now that we don’t need to be waiting for the cowplants to do their magic, we can work on a couple more aspirations! Trina needed to work out at a gym venue for ages now since I want her to complete Bodybuilder lol so let’s do it!

Shai now has paparazzi following her, veeeery closely lol like, I don’t even think that woman can get a good shot from there!

And meanwhile, Trina gets mentored so we can try to do that ‘push the limits while being energyzed’ part of the aspiration too. What a contrast is this couple lol.

Also her trainer is Leila and Oliana’s son! You guys know how much I love them lol I had to say it.

Shai doesn’t waste time and works on her fame by singing a little. She sang really bad lol but the strangers didn’t seem to mind it. It must be because she’s famous, they’re intimidated to say something.

This is the sight that welcomed us back home ❤ Will I ever get tired of toddlers being cute? Honestly don’t count on it, they’re my favorite thing in this game ❤ I literally barely played before they added them lol I needed my toddlers.

I sometimes forget that Skeiron is Neat, and then I find him cleaning our still not dirty plumbing lol thanks kid, you’re the best!

I’ve noticed I don’t have a lot of pictures of Olwen for some reason… Strange, she’s such a cute girl!

Not sure if Persephone agrees with me though, she needs to wake up super early for work so she came from school with zero energy, and Olwen just decided to practice her violin right in front of her lol! Sisters, am I right?

Ah, the two sides of coming home from school lol poor Bahyra is about to crash out, and Skeiron looks like he could fight off an army. I love twins!

Another cute picture of Trina and Owiot~ this kid is about to max his skills! And just in time because his birthday is getting súper close!

Since Skeiron had a lot of energy and it’s sunny outside, he’s trying out our new bascketball hoop! As usual, he’s looking on the wrong direction while doing it lol.

Man, Charisma is one of those skills that you’re never done with *sighs* I get why so many career paths need it, but would it be so bad to be an uncharismatic mixologist? lol!

Skeiron brought home his A! He’s certainly doing Great this playsession!

Speaking of doing great, I don’t remember if I mentioned this already, but Persephone is working on maxing the Logic Skill. She’s doing pretty good even if I started her a little late on that, bu

Also why is there a pile of garbage behind her? Also isn’t Owiot the cutest? He sure loves to be flying around on someones back!

It’s a siblings concert! I kinda wish we had bands in game, it would be cute to form a family band with these two.

Skeiron looks extremelly unsure that Going to work as a lifeguard in the middle of a thunderstorm is the best idea lol.

Skeiron: “I mean, the best way to actually ‘guard lives’ right know would be not being outside… Who’s gonna be at the pool on a day like this?”

I’m with you boy, makes no sence. But work is work lol.

Anyways, Skeiron went to work, and we stay behind to welcome our newest baby home!

Time for baby L~!

Aaand it’s a girl! Girl #4 to be exact!

We name her Latiaran, after one of the celtic goddesses of Harvest who’s believed to represent Autumn and Fire by some people. I really love celtic names, so I can’t resist to use them lol.

So, apparently going to the pool during a thunderstorm is a thing in Windenburg, because not only did Skeiron had work, but he also got promoted lol. I’m proud!

Skeiron: “Yeah, I just told them I didn’t thought swimming during a thunderstorm was very safe, and apparently they liked my proactive-ness to the safety thing. It was weird.”

But weird in a good way! I’m still proud!

Shai was asleep at the time of the birth, so her first action after walking up was to go and panic to Trina, who’s already over it all lol.

Trina: “Babe, the baby has been here for like three hours already, relax!”

So Trina decides to leave her wife to calm down and goes to Persephone’s room to study her magic in peace lol. I believe this is when she learnt Scrubberoo, that spell to clean stuff.

We had some fish around from when Tanisi was working on Angling Ace, so I made that new fish recipe that came with Snowy escape that needs fresh fish, and I didn’t knew it gives a focused moodlet! That’s really cool, I love mood foods!

Since this is a progress-making update, Shai is now splicing some plants to get over that part of the Bothanist aspiration. And I’m still thinking we need a bigger garden lol I probably should keep the harvestfest gnomes for that, those free seed packages are great lol.

Trina had a free sample to the ‘Potion of nimble mind’ in her inventory, so we tried it. I didn’t see much improvement on her skilling speed, but who knows? Lol I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make some more. Specially because it’s all experience and we need tons of that!

Shai decided to go talk to Heimdall, and I was super confused where she was going lol she ended up all the way at the beach, that’s what I call a mother’s instint lol.

Owiot makes company to Persephone while she playa chess ❤ I really think she’s his favorite sister.

Look at our really cool working boys coming back home! I really love that swimsuit Skeiron unlocked, both male and female versions look really cool!

Piano is taking a little long for Bahyra, but I sure he can max it! We’re doing everything we can! He’s also starting to sound really good!

*sighs* I don’t like vegetarian sims… I’m really not looking foward to having lactose intolerant ones now too lol But I do really want Cottage living… Give me my 50% off sale Origin!

Shai: “Wait, what’s happening?!”

Tanisi: “Oh, looks like you’re very bussy right now mom. I guess I’ll go home and comeback later, have fun!”

Really, Tanisi? Just like that?

Tanisi: “Hey, I’m Mean remember?”

Touché… I always forget about that lol.

Another nightly visit to the Realm and Trina gains her first spellcaster level! We chose the perk that helps her gain more experience from potions, as that is the thing I want her to focus right now.

Next day I had Shai throw a ‘Meet-N-Greet’ with some of her fans for aspiration purposes. We’re now on that step that wants her to be asked for selfies three times, but so far no luck. I remember hearing it’s the hardest/most annoying part of the aspiration since you can’t really influence it, and it shows lol.

Heimdall: “Dude, look! Shailen Kress is posing for pictures right next to us!”

Tyr: “That’s literally our mom Heimdall.”

Heimdall: “But now she’s famous!”

Tyr: “Still mom.”

Back home, Olwen is the chosen one to Owiot’s why questions lol I know watching is more efective, but sometimes I like to mix up things a little bit.

Persephone has maxed the Logic Skill!

And right in time, because we’re already getting everyting prepared for her birthday! Of course, Bahyra was in charge of the cake~ he made a pretty cool one today!

Aaand looks like we’re ready to start here! First birthday notification!

Let the birthday’s parade begin! Happy birthday Latiaran!

Look at those chubby cheeks and that cute little sweater ❤ I adore her already.

Gotta be honest here: Latiaran rolled Independent as her trait… That’s right, Independent as practically every other kid in this family. So I got frustrated lol and just for this time I rolled again… And she got Clingy. So she’s a Clingy toddler now! Lol.

Owiot’s birthday is next! Look at this cutie ❤ I totally adore his party outfit!

Happy birthday Owiot~! As usual, his makeover is gonna wait until Persephone grows too, so bear with me for a little more~

… I still think sentiments are adorable, but sometimes ridiculous. I believe they fixed some of this stuff right? But I haven’t check myself lol.

Also why is she hurt you ask? Because Shai tried to potty train her lol.

I didn’t knew you could just leave the potion cooking and go do something else lol I’m guessing you actually can’t and this is just my game acting weird again lol I know it.

But anyways, let’s move on! Because it’s time for the final birthday of the session!

Looks like Shai is very eager to celebrate today lol.

Persephone: “Mom, please, you’re gonna leave me deaf if you sound that right here.”

Shai: “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

Lol after that was avoided, happy birthday Persephone!! I’m gonna miss you being around ❤ you’re so pretty!

And now time to show grown up Owiot! Doesn’t he looks super cute? 😀

Owiot rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, but as usual I can’t, for the life of my, remember which trait he got lol! I suck at this, I really gotta learn to take some better notes about this game!

And of course, a final picture of Persephone to count her final points Ignoring the fact that I also can’t remember her final trait: +30 for his birth, +10 for turning into a YA, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. + 10 for maxing the Logic skill, +5 for A in school and +5 for maxing his teen job. That’s another 85 points for us! And now Persephone is free to move out~

She had to stay a little longer though, because for some reason her first portrait got bugged and we had to make another one lol. At least it didn’t take that long.

And with that, and working already on our new way to achieve inmortality, ir was time to let our cowplants go. They we’re a lot of fun, but also a lot of frustration lol.

Also no idea why Eva is here with them again un this picture, I checked and she had disapeared when we went to Glimmerbrook the first time lol maybe she just missed her friends (?

Anyways, this is where we’re stopping today! Next time, Trina keeps working on becoming a strong spellcaster! Also our first P baby! I’m hoping it’s a girl, because girl #5 is gonna be our first Bad Apple! But we’ll see next time, join us to find out!

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