Chapter 9: Birthdays Boom

Hey there! This chapter was supposed to go up yesterday, but then I remembered that Cruella is officially out on Disney+ and listen… I’m a simple woman, give me Emma Stone dressed in punk fashion and playing an evil, slightly mad fashionista, and I’m happy lol I just needed to see that again! And yeah, nobody needed to know that lol.

Anyways, last time we had a lot of trouble getting Chronos to get us some more Life esence. We had some birthdays and saw Tyr move out! Let’s see if we’re a little more lucky this time, and see whatmy sims are getting into today!

We start today with our buddy Chronos trying to tempt Eva to get the cake. She still doesn’t look too interested, and I’m still annoyed about it lol. Honestly, if we have no luck with sims eating the cake this update, I’m just looking for another inmortality method, I’m tired of this lol.

Anyways, for now we’ll just keep working on the family’s aspirations and goals. Shai and Persephone are bonding over a chess game. Persephone is doing pretty good with the Logic skill, I wanna see if she manages to complet that.

I’ve been seriously neglecting this garden lol I’m not good at gardening, RL or sim life, I should probably try to expand this place so the girls can get more skill and stuff.

Tanisi came home in a mood, she’s currently our moodiest teenager lol. Also Bahyra looks really pleased about it for some reason lol.

Bahyra keeps working on his Social butterfly aspiration, so we’re working on befriending…this guy! Lol I’m amazing as always with the names.

Meanwhile inside, Trina and Shai are having an important conversation.

Shai: “So, what do you say if we keep working on those babies with the new free space in the house?”

Trina: “I don’t know… I hate getting pregnant…”

Shai: “But it means that we can go have some fun in the observatory!”

Trina: “Oh, right! Woohoo! I’m totally into that!”

And that’s how easy it is to convince Trina to do something she doesn’t want to lol!

I still feel like taking photos is a little cheaty for social butterflies… But sometimes I gotta use the little trick lol just once in a while.

Tanisi keeps working on her aspiration. She’s probably not gonna complete it, but at least fishing helps her calm down her moods and get some fun after school.

Aaaand looks like we have another bun in the oven~!

A little more chatting for these two, and Skeiron has officially made his third child friend and completed the Social Butterfly aspiration!

Since he’s Active, I gave him Rambunctious Scamp next, it just felt right.

Trina sits down with Shai to tell her the news they’re expecting, and Shai just smiles and says nothing lol I think she’s starting to get over the whole ‘having babies after babies’ thing. Now it’s just like “oh, yeah, another one” lol.

But whatever, babies are definitely not gonna stop coming, and with that, adorable toddler bathtime pictures aren’t either ❤ I just love them.

Olwen doesn’t look too happy that she had to learn potty after her bath lol maybe it’s because she’s Idependent. I can picture her thinking something like “I already know how to do this woman, leave me alone!” lol.

Guys, Eva finally fell into the trap and ate the cake for the first time! This is the easy one though, let’s see how she does with the actual deadly one now…

Anyways, in happier news, our second cowplant is fully grown now~ I named her Thethys, after the titan who gave Zeus the potion to make Chronos throw up to save Zeus’ siblings.

Let’s see if two cowplants are enough to outsmart townies! But at this point… I don’t think they will lol.

Just a cute picture of Trina being a good mom~ Idependent or not, toddlers love bedtime stories~

So, Tyr called Shai to talk… And spread gossip about his toddler sister. Tyr, honey, how juicy can it be? She’s like three years old!

Anyways, kids are back home~ I’m pretty sure this is where the twins got their As. Not like they’re needing them for aspiration or something, but great to Know!

Persephone brought a boy home today. I’m marking the kids in this savefile for No aging and No marriage, so there’s no mucho point in looking for potential spouses, but it’s nice she’s making friends!

Another day, another woman who randomly wanders inside my house with no reason lol.

Also, another fashion disaster. Like… What the hell is she wearing? Lol EA explain yourself!

I gotta admit I totally forgot Shai had started learning Violin a couple chapters ago, so she reminded me by randomly starting to play in the kitchen lol. I gotta keep working on that.

Two cowplants, two cakes… And no interest from Eva. I refuse to believe sims are this smart or have any self-preservation, I still think it’s some kind of bug.

Trina is back at the bar trying to level up her skill~ The good thing about pregnancy for her is that she was getting the Inspired moodlet quite frequently, and we need as many of those as we can get with this skill lol.

Olwen wanted to look at a book ❤ isn’t she precious doing it?

Lol I usually have my sims return the notes because I believe in being honest and friendly, but Tanisi is Mean so it felt too out of character. Glad that’s working out for her I guess!

Nope, Eva is still not interested, so we had to feed the cowplants to avoid them dying again *sighs* I’m already looking around for other ways to extend life that doesn’t involve vampires or aspiration points…

Also, since Eva refuses to die, and Skeiron needs a Jungle gym to get past the first tier of his aspiration, we had to spend our very hard-earned money in one of those *sighs* this is why we can’t save for a real house!

Remember how Persephone loved sitting here as a child? Well, this is just the picture to show that it’s still the same as a teen lol I think it’s cute.

I have absolutely no idea why I have a picture of Bahyra holding his dinner/breakfast/something lol maybe he was angry randomly again … I do love Hot-headed sims so I tend to take a lot of pictures of them lol.

I do know why I took this picture: see Persephone’s portrait? It shows her awake…but she’s not, Even the game knows it because the lights are off in the room. My game is drunk yet again!

Also, this reminds me why I took Bahyra’s last picture! It was to say he was the only rebel awake in the house! Ha! I figured it out!

Since he was already awake, he got to work on his aspiration~

And speaking of working on aspirations, Trina is dealing with the first tier of Nerd brain. She still needs to read two more books because I keep forgetting about it lol.

Can we talk about how toddlers in this game eat whatever the hell you put in their hands? Like, Olwen is eating sushi. I didn’t eat sushi until I was like 20 because I didn’t like the taste… And they even eat spicy food if you give it to them… It’s so weird.

Anyways, we get another cute bathtime picture because this kid gets dirty real fast lol also because the bath moodlets are a great extra for skilling.

Heimdall came to visit! No idea why is he carrying a book lol probably some other bug.

Trina should be giving birth today during her work hours, so I had her take a vacation day instead so she doesn’t come back middle turn. Now to wait for that baby~

Also seeing this pictures again made me realize Trina’s make up looks a little over the top since they updated the make up lol I gotta see if I remember toning it down next time I play this savefile. That would be like two updates from now, so no promises.

Bahyra: “She’s doing that weird walking thing again.”

Skeiron: “I know! It’s so funny!”


Persephone: “Just ignore them. Walk into the house and ignore them Persephone.”

Tanisi takes care of some needs, and then is back to fishing for her lol seriously she’s being soooo moody!

Meanwhile inside, it’s baby time!!

Trina: “Ugh *deep breaths* I’m still not a fan of this. At all.”

Let’s not tell her she’s also having next one lol.

We have our fifth boy!

His name is Owiot, and he’s named after the God of the Moon of the Luiseno, a tribe of native americans. I thought it fit him right, since Trina and Shailen are werewolves in their canon stories.

Sadly, we stillf don’t have werewolves here *heavy sigh*

I noticed Thethys was ready to be milked, but Eva was still there… Turns out Persephone took a trip inside the cowplant instead. I also thought you were smart kid!

Trina: “I still take offence about that!”

Yeah, yeah…

Olwen’s favorite parent is definitely Shai, she follows her around a lot and loves chatting with her ❤ it’s really cute.

Still no luck with the cowplants, but some luck with thunderstorms lol I always have fun when sims get striked by lightning.

One of Olwen’s last skills is Imagination, but she’s pretty much ready to have her birthday~

I finally remembered to get Persephone a job lol man I’ve been sucking at it. Anyways, she’s becoming a barista like Tyr was.

Am I still a sucker for twins hanging out together? Yes, yes I am ❤ also, birthdays are getting close! I’m very curious how these two are gonna look!

Heeeeey Tanisi got her work promotion! Just in time too, this was her last work day!

I still adore when sims at the foot of the toddler bed, it’s so adorable ❤

Bahyra had a whim to play the piano, so we indulge and have him started on that skill. That can be his future maxed skill as a teen!

Hey, it’s this new? lol I’ve been having a lot of messages like this lately, but I don’t know where they come from lol I’m guessing some kind of update I’m not aware of.

SeHe looks pretty shaken about that nightmare too, poor kid *hugs* but also unlike when there’s a Monster under the bed, he inmediatly had the option to go back to sleep. How strange.

Thunderstorms are AWFUL for your backyard stuff, even if we barely have any backyard stuff in this lot! I ended up paying the $1500 to replace this thing because I like to use it for skilling, and the next night another thunderstorm took it away *grumbles* si we ended up getting rid of it for now, it already served its purpose anyway.

I’ll never stop talking about how useful is having teens in this challenges <4 look at Persephone being the best and taking care of Owiot.

Cute little pirates playing together~ I think it was around here that Bahyra maxed the Social skill.

Guys, guys! She’s a 3-star celebrity now!! This is the farthest I’ve gotten with the fame thing!!! Things we know so far: writting is great for it lol.

And over here Skeiron maxed the motor skill and completed his second aspiration! Now kids are oficially ready for birthdays~

… Somehow Eva has managed to eat enough cake to not die of starvation, but not enough to do it while the drained moodlet is still active, so she didn’t die with this… C’mon!!!

Ugh, I’m oficially over townies and cowplants… We’re looking into other ways to extend life.

But for now, tet’s get into happier stuff again. I’m still mad about this lol.

But It’s time for Owiot’s birthday, and that’s the perfect thing to distract me! Happy birthday Owiot!

Look at that cutie~! He’s adorable, I think I see a lot of Shai in him!

Owiot’s toddler trait is… Independent. Seriously, another independent toddler… Like, how?

I gave him a minor makeover, just because the hair he grew in was the same Skeiron had, so I wanted a little variety. He’s so cute ❤ I love that blueish-gray color his eyes have!

Also, he’s the first boy to get Shai’s hair color, looks like that tradition has gotten broken!

More promotion for Trina!!!

As usual, she’s not impressed.

Trina: “Seriously, when does this stop?!”

When you get to the last level! Which woulf be… *Checks the internet* two more promotions!

Trina: “Ugh, just kill me already!”

Hey, don’t be dramatic! It’s not that much! And after that you’ll probably never have to work again!

Trina: “I’m taking your word for it!”

Yeah, yeah… I said probably!

There, get lost in the toddler cuteness and relax girl, everything will be alright.

After reading Owiot to sleep and also getting a relaxing bath, Trina is ready to keep working on her skills~ let’s wish her luck.

Lol! This prank sounds adorable! It’s now a favorite of mine lol. Also congrats to Skeiron and Bahyra for a succesful prank this time!

Project monday comes around~ it’s a good thing we have such a big lawn for them to work on.

Bahyra finally met the last kid he needed to complete the Social Butterfly aspiration, so they make Friends while working on his project.

Heeeeey Shai maxed the writting skill! Now she just needs bestsellers. That’s probably gonna take a while since I can’t get her the creative visionary trait.

Aspiration completed! Now now we’re ready for birthdays tomorrow!

Tanisi somwhow gained the People perdón lifestyle… Why do I say somehow you ask?

Because she did it while in the bath… Lifestyles are clearly also drunk, like everything else in this game lol.

And the birthdays parade is ready to begin~ first up, Olwen!

… This was the first try, and as you can see it didn’t go exactly well lol.

But thankfully the second one was the trick! Happy birthday Olwen~ she’s gonna get her makeover after the older kids grow up too, so bear with me.

Bahyra: “We’re gonna be teens!”

Skeiron: “I know! It’s gonna be awesome!”

Glad to see the kids are excited about it~

Speaking of being excited, look at that, Heimdall decided to come celebrate with us! I still miss Heimdall, he was an amazing first kid.

Anyways, time for Skeiron to blow his candles! With a tiny cameo of pre-makeover Olwen.

And then Bahyra! With a tiny cameo of pre-makeover Skeiron lol what are you wearing boy?

And finally, it’s also Tanisi’s turn to become a young adult! 3/24 ready!

Now to show the kids:

This is Olwen after her makeover, she’s adorable~ she rolled the trait Good, and her first aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. I remember this was the exact combination Heimdall got too lol history repeats itself.

This is Skeiron, looking very handsome and with a lot of Trina in him! Skeiron rolled Neat for his second trait, and he has the Rennaissence sim aspiration.

Bahyra, on the other side, rolled Music Lover as his trait, which feels very fitting since he liked Piano as a child! I gave him kind of a rocker look, i think it also fits his Fabulously Wealthy aspiration lol If we ever get a bands/music pack, he’s definitely the perfect sim for that!

Also, you may notice he and Skeiron have lighter hair now. This was played just after the update that gave us the new hair colors, and the lightest blond we got is actually how I imagine Trina’s hair, so I went ahead and changed it lol! Heimdall and Tyr are gonna keep the old color though, I’m to lazy to go change it with them lol.

And finally, to complete this update we have adult Tanisi ready to move out! Her final trait was Glutton! Tanisi didn’t complete any skills or her aspiration sadly, but she was so much fun to play! she also gave us a good number of points: +30 for being born, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. +5 for his A, +5 for maxing his job, and finally. +10 for reaching young adult!

Total: 75 points like Tyr!

And this is where we’re gonna stop for today! I hope you had fun with us today! next time: we’re finding a new way to keep this couple alive for the rest of kids they need to produce lol join us to find out what are we gonna do! And as always, happy simming

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