Chapter 8: Well, I think it kinda counts

Hey there! SimNaNo is on full speed, so I decided we have time to release another update today and I chose this family!

Last time we finally grew up our first kid into a Young adult, marking an important milestone for the challenge! And with Heimdall moving out, we now have space to keep popping out some babies, so that’s what we’re gonna be doing now! Let’s get right into it now!

Bahyra starts us today by playing adorably with his toy ❤ he’s a cutie.

This was back when I first got nifty knitting and this is the first family that got a rocking chair, I think it suits them. Persephone seems to really like it, she sat there everytime she could lol.

Tania takes a job on the Manual labor career, mainly because it felt like the less-social one from the bunch lol I wanna keep a little in-tune with her Mean trait, even if she’s actually a sweetheart.

And we’re having a quick family outing at night~ I love the shipwreck lot it’s really cool!

Skeiron and Bahyra play around in the sand~ Bahyra didn’t bring a toy, so he’s building a sandcastle.

Tanisi fishes. I think I didn’t meantioned it last chapter, but she grew up with the Angler Ace aspiration, and the Active trait. I wanna see if we can get her to complete the aspiration before growing up, so giving her a headstart on that since she needs to fish from three diferent spots was one of the Main reasons we travelled here.

And Persephone, who if you remember is currently working on Rambunctious Scamp as her second aspiration, goes for a swin in the ocean.

And finally, the other main reason for this trip was of course, baby making lol. I love this woohoo spot, and I think it fits the girls really well, they’re both Outdoors kind of gals.

…Tanisi didn’t managed to catch a single fish here, but she did get a camera lol I’m surprised the thing Even works after being in the ocean! This is top-tier technology lol.

Anyways, after this we went back home…

And confirmed the next pregnancy! First baby O in the making~

Trina comes inside the bathroom to hear the news~ And this is the moment where I realize Trina was supposed to get pregnant with this baby lol! The extra time with the twins mixed things for me.

Oh, well, I guess Trina is going through the next two oregnancies to compensate lol even though Shai actually does better with pregnancy than her, Trina is one of those sims who just doesn’t like it.

The kids don’t want to spend time around Trina today lol I’ve seen it like three times, she goes to sit by one of the kids, and inmediatly after they left, just like Tyr here who was doing his homework lol.

Oh yeah, twins got their room built now that they’re kids. All the rooms are basically the same, and I honestly need to build this family a good house… But they don’t have that mucho money even with Shai’s painting/writting royalties, so I don’t wanna start building and then run out of money lol.

Si for now, we’re gonna keep working on promotions and aspirations. Trina gets her Charisma up for work. I’m really not a fan of the Mixologist career, both its skills are so boring to level up lol.

Trina: “Then why didn’t you have me go into the Chef branch? My inicial aspiration was Master Chef!”

Well yeah…but going into Mixologist would give us more points for double the aspirations! I do kinda regret it though lol chef is a much better job.

Bahyra woke up angry because of his trait, but he still goes and cleans the dirty plates around the house on his own lol.

And then kids produce even more dirty plates with breakfast together before school lol.

Also look at Persephone back on the rocking chair~

For some reason the lights aren’t working correctly around here lol I don’t think I forgot to pay them… But it could be that honestly, I’ve been really bad at paying lately.

But look, here they are working again! And also Shai is writting a couple books to keep her fame up and going~ this savefile is kinda working for me as practice for when I do this aspiration with Xzavi in my name game lol.

Aaaand here we have no lights again! I’m confused, even more than usual when I go through the pictures I took two months ago lol.

Also this pic was actually to show that the fridge is broken. Kitchen appliances break so little compared to electronics and plumbing, so I’m always surprised when it happens lol.

Oh yeah, and this is the proof that we got Heumdall’s portrait done. It’s still so weird for me to know Heimdall has moved out, he was our first baby just …like a year ago lol! Ok, it’s been a long time now that I think about it.

Persephone and Skeiron need to meet some kids and play in the playground, si we make a quick trip to Willow Creek after school.

I love Persephone’s little sunglasses! And yes…honestly I’m still a little partial towards her, She’s so cute!

Shai and Tanisi were sent to fish, and while at that a fan tried to approach Shailen. She’s at that fame stage where people faints when they see her lol.

She tried to make it up to him by signing him an autograph when he woke up, but she only managed to make him pass out again lol it was hilarious.

So we decided that Shai is too powerful now, and went back home to keep working in other aspirations like the knitting one~ I feel like knitting works well with Shai, it’s her style.

And meanwhile Trina works on getting some more Mixology~ *sighs* I can’t wait for her to top her career.

Oh yeah, and remember how I wrote down ‘getting better plumbing’ last chapter? Well, we did it! It’s now the best since we still need money, but no more uncomfortable moodlets for cheap showers now!

I honestly have no idea why are we fishing at Magnolia Promenade again
… it’s been a while…

But knowing me, we were probably trying to get a back up cowplant berry because I was still not sure if Chronos was working correctly.

And then back home, where I keep taking pictures of everyone using the rocking chair lol I just think it’s cute, and Trina looks so relaxed, which is impressive because she’s always tense lol.

Heimdall came to visit! And of course, we gave him a key to the house so he can visit as much as he wants.

I keep being a terrible watcher and making my sims go out to do stuff in the middle of thunderstorms/blizzards lol! I gotta stop doing that, but I’m dumb.

Tanisi: “You don’t need to tell me that.”

Hey, rude! D:

Tanisi: “Nah, you don’t even know how to be mean to people, I’m a Mean sim, I could be saying much worse!”

…She has a point, I suck at being mean, but still, rude!

More book writting for Shai~ I usually feel like books take long to complete, but I recently dowloaded the Sims 2 again, and man, making things in this game is a breeze in comparison lol.

But since I didn’t want to interrupt Shai’s writting, Tyr help us get the stereo working again, because writting while listening to music is still my favorite combo.

And it was time to follow my word about Rohan Elderberry, so he was invited to join in a playsesion with our Chronos, and maybe our second cowplant back there. We’ll see if it works this time.

For now, we just wait and skill~

…Seriously? Man this IS realist lol Tyr just earned us $0… Man lol!

No cake eating so far, but at least the thunderstorm keeps making things interesting lol I’ve also never had a sim die from thunderstorming, so I’m kinda curious about it.

Buuuut we’ll see about that, because right now inside is baby time!!

Since we can’t leave the lot while we have someone with the cowplant, home birth it is! And we’re oficially back in the game~

It’s a girl! Yay! Now boys are just leading by one!

Anyways, meet baby Olwen Kress! She was named in honor of the celtic heorine and Goddess of the Sun, let’s hope she has a very bright future!

Goodness I just don’t get tired of these two being together. They’re just so cute!

Tanisi lookin’ good as she goes to work~ this uniform really works with her tomboyish style.

Since we can’t go to the park for Persephone to work on her aspiration, I had to buy some monkey bars for the house. This is why we can’t save money lol there’s always some thing I randomly remember and buy.

Also Rohan is still not eating the cake… I wonder if that ‘not eating leftovers bug’ was also affecting cowplants, or if it’s just a thing of sims being somehow ‘smarter’ lately…

Either way it’s annoying.

Anyway, let’s move on. Here Bahyra is the first of the twins to complete his aspiration! I give him Social butterfly next, so he can keep skilling with Skeiron.

Shai is working a little on the Lady of the knits aspiration, and I just love how cute she looks knitting on the rocking chair<3

She mades it to that part where she needs to sell something on plopzie, and after listing some stuff there I totally forget it was a part of the aspiration and keep selling it without it counting lol! That’s what always happens when I jump between aspirations.

Tanisi comes back from work tense because she needs fun, so we send her to fish. It’s weekend skilling time~

Wait, what?!

Apparently, Rohan died from hunger… At least I believe it was hunger, he wasn’t burning to death and he never took a bite of the cake, so it makes sence… I’m so freaking frustrated now lol!

But I mean… At least we did kill him as I promised… So I kinda counts, right? lol?

Well, now we need to get Chronos another playmate…

Sadly, that’s not gonna be Megumi Ito here lol because celebrities… Bahyra did try to introduce himself to her though, for aspiration purposes. And he failed lol because celebrities.

Then Bahyra and Skeiron work on becoming best friends. Good thing about this tier is that it checks out autonomously once Bahyra reach it too.

Aaaaand bestfriends!

Haimdall: “I thought you were gonna teach me to dance?”

Tanisi: “yeah! Do like this! Yoy flail your fists around like this and hit everyone who gets near of you! It’s super fun!”

Nothing like Mean sim dance lessons lol.

I have no idea how Tyr ended up like this lol but as always, let’s all be happy this is not my ISBI~

…Are you serious Shailen?! How come my sims are always the only ones who get eaten by my cowplants?!

Shailen: “I was just showing her how it works… that’s all!”

Yeah, I would believe that about Trina or one of the kids, you’re supposed to be the smart one!

Trina: “I take offence you say that right after SHE gets eaten by the cowplant!”

… ok, she has a point about that, sorry. But I really expected better from Shailen lol.

What the fuck are you wearing Tyr?

Tyr: “hey, language!”

No, but seriously, I didn’t gave that outfit to him… My game is being weird again…

Awwwwwn I had Bahyra and Skeiron become partners in crime and they tried a prank together, but it didn’t work! Also, I think it’s weird that only Skeiron got reprimended about it. I get that it’s because you can have partners in crime outside the household, but it would be nice if both were affected regardless.

The mail carrier said that he couldn’t reach of mailbox today… That mailbox, and that mail carrier. Lazy much? lol.

Bills day means is also project day! So all the kids lay their projects on the front yard and get to work! I really like the projects.

And then homework for the kids who finish taking care of their needs~ I think it’s funny the family doesn’t have a table ir desks for homework, so the kids do it on the bar lol!

Tanisi knows Tyr’s birthday is tomorrow, so she gives her brother a goodbye hug ❤

Tanisi: “I can’t wait to not seeing you again!”

Try as much as you want Tanisi, I know you’re gonna miss him! You love Tyr!

And the birthdays train gets officially started with Olwen’s notification! Sparkly baby!

And here we have our new toddler! She’s adorable and I just want to squeeze her! Olwen got Trina’s skin and eye color but with Shai’s hair. And I’ve just noticed that all girls so far have gotten Shai’s hair, and all boys have Trina’s lol fun little fact.

Olwen is also… Independent. seriously, what are the odds? lol there must be something on the girls’ genes or something.

She goes straight to start her skilling and look absolutely adorable while doing it~

Tyr FINALLY got his work promotion!! I know I started him late on the work thing…but still…

He literally got his promotion the day of his birthday, right before said birthday! Can you undertand why I was a little impatient? lol.

But anyways, let’s keep the party going and celebrate! happy birthday Tyr!

And the last birthday for today~ Happy birthday Persephone! This one I’m extremely excited about, she’s gonna be a cutie!

Aaaand my point has been made, look at that! Also look at that abdomen, I’m a sucker for a girl with a sixpack lol.

Anyways, both Tyr and Persephone grew up with the same trait, my least favorite one: Vegetarian lol. Persephone also grew up with the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, I have never completed that one, but honestly I don’t think I’m gonna try with her lol we have too much going on to be going on vacations too.

And since Tyr has reached his YA birthday, it’s time to count his points for the challenge before he moves: +30 for being born, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. +5 for his A, +5 for maxing his job, and finally. +10 for reaching young adult!

Total: 75!

And we’re gonna finish today’s update with a shot of Shailen making Tyr’s portrait! Tyr has already moved out and is up on the gallery in case you want to snatch him for your game! All under the #AMythicBabyBoom!

Next time: Another baby O! more birthdays, more skills, more aspirations! Hopefully more sims getting eaten by our cowplants who aren’t my sims? lol. Join us to find out!

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  1. Weee hello let me jump in randomly here
    Vacation babies are the best though. You get to brag about it
    HAHAHA you know I work in web development so that made me laugh hard when Tyr got 0$ for his work

    Me gusta


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