Chapter 7: The cowplant who defied death

Hey there guys! I’ve been playing a lot in this savefile lately, so I thought it was time to get another update out!

Last chapter was the chapter with no new babies since we have twins, but today should be the day Heimdall is ready to move out and get us one more free slot! Man, it took me seven updates to get to the first YA lol this challenge is gonna be like a thousand updates long! So let’s get right into it so we can continue asap!

Oh, Come on! This is definitely not the sight I wanted to see coming into the house 😩

Looks like Chronos didn’t survive… more than a chapter *sighs* I’m both surprised and dissapointed on myself…

Anyways, let’s move on. Last chapter we saw Persephone growing up into a kid, and here she is ❤ She’s super pretty, honestly already a favorite of mine, even though I love all the kids we’ve had so far!

Since it’s been a while since last time I played, here’s a shot at Skeiron (left) and Bahyra’s (left) skills right now. They’re doing pretty good honestly, not worried about that.

Tyr mods a game to keep getting his skill up~ he’s doing great with it, but this skill levels up slower than cooking does, so he may not max it before moving out.

And Tanisi plays with toys for her aspiration. Also, this is the shot that made me stop playing on super low settings lol I can’t with those white rectangles around the imagination animations!

Thankfully my laptop seems to be behaving a little more lately.

Since Tyr wants to be a Master Mixologist, I made him go into the Barista part time job~ we already have a bar for Trina, so he can practice easily.

Heimdall keeps being an amazing oldest brother and entertains Skeiron with some flashcards. If I recall correctly, this was all autonomous from them ❤

Tyr gets his skill points ready so he can get us a promotion soon~

Tanisi drew this kitty, and I thought it was really cute, so we’re keeping it as decoration lol.

Speaking of promotions, Heimdall has oficially topped his teen career! Congrats Heimdall!

Since Trina got into the Mixologist branch of her work, she’s working on her Charisma.

Hey, Shai is now a level 2 celebrity! That’s the highest level I’ve ever gotten lol seriously, I suck at this aspiration and at the fame thing in general.

Both of our main girls are awake tonight, so they take the chance to catch up with eachother and fulfill some whims they had. Also look at all those drinks on the bar lol it makes it look like Shai has a drinking problem.

Next morning I had Heimdall make some ramen. Apparently You can only make single serves of ramen, which make sence, but it’s a shame at the same time because I love having leftovers lol.

Random girl was coming to the house just as I sent Persephone to spend some time outside for her trait, so she was roped into a conversation lol.

They made friends while gazing at the clouds together, and now I feel really bad because I can’t remember her name or anything else about her lol.

Tanisi has completed her second aspiration! I think I gave her Whiz kid because having Mean social butterflies is a pain lol but her birthday is too close to actually work on that anyways.

I had to get over my fear of sims electrocuting to death and have Shai fix the computer. She did it without any problems, and I know I’m overreacting lol.

Since these two share aspiration now, they can skill together~

I have no idea who made this mess lol I just saw it out here and das confused… It may have days there actually, I’m very bad at noticing things lol.

Trina: “Here comes the monster!”

Bahyra: *happy laughing*

I love this picture, it’s so adorable ❤

Tyr goes out for his first day of work, he looks pretty handsome! He also works extremelly early and that makes me feel bad lol.

More skilling for the little guys~ and another mess lol I believe it was Bahyra who did it this time.

Once the older kids were off to school, Shai took the chance to go get us yet another cowplant berry *sighs*

We have another A! And another step crossed off for Persephone’s aspiration. She only needs to max the Mental skill now.

Bahyra is escaping~ he was on the way to make another mess if I remember right lol so I guess we oficially have our first mess maker of the challenge.

Mom was busy at the time giving a bath to Skeiron~ the cuteness ❤

… This isn’t the cowplant we got this afternoon…this is Chronos. And somehow he’s alive again? What?

I’m extremelly confused about this… What?!

Persephone oficially completes the Whiz kid aspiration! Next she’s gonna be working on Rambunctious Scamp. I feel it suits her Love the Outdoors trait.

Promotion time for Trina! She never looks excited about these things lol She’s usually tense about it.

Nothing that a little recreational woohoo with her wife can’t fix though.

More pictures of Skeiron and Bahyra hanging out because twin toddlers are the best ❤ also, skilling and having dinner at the same time. This kids are killing it at the toddlerhood thing!

Tyr works on getting the last point of Mixology he’s gonna need for his work. Then we’ll keep it up with programming.

And meanwhile, Shai does some painting to keep her fame up and try to complete the first aspiration. She’s already on the part where she needs Masterpieces!

Aaaand our first skill mastered by a teen! You’re the best Heimdall! MVP of the chapter~

Salim Benali passed by the house, and since I’m still a little annoyed at him from when he was our neighboor in my Name Game, it was decided he’s gonna be the sim to test out if Chronos is actually back from the death somehow lol.

I’m starting to believe Bahyra is Trina’s favorite, I’ve seen her spending a lot of time with him lately lol. Also he already has his skills completed, so Trina is trying to teach him to say please and thank you to keep him entertained from anymore messes.

We already had a cute Skeiron bath picture, so it was only fair to get one with Bahyra too~

So far no luck with Chronos, but I’m having fun with the thunderstorm lol.

Mmm, so I guess better showers are top priority to get around here lol checked!

Awwwwwn look at my mean kid spending some time with her Hot-headed mom~ These two are both such sweethearts ❤

Trina is skilling again tonight, and both twins decided to go keep her company ❤

This was around that time where toddlers got glitched with certain meals and couldn’t eat them. Bahyra spent a lot with the tilapia from last screenshot and when I noticed he wasn’t eating I had to give him something else. I think it’s funny he couldn’t eat fish, but he can eat dumplings and sauce somehow lol.

This is another Masterpiece for Shai~ and another painting haven’t seen before, I love seeing new pictures!

So, apparently Chronos does have a cake, so it’s not just a visual glitch as I previously thought. Still haven’t been lucky with Salim eating said cake, but we’ll see.

For now, it’s time to go back inside to celebrate the first birthdays of the day!

Of course, Skeiron goes first.

And then Bahyra~ happy birthday boys!

Their makeovers are gonna wait until their older siblings come back from school too, but for now I can say that Skeiron got the Active trait along with the Social Butterfly aspiration, and Bahyra is a Hot-headed Artistic Prodigy. I think it’s pretty adorable that both boys randomly rolled Trina’s traits lol I used the in-game randomizer for this challenge.

Shai has completed her fifth Masterpiece and the Painted extraordinare aspiration! First aspiration of the challenge checked off!

She’s now trying her hand at music, and of course keeps working on a lot more aspirations meanwhile.

Kids back home are we’re ready for the second batch of aging ups! First goes Tanisi~

And then, it’s time for Heimdall to turn into a young adult and move out of the house! First all grown up kid!

Here is Heimdall as a YA. He looks mostly the same, just a little less awkward shaped and I’m still in love with that shorter teenagers mod I got lol subtle, but cool!. His last trait was Bookworm.

Now that he’s moving out, it’s time to count the points he gave us: +30 for his birth, +10 for turning into a YA, +25 for maxing all his toddler skills. + 10 for maxing the Cooking skill, +5 for A in school and +5 for maxing his teen job.

Total points: 85~

Shai made sure to make his portrait before he left the house, now we have space to keep working on the challenge!

Next we have Tanisi as a beautiful teen! I had her keep the kinda tomboyish look she had as a child, and I loooooved how she looks with this dreadlockes! I hadn’t use them before!

And finally, the twins: this is Skeiron wearing his party outfit.

And Bahyra in the same attire. I already told you his traits, so i’ll just add that I can already see Bahyra is gonna be a stick figure sim when he grows up lol he definitely inherited Trina’s body shape.

And this is where we’re gonna stop for today! Next time: we’re back in the baby making game! Will boys keep the lead around here, or will girls start making their comeback again~? Join us to find out!

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Hey! I'm new on the Sims Blogger comunity, but I've plahyed these games since the first one, so I thought it was worth the shot :D Also, I'm mexican so english is not my first language, so forgive my little mistakes xD still learning


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