Chapter 6: No babies this time…

Hi there! Time for another update from the Kress-Gallagher household!

Next time, we celebrated the first Love day of the challenge! And the Love day date ended up with some date woohoo that brought us to the unexpected birth of the first (and hopefully last lol) twins of the family!

This time, twins are turning toddlers, and also we’re having a couple more birthdays, as is usual for this types of challenges! I really have nothing more to add here, so lets cut the small talk and get right into the new chapter!

We start today with Trina, still fresh out from work, getting to know her newest set of kids.

Trina: “So, twins, huh?”

Yeah, I was really hoping we would made it all the way to the sixth pregnancy without any of them, but I should’ve known lol.

Trina: “I like them already, they don’t follow your rules lol.”

… I mean, she’s not wrong.

They are also extremelly needy kids lol not as bad as the ones from my ISBI, but there was always one of them crying, usually Bahyra actually, Skeiron was calmer.

Anybody has an idea why these random dust piles keep appearing around my houses? I have no clue and it’s getting annoying lol specially since it doesn’t let me use the hand of god to get rid of them!

This chapter was played after my laptop was acting up again, so I had to turn the graphic settings to the lowest for a couple days so it would let me play *sighs* and that’s how we ended with his lilac water during Tyr’s bath lol.

Nightime gardening shot for our girl~ Trina is currently in charge of the garden because her skill is lower than Shai’s lol She seems to like it, I caught her whistling a couple times.

Monday afternoon means completed projects! The bridge is Heimdall’s, O feel like I don’t do enough of the high school projects, they’re so cool!

Trina no!!! Ugh, looks like her Hot-headed trait finally showed up while I wasn’t looking *sighs*

She was sent to repair the house straight away, and I laughed at the fact she got those two moodlets at the same time lol.

Also as you can see, she isn’t even angry anymore lol.

Persephone decided to go meet her new siblings on her own because she’s independent. She got a happy moodlet and it was really cute!

She then decides that she wants to learn to garden like her mommies do. Isn’t she the cutest little girl ever? ❤

Speaking of cutest ever, look at Heindall being an amazing older brother and cuddling baby Skeiron! Man, I love having teens around to take care of the kids lol.

He’s also still in charge of meals around the house. I think he’s not gonna have any problem with maxing the cooking skill~

Persephone is having her last toddler bath before growing up~ yay for another kid in the house!

And congrats for the little bee!

Her makeover is gonna wait a little while, because we’re having more birthdays today and I wanna make them all together to save time lol.

While the kids are back home, Shai enjoys some bonding with her youngest two. And I’m seriously ready to have these babies grow up so they stop crying all the time lol.

Kids are back! And it’s time to celebrate Tyr’s birthday! Everytime say yay for having another teen! They grow up so fast!

And then, it’s time to avoid another birthday lol Yep, Shai is drinking her first life escence so she stays with us for a long time~

And with that taken carne of, it’s time for the twins to also gris up! Can’t wait to meet them!

And now, get ready for the quick make over montage~ lol.

Here we have teenager Tyr, wearing his party outfit!

He’s very cute, I really liked how that hair looks on him and it’s one I don’t use that much so that’s an extra!. Tyr’s adult aspiration is Master Mixologist, and gotta be honest, I can’t, for the love of god, remember his trait lol! I’m sorry Tyr! I’ll check up once I go back into this savefile.

Next we have our little bee, Persephone. She’s definitely a mini-Shailen so far! Just with Trina’s striking silver eyes. Her child trait is Loves the Outdoors, and her aspiration is Whiz Kid.

And finally, Bahyra (on the left) and Skeiron (on the right)! They’re both so adorable! And as you can see, not idénticas, even if they both have Shai’s eyes with Trina’s hair.

Bahyra is a little clingy monkey, and Skeiron is a fussy wolf pup, because of course twins are the exact moment we stop having independent toddlers lol.

Back to the living~ Trina is chosen to help Persephone start working on her aspiration, and Skeiron enjoys some cioppino. Can we talk a momento about how cute those overalls are? Another one of those clothes I had to check I don’t give to every toddler lol! I just love them!

Everyone say “yay!” for having teens home to help out with the twins! lol seriously this saves lives! Even though Tyr doesn’t looks very excited about potty training.

Babies asleep and it’s homework time before school tomorrow. The keys are still a very popular seat around the house for some reason. Probably because I still haven’t bought an actual table for this family lol.

Anf then some fun for the older kids. Tanisi is trying to finish her motor skill, and Tyr started working on the programming skill so we get a little more money, and hopefully points!

Aaaand Victory for Tanisi! That’s my girl!

Trina has some extra free time next morning, so she gets in charge to help the twins with skills. Again, I gotta admit I really like the Clingy trait, Bahyra has no problem getting skills up with company!

And Skeiron gets his share of mom’s attention too. He’s fussy though, so getting him to cooperate is a little harder lol.

*sighs* This is why I’m glad we have umbreakable pcs lol can’t wait to be able to afford one in this save.

Kids are back home~ and honestly it’s been a while since I took this pictures so I’m not sure if we have some grade improvements or something lol but hey, look at Tyr and Persephone’s normal attire!

More twin skilling~ Gotta love having two toddlers so they can skill together~

And be extremelly adorable while they do it!

Lol this is just a random funny bit I found in the night notifications. apparently, after their husbands died Clara Bjernsen and Lily Feng decided to get married. I say good for them! lol.

New cowplant grew up!! Everyone say hi to Chronos!

I named him in honor to the great Titan who devoured the Greek Gods lol I thought it was funny and appropiate, but I hope he doesn’t eat any of my kids!

Shai tries to get some work done while taking care of the kids. Thankfully, the “watch” option is a great way to keep them entertained lol.

Mmmm… I think my game is drunk again, it believes it’s Love day today…but if you remembger, the twins were actually concived in Love Day…like a week ago.

I still needed another date from these two for the soulmate aspiration, so I took advantage of the fact Trina was on her day off and made them have it. In the house this time because I’m lazy to visit lots lol.

It was a successful date in no time!

Even though Judith tried to interrupt them once lol. Also, it’s so weird to see that Judith is already an elder! I guess it make sence since Trina doesn’t age so far, but still… Gonna miss her when she’s gone.

And so, right after we finished the dates, I cancelled the holiday lol we already celebrated once!

So instead of love day stuff, today the teens enjoy some sibling bonding over a horror movie lol I love watching the movies this game has btw, they’re so funny!

Some double reading to children~ I love the moment I finally discovered you can read to b oth toddlers and kids at the same time lol. It took me a while.

…Heimdall, you cooked that fish and chips… how can you be picky about something you cooked yourself?!

Tyr keeps working on the programming skill~ I belive he was hacking something here lol I love that you can hack stuff.

Promotion for Trina! we’re still going slow and steady with this lol!

Persephone is a good sister, she’s making sure her little brothers don’t have any nightmares on her watch!

Heimdall keeps bringing Evie home from school frecquiently. I don’t think I’m gonna have the kids in this challenge get married, but these two are making me question myself lol.

And at first I was gonna keep playing until the twins’ birthday as I usually do, but then I noticed we’re having like four birthdays that day, and this chapter is already quite long, so I decided to stop at this cute family picture for today!

Next time: as said before, lots of birthdays! Including the first young adult of the generation, we’re finally making some more obvious progress with this challenge lol! Maybe a new baby? hopefully! Also, hopefully some more life escenses thanks to our buddy Chronos!

Join us next time to find out!

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Hey! I'm new on the Sims Blogger comunity, but I've plahyed these games since the first one, so I thought it was worth the shot :D Also, I'm mexican so english is not my first language, so forgive my little mistakes xD still learning


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