Chapter 5: I blame Love day

Hi there! Time for another update with the Kress-Gallagher baby boom!

Last chapter we had the birth of our second girl, Persephone, who put things back in balance with the boys-girls ratio and had her grow into an adorable toddler with Trina’s eyes! Today, we’re having our first teen with Heimdall’s birthday, we’re watching Tanisi join Tyr in childhood, and of course, we’re having the next baby! Let’s jump right in…

We start today with a shot to our very overflowed trash can lol Aparently this was a thing with the Eco Lifestyle pack that thankfully was fixed some time later. I think this gives you a very good idea about how long ago I took these pictures lol.

I went into buy mode to get another trashcan because the smell of this one was upsetting my sims, and took the chance to upgrade our PC, since it was broken last chapter too.

And now we’re Ready to go back yo the family~ The oldest kids are out for school, so Shai takes some time to paint while keeping company to Tanisi. She should be growing up very soon, so we are getting her the last skill points she needs.

And meanwhile Trina gives Persephone a headstart on her skills with some blocks~ I love toddlers playing around with blocks, so cute!

I believe this was the moment Shai mastered the painting skill! Now she just needs some more Masterpieces and that would be the first aspiration completed!

Nothing like spending time with your sister while enjoying a midday snack~ I love these two so much ❤

Trina doesn’t look happy at all that now the girls are distracted, Shai is reading a book instead of paying attention to her lol.

Trina: “We have FOUR kids! How can she be more interested in that book than me right now?! Also shouldn’t we be working on having more babies right now?”

Shai: “Tomorrow is Love day, so I’m reading a romance novel to get in the right mood for our date tomorrow, chill Trina.”

Trina: “Oh, right… I like that!”

I believe Shai just said it to get her stop bothering her lol that’s just their relationship.

Kids are back home, and Tyr works on making his three emotional potion for his aspiration~ he’s not gonna have any problem with completing it.

Everybody say “Awwwwwn” to this cute sister moment! god I love these two!

Persephone: “‘Appy bitday ‘Nisi!”

again, awwwwwwwn!

But yeah, Tanisi’s birthday is today, so she’s enjoying her last cute toddler bath before blowing her candles!

Look at that little bee! That’s Persephone’s party outfit, she’s the cutest!

And now it’s birthday time for Tanisi! Yay for another child in the household!

Here is she all grown up! Still rocking the glasses and tight curls~

Tanisi rolled the Mean trait, which I think it’s funny lol and her aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp. I give her a very tomboyish look on her everyday clothes, you’ll see it soon, I really love how she looks!

For now, she proves us that being mean doesn’t mean she can’t spend some quality time with her little sister, she’s a good kid.

The boys are back home! And now it’s time to celebrate a second birthday around! It’s time for Heimdall to become a teen!

Oh wait, this was when Shai mastered painting lol my bad, then I think last pic was about her painting a masterpiece lol I believe she’s still missing one or two.

Anyways, party clothes on, time to blow the candles! Happy birthday Heimdall!

He grew up really handsome!

He added Materialistic to his Good trait, and has the Jungle Explorer aspiration, which he definitely won’t be complaining lol I’m still a little tired about that aspiration.

Anyways, first order of business is getting him a job. He’ll be a nanny, I feel it goes well with his traits and the fact he’s the oldest kid in the family.

He also came home with Nani Kealoha today, so they make friends to see who he should invite out tomorrow lol.

The visit had to be cut short though, because then I noticed that he’s HYSTERICAL and got reaaaaally scared lol! Not sure if teens can also die from this, but no taking chances! He was sent straight to the mirror to calm down lol.

Another Masterpiece for Shai~! She’s killing it! also her fame is going up thanks to this!

This kid was the random visitant to the lot today. I remember he’s another son to Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab, but I can’t for the love of God remember his name lol. I do remember he became good friends with Tyr, so that’s cute.

If this was any kind of legacy they’ll be dating for sure lol!

Heimdall has the Artistically gifted trait, so I wanna see if he can master the cooking skill before moving out for points. So he’s now in charge of all the meals in the house lol. He looks a little overwhealmed about it.

Obligatory toddler bath time pic for Persephone~ Though I think this time we interrupted Trina’s shower too lol sorry about that Trina.

Trina: “meh, it’s okey, I have a nice butt.”

…Moving on~

After their needs were all up, it was time to get the Love Day spirit start working. They take turns passing this lily around lol I love that about this tradition.

Awwwwn this is so cute! I’m gonna be honest, I usually have super bad luck with these Love day pop-ups, my kids always end up with broken hearts *sighs* so I had to document that this time I picked the right choice! I believe both Tyr and Tanisi were successful too, but Heimdall was the first one so he got the screenshot lol.

And then time to fullfil the “Have a date” part of the holiday~

I took them today to the little boat museum from Brindleton Bay. Partly because this is another location I don’t typically use for dates so I wanted to try it, and partly because this is the only lot with access to Cats and Dogs’ exclusive woohoo spot that I wanna try lol.

The museum ios small and there’s no much to do, but they had a great date in no time, and other sims didn’t even interrupt them once! That’s what I call a success with this game lol!

And then time to get back into business and make a quick stop by the lighthouse…

Lighthouse try for baby~! This is another location I love, I just don’t use it so much because it’s a lot less flexible than others lol.

Now back to the house!

Back home, Heimdall brought Evie Delgato with him, so I took it as a sign for his date for the day. Just like his moms, he gives her a lily,

And meanwhile, Shai officially confirms her pregnancy! baby S is on the way!

She goes straight to tell Trina, and Persephone is there to hear the news too, which I think it’s adorable!

And with that taken care of, the teens take a quick trip to the ruins, close to home but with enough privacy for a real date!

There’s no much space to sit around this place, so they changed into their swimsuits and sat by the pool, and i think it’s hilarious that Evie decided to sit right in the middle of the plants lol.Thankfully that didn’t seem to bother her, they got along great in no time.

Which is good, because just a little after they reached Gold, they both turned blue from the cold temperature lol I take that as my clue to end the date and go back home.

So we’re back to the show of toddler cuteness~ and Shailen painting lol she paints half the day and sleeps the other half lately.

Tyr is working on getting his mental skill up, I believe he already had his A here, so that’s the only thing he needs to complete his second aspiration.

After her siblings are out for the night, persephone enjoys some dinner with her moms.

And then a bedtime story, Persephone has to enjoy being the only baby home right now!

Mean, ha! Tanisi is one of the least mean girls I’ve ever had! And I’ve had a bunch in my 100 babies challenge!

Heimdall had a whim to play an instrument, so he tries the keys. He made it to level 2 thanks to his artistic prodigy trait, so maybe we can have him work on that skill too.

I think this is the first time we see Tanisi’s everyday outfir lol better late than ever? I really think she looks super cute, love the tomboyish vibe.

Today is the weekend, so we take the chance to take the kids to the park so Tanisi can finally complete the first tier of her aspiration. She and Tyr had a lot of fun with the spaceship.

And Shai spend her afternoon fishing and collecting frogs to use as bait, it was a productive day for all of them.

Back home, I made a quick stop by build mode to get the kids a fishbowl. Shai caught a goldfish at the park, and I never use them as pets, so I decided to make that change for today, they’re really cute!

oh yeah, also took the time to exchange our bar for a better quality one, and got a couple barstools so Trina can finally move on with the Master Mixologist aspiration lol she’s been sitting on tier one for a while!

We got the notification for Trina’s birthday, so she’s the first one to drink a life esence. Now we only have two lined up, yikes, I’m gonna start getting nervous!

But anyways, for now Trina has more important things to worry about: the state of this bathroom was a disaster!

Tanisi gets her four hours of typing done with~

And then she’s back outside to try our new set of monkey bars! I was gonna need to get them sooner or later so we don’t have to travel all the time, I remember you can’t travel while having a sim trapped with the cowplant.

Speaking of the cowplant, next day Shai is back at Magnolia Promenade to try and catch us another seed.

I took her aaaaaaall day, and even had to get Trina to join her, but they did it! Now we should be able to go back to work in a couple of days.

Heimdall is really flying through the cooking skill levels!

Also I just noticed he definitely inherited Trina’s butt lol Good for him I guess.

Goodness this girl is so cute! And I really love her winter clothes so I had to show them ❤

Monday projects came in, and this time is Tyr who has some help with his. That’s Unknown Landgraab Kid from before! And yeah, I still don’t remember his name lol I suck at this.

Shailen is officially on labor~ she’s taking a bath to try and relax while Trina comes home from work.

And a couple hours later, she did, bringing a promotion! That’s my girl!

But as usual, it was already too late to make the trip to the hospital, this baby is coming right now!

Why do we get a very Open view shot you ask? Well, because I wanted to capture the second bassinet in Tanisi’s room. Yep, we had twins! Right on the final pregnancy that could’ve given them to us lol it’s kinda hilarious, and also I kinda expected it.

I blame the Love Day woohoo…

also why do the extra bassinets always end up in one of the children rooms?

Well, anyways, Meet baby Skeiron on the right, and his younger brother Bahyra on the left. Looks like boys are taking the lead again!

Skeiron is the God of the Northern Wind in Greek mythology, and Bahyra is the brazilian Creator God of Heaven and Earth who “expressed whis wrath in thunder and lightning”. I feel both gods go well together, these two are probably gonna be a whole storm around the house lol.

Aaaand we’re stopping here for today instead of playing all the way to their birthdays. I feel love day gave me more pictures than usual, and also next time we should be getting like four birthdays in a row, so better not make this update that long lol.

Join us next time to meet the toddler twins! And happy simming everyone!

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