Chapter 4: 2 x 2!

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us again for another entry into the Mythic Baby Boom!

It’s been a while since last chapter, but I can assure you that the Kress-Gallaghers are still going strong with their baby goals! Last time, Tyr grew up into an adorable child, baby Tanisi was born as the first girl in the challenge, and saddly, our beloved cowplant died of starvation *still salty*.

Today we should be bringing another baby into the mix, as usual, and have lots of cute toddler/child moments, which are, honestly, why I love this types of challenges so much lol. So let’s not keep waiting, and move the show along~

we start today with Trina and Judith hanging around, something I still love lol it’s so funny having her here, The house is barely getting there, it has no windows, barely has a kitchen, but apparently Judith likes it more than her mansion!

Shai is starting Tanisi on her skills, I love how cute toddlers look listening to stories ❤

And little Tyr gets started on his homework, sitting on Heimdall’s bed to remind me I need to buy one for him lol .

Am I gonna stop taking pictures of my kids and toddlers playing dolls together? Nah, probably I won’t lol they’re just way too cute!

oh yeah! Heimdall is working on befriending Evie Delgato for his aspiration, so we tried the very useful trick of taking pictures, seriously it’s awesome for this! It also gave us this amazing shot of a pic taken through a door. I think Heimdall is showing he has an artistic vision.

Aaaand they’re now best friends! This completed another tier on Heimdall’s aspiration. This kid is gonna be an overachiever.

Here’s how Tanisi’s skills look after just her first day, not bad at all! Specially impressed of her Imagination skill, it’s still one of the slowest to rise for me!

But now that the little one is asleep, as well as her older brothers… It’s time for their moms to keep the challenge moving foward!

Baby P on the works~ This time we went for the classical Bed Woohoo, the girls were tired and we’re still too poor to afford many other options lol.

And success on the first try! Looks like Heimdall was the only one who give us some trouble so far lol.

Trina breaks the news, and Shai doesn’t look impressed at all lol We forgive her, as said before, she was dead tired at the moment.

Random shot of Tyr enjoying winterfest leftovers, because he’s a cutie and I love him~

Katrina Gallagher! Drinking while pregnant?! How could you!

Trina: “You’re the one who put me in the mixologist career AND send me practice making drinks, don’t try to turn this on me!”

… She can’t take a joke, jeez! lol.

Kids are back from school! I think this was the time Heimdall came back with an A, but it was a long time ago lol I can say for sure that all kids so far have gotten an A in elementary!

Heimdall keeps working on making friends. If I remember correctly, this kid is a Bheeda.

Promotion for Trina! Still a long way from the top, but we’re getting there!

And some repairs, because I keep loving having an invencible sim to help us with that almost always in this challenge lol.

Then she shares dinner with little Tanisi, though I think she should’ve taken that trash out before dinning so she doesn’t have to deal with the smell lol.

Tanisi, being independent, is often left to her own devices to play, she keeps doing pretty great with her skills.

Tyr practices with his violin since it’s the weekend~ Perfect time to complete aspirations!

Being ofthen left alone doesn’t mean Tanisi’s moms ignore here, so Shai has a playsession with her latter that day. I love this interaction so much!

House upgrade! We built another room so Tanisi has a place to sleep once she grows up. She’s probably gonna be sharing with baby P.

We also got a second bathroom, because having just one was already causing us a lot ot trouble lol.

And then Tyr almost froze to death because he deciced to play his violin on on the snow… I get the scenary is beautiful kid, but next time don’t wear pyjamas outside.

It’s new year’s eve, so everybody made resolutions! I believe Tyr and Heimdall wanted to complete aspiration milestones, Trina wanted a promotion, and Shai decided to go with getting a skill point.

Heimdall gets right into work with his resolution. For a while I was wondering who the hell this elder he randomly knows was, but then i remembered: He’s Father Winther wearing civilian clothes lol.

Since the girls keep working on random aspirations, Trina is now reading books to finish the first tier of the Knowledge ones. These two already have more points than I know what to do with lol it’s a shame I decided to play the extra challenge of not using them.

Then she dances and chats with her wife. These two are so in love, seriously, there’s not a day where one of them doesn’t have a whim for the other (usually the “try for baby with…” one lol which I still think it’s awesome), and everytime one of them has some free time they go looking for the other in a blink.

Later that day the family (minus Tanisi who was already in bed) watches the countdown to midnight together!

Together at a healthy distance apparently, because I had to take this very wide/open shot so I could fit everyone in the picture lol. It’s particulary epic because they have that tiny tv so I wonder if they’re even seeing a thing in there.

And the family congratulated eachother! I love the second picture, the boys have grown pretty close, and it really shows.

Shai and Trina also shared a very epic midnight kiss lol This is sooo in-character for Trina, honestly.

Yup, still keeping the tradition of the Toddler bathtime picture alive. I just love toddlers getting baths!

Befriending Father Winter gave Heimdall the last friend he needed to complete his second aspiration, so I gave him Whiz kid next. I don’t think he’ll have time to complete it, but he’s having fun with the chemistry set, and also he’s already an A student so it’s just a matter of getting skills up.

Trina had a whim to troll dah forums here, so I indulged, I feel like the mischief skill goes great with her being hot-headed and all that lol.

Tyr also completes his new year’s resolution by playing with his toys here~

Then he helps Heimdall with his new aspiration playing chess with him. I think I’m gonna give Tyr Whiz kid after he finishes Artistic prodigy too, so it’s a good idea to give him a head start with this.

And so Shai reads a couple stories to both of her boys~ Because I’m still very bad at reading enough to the toddlers lol I’m trying to get better with it.

Another day, another adorable shot of Tanisi~ I love her so much.

Pregnancy still hits Trina a lot harder than it does to Shai, so I’m not even sure if she feels relieved that she just came home early for being in labor lol I mean, just look at that energy bar!

So honestly I think it surprises no one when she faceplants on the bedroom floor in her way to the bassinet.

But after that little interlude, she was finally ready to pop the next baby out!

Trina: “I was ready like, three days ago!”

Well… better late than ever? lol.

And we have our second girl! Everyone, meet our newest arrival, Persephone!

Persephone was named after the greek goddess of Spring and, as wife of Hades, the queen of the Underworld. She’s one of my favorite greek figures, so of course the name had to be included in this game!

One of the kids got this light as a Winterfest gift, so I put it down in their bedroom. I love that light!

This is still one of my favorite playful paintings lol it’s so funny!

Tyr comes to his mom’s bedroom to meet Persephone, he’s a lot happier about her than he was about Tanisi lol I guess he finally got used to the idea of being a big brother.

Monday means School project time! This time Tyr is working on a volcano, and Heimdall has to do a solar system model.

Though Heimdall gets a little extra help with his project lol that’s what happens when you’re a social butterfly, he always has friends coming over lol. Also, that blonde girl is Judith’s daughter grown up. I believe her name is Tanisha Ward.

But of course his little brother is still Heimdall’s number one playmate. At this point if I remember correctly Tyr already completed his first aspiration, so he’s now working on his chess games for the first tier of Whiz kid.

Also, our stereo broke again lol I need to get a better one.

And I’m gonna go do it right now! Another promotion for Trina! Next one if the branching one if I remember correctly!

Random pic of Tanisi being all adorable~ because there’s never enough toddler cuteness in my life.

I had to move Tanisi outside the room because for some reason Trina wasn’t able to reach her out of the blue. But even after I set her out here and checked there was absolutely nothing around her, the game kept saying that she couldn’t reach her!

I was really annoyed, and also a little scared she could get taken again for this…

But then it turned out that Trina couldn’t tend to her needs because Baako Jang was around and somehow wanted to hold her lol that’s a little creepy if you ask me, i don’t even remember if anybody in the household knew Baako!

So anyways, he was promptly sent home.

And finally, Trina was able to tend to Persephone’s needs. Or stab her in the eye with her boob lol that’s kinda what it looks like she’s doing here.

Trina was angry for her traits, so I took the chance to make some angry spaghetti lol I love this dish, I seriously wish there were some more emotional dishes you could make, a sad dish would be just epic!

Tanisi looks SO CUTE in her party clothes! I just couldn’t resist to give her that cowboy hat like the ones her moms wear!

*sighs* the pc broke down and we don’t have any invencible sims to fix it right now. I may buy them a better one instead of repairing it actually, we’re starting to have some good money.

Tyr and Heimdall come back from school right in time to join the celebration! Even if Tyr doesn’t look to excited lol he’s having one of his melancholic moments.

And now that everyone is home and ready with their party outfits, we can move on with this show!

The boys also look pretty dashing over here~

And whay are we all in party clothes you ask? Well, I think you know the answer!

Yup finally, it’s birthday time for Persephone!

As all the kids these two have had so far: She’s a total cutie! And she managed to be the first one who got Trina’s silver eyes! They look just adorable on her!

Persephone also rolled the Independent trait. That’s right, our third independent toddler within four kids lol I still can’t believe it , but definitely not complaining!

And we finish today’s update by giving the newest little one a headstart on skills with a story from mom-Trina~

Next time, baby S will join us! Also, Heimdall and Tanisi celebrating their birthdays, which means first teen officially in the house! That’s a really big step for a challenge like this!

I hope to see you all then! 😀

Happy simming everyone~

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Hey! I'm new on the Sims Blogger comunity, but I've plahyed these games since the first one, so I thought it was worth the shot :D Also, I'm mexican so english is not my first language, so forgive my little mistakes xD still learning


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