Chapter 3: Heimdall can’t sleep

Okey so, I have a couple of these ones already because I played a lot before my hiatus, so why not share another one? 😀 Hey everybody! I hope you’re ready to keep up with the baby boom adventures!

Last time our second boy, Tyr, was born and grew into an angelic toddler, Heimdall grew up into a child with his first try being good, and we started accumulating some life escences through our cowplant! Today, the second baby T is gonna be born! Also Tyr should be joining Heimdall in the childhood realms, and I bet he’s going to be cute! So let’s get started so we can meet him!

We start the day by showing the little expansión I built to the house. Now we do have two toddler beds, and Heimdall has his own bedroom, with our first computer and enough space for Tyr to join him once he grows up.

Oh yeah, and I also spent the rest of our money buying the girls a better bed, because being moms is a hard work and they deserve a good rest!

Now, time to play!

Evie Delgato randomly decided to show up. A lot of people randomly show up in this lot, I wonder why. Maybe they all want to see the crazy couple who’s having 24 children lol.

So anyways, since she was already here, I sent Heimdall to say hi, Maybe he’ll complete Social butterfly once he’s done with Artistic Prodigy.

Shai is giving some love to our lovely Cowplant. Gotta mantain happy the thing that’s keeping us alive lol.

No idea why I took this shot, but hey, the kids are getting along pretty well!

I was gonna talk about how Shai is getting very good at cooking, and just in that moment she dropped the eggs to the floor lol so yeah, I guess she’s not getting that good.

We forgive her of course, because she’s in just the right mood for the challenge lol. This two are really made for this thing, there’s always one of them who has this whim.

So, we decided to indulge in Shai’s wishes~

Thss time, we’re having leaves TFB~, I don’t use this location enough, and I think it’s a great one, so funny lol.

Second baby T on the way~

Also, the whole time they were there, Bjorn Bjernsen stood there creepily watching them, that was pretty awkward. Move along dude! The ladies are not interested in you!

While we wait for the girls to make the long way back home from that pile of leaves, have an adorable toddler shot~

I love toddlers playing with the dollhouse ❤ also, Tyr is the cutest! And yes, I do say that about all my toddlers lol.

Speaking of cuties, just look at that smirk Heimdall is giving the camera as he goes for his first day of school! I’m telling you, this kid is gonna be a heartbreaker!

And finally success! There’s another bun in the oven!

This time the cowplant was present to recieve the news, because sims just can’t stay away from a grown cowplant lol. Anyways, Shai looks really worried in this shot for some reason. You’re the family sim Shai, you should be happy!

After receiving the news, Trina works un the garden yo bring in more money we’ll be needing for feeding another mouth. She’s whistling, so I’m guessing she was happy with the baby news, unlike her wife lol.

Tyr looks extremely surprised about his superhero figure lol this kid has some great expressions.

Obligatory toddler bathtime picture to die from cuteness~

pregnancy hit Shai’s energy pretty hard this time, socshe squeezes in a nap while Trina is home to take care of the children.

Heimdall is doing great with his aspiration. Seriously this is my favorite one, I feel like it’s so easy to complete!

Bob Pancakes is our boy’s newest playmate/snack lol.

Yeah Shai, I also would be sad if I had a toddler book stuck in my hand… *Reset sim*

Also, if I remember correctly she was able to paint with the book, it’s always funny to notice which actions can be done while bugging lol.

Dinner and mother-son bonding time~ I love this family.

First trip inside the cowplant for Bob!

Winter has officially settled down in Windenburg with a blizzard~ Thankfully, everyone was sleeping safely at the moment.

Lol, the dollhouse wasn’t lucky enough to be safe inside the house, so now it’s all covered in snow. Looks pretty cute though.

Tyr is using the old method of eating books to learn new things faster. He’s doing amazing with his skills, so I guess he knows what he’s doing lol.

Judith is still friends with the family, she’s aaaalways asking to come by or inviting us to her house. We mostly let her come here since there’s always too much stuff to do around the house.

I remember that this was just after I got Outdoor retreat, and I really liked this landscape painting! I also think this was the first Masterpiece that Shai painted, but honestly I don’t remember lol. Four months ago~

Another celebrity sighting! Holly Alto decided to knock at our door today. Since Tyr was outside playing with the dollhouse, I decided to see what happened if a toddler tried to introduce themselves yo a celebrity. I don’t remember ir being anything special, so I’m guessing it works just like with poder Sims lol.

Shai reads to baby Tyr before bed, because pregnancy can’t stop her from being an awesome mom! And also because reading is great for that Imagination skill!

I got an amazing shot of Bob being eaten this time! And with this, we add another elixir to our inventories!

Grim is getting comfortable around the house, this time he even stayed a little bit dancing to the stereo lol.

If I remember correctly, this is Heimdall finishing the first tier of his aspiration with a really cute drawing!

And then Shailen helps him with homework before bed so he can have enough sleep before school…

A plan that quickly goes off the window when an unwanted visitor decides to stop by his veces that night lol I guess I either forgot, or was too poor to put nightlights in the room. Or both, probably both.

I decided to try and have Heimdall make friends with the monster, I feel like it fits his personality, and it worked! This is literally the first time it works for me lol I knew this kid was special from the start!

Tyr was apparently close to Bob somehow? This time he was the only one who got a mourning mood, and I don’t think they interacted much or anything… This is weird lol.

Nothing to melt your heart in the middle of a snowy winter as seeing two adorable brothers playing dolls togther~

Whoops! I always forget to turn off the stereo during the night, so it breaks pretty frequently lol I don’t actually know if it breaks because of that, but it’s a theory I have.

Thankfully, we have an invencible sim in the house ready to tackle the repairs! I honestly love that about pregnant sims lol it makes me a lot more comfortable when I need to have a MS/Spouse repair electronics.

Monday afternoon means project time! I usually always forget to do these things, but I decided to give it a try for this challenge, I actually like them a lot 😀

Promotion for Trina! These are still going slow, but it’s always nice when they come~

And now that she’s home, and Tyr is currenly sleeping, Heimdall gets help from both of his moms for his volcano!

I believe this picture is to show that we bought a better fridge! we’re slowly but surely upgrading the house~ while I get in the right mood to build it correctly lol.

Pregnancy is beign quite hard on Shai this time lol but I mean, she has two kids on top of the one she’s expecting, so it makes sence.

Heimdall and Tyr are pretty close even now that Heimdall grew up, they’re the cutest! Just look at Tyr’s smile right there!

Awwwww I thought once he made friends with the monster it wouldn’t bother him again! Now I’m dissapointed!

I’m also buying nightlights next time I go into build mode.

Dancing and chatting with mamma! Tyr is killing it at the multitasking thing!

And… it’s baby time!!

Out to the hospital we go, where Trina panics while Shai just looks at her like “Honey, we’ve been through this before, I’m fine” lol and this is just after two kids, I can’t imagine how’s gonna be by the 24th.

But anyways…

It’s a girl! We finally have the first girl of the challenge, baby Tanisi Kress!

Tanisi is one of the many names of the hindu goddess Durga, considered the mother of the whole universe by their religion. With a namesake like this, I believe this girl is gonna be up for great things!

Back at home, this is where I find little Tyr being all adorable, it looks like he really likes the snow!

When Trina goes inside to tend to Tanisi’s needs the little tyke decides to follow though, and he gets sad that he has a baby sister now, poor kid *hugs*

Heimdall on the other hand, it’s way too tired to worry about meeting Tanisi lol kid is gonna do homework and then straight to bed today.

New cowplant playmate! That’s Rohan from the Discover University pack! that I haven’t used enough honestly lol.

Heimdall really can’t catch a break this playsession, literally lol first the monster on two separate nights, and now Tyr escaped my micromanaging skills and went straight to wake him up lol.

It’s a good thing he had gone to bed early today and his energy was almost full, so now he can use this time before school to keep working on his aspiration. This picture actually shows him maxing the Creativity skill and completing the aspiration!

He takes Social butterfly next!


Aaaaaargh! Rohan wouldn’t take the cake, he just wouldn’t! And I usually feed the cowplant when the sims get too stubborn about it but I got distracted with the kids and… he’s gone! *cries* you will be missed cowplant friend! Also you will be replaced and Rohan Elderberry will be the first person getting eaten by your succesor! that’s a promise! lol.

Surprisingly, this is the first mess we’ve gotten in this challenge, Heimdall never made them lol another case of the Angelic toddler being the most problematic, just like in my ISBI. Oh well, at least he’s gaining some more Imagination.

Shai is in that point of the Painter aspiration where she needs to look at three pictures at the museum, so we took a little family trip with our three oldest sims.

While she does that, Trina works on the popularity aspiration by introducing herself to as many people as she can, including Lilith Pleasant here.

And Heimdall works on meeting a couple kids so he has some to befriend once he gets to that part of his aspiration.

The first Winterfest came around! Trina and Heimdall decorate the tree while Shai works on…sticking a bown to the wall I guess lol she’s suposed to be cooking Turkey for dinner. And little Tyr is dancing his excitement away~

Heimdall is a very studious kid, he goes to say hi to Father Winter when he appears, but he doesn’t bother on leaving his homework inside before lol.

The whole family opens recieves a gift~ I think nobody got nothing particulary spectacular, but they’re all happy!

And then they all gather around the tree, father winter included, and sing a couple songs as they light it up~

It’s really late that night when we get the notification for Tyr’s birthday! I would wait until morning to celebrate it, but you guys know how impatient I am about that lol.

So instead, we dress up in party clothes again, and get ready to blow some candles!

And here we have our second boy all grown up! He’s pretty handsome, I think I see a lot of Trina in him so far, even more than with Heimdall!

Tyr somehow rolled the trait Gloomy which kinda make sence when I remember he got sad at meeting Tanisi lol, poor kid, and as you can guess by the fact he’s drawing right now, the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Oh yeah, Judith Ward keeps visiting us, and even makes us the favor to clean the dirty dishes from yesterday lol You don’t get a golbal superstar doing dishes at your house every day!

Just a couple hours later, a second birthday is celebrated in the house! Time to see how our first girl is gonna look like!

Here she is! She’s even even more adorable that I was expecting! Tanisi rolled both Shai’s eyes and hair color, grew up with glasses, and also surprised me by getting the Independent trait, that’s our second independent toddler within three kids! And with my sims usually getting the ‘harder’ traits, I feel so confused right now lol but hey, let’s see how much longer this keeps up!

And with the birthdays out of the way, I think this is the perfect place to stop this update! Next time: first baby P is gonna join us, so i hope you will too!

Until then, happy simming 😀

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